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    Hi, I’m Alice Ross, a long-term traveler who left the corporate world to travel the world. I chose to live life on my own phase and live day by day while immersing myself in new experiences, new knowledge, and new people in a different walk of life I met along the way.

    Jan 29

    The Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights In 2019

    By Alice Ross | GEAR & ACCESSORIES

    In terms of finding the best collections of travel accessories for those who travel frequently, every set may serve a different purpose for different people as no two travelers are the same. With many useful items you can take with you on your flight to make it comfortable, there are ones that are just considered “must haves”. Here, I list some of the best travel accessories for long flights you may want to have on your long-haul trips.

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    airport security tips
    Jan 25

    Useful Airport Security Tips for a Hassle Flight Experience

    By Alice Ross | TRAVEL TIPS

    As you probably know, airport rules are not set in stone – they change from time to time and they change without prior notice. This rule changes highly apply to airline security checkpoints. For some, going through airport security can be stressful. But by following these useful airport security tips, you will have idea what to do when you get to the airport and to make sure you can have a hassle-free airport entry. 

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    best places to travel with friends
    Jan 22

    6 Best Places to Travel with Friends In 2019

    By Alice Ross | DESTINATIONS

    I always say how amazing it is to travel alone. However, I must admit that there have been times I wished I was with a good company. There’s no doubt that having friends with you is a different experience compared to traveling on your own. I can’t really tell if it’s for better or for worse, but traveling with others definitely a lot different from traveling alone. But what really influences your overall experience is the destination you choose. By knowing the best places to travel with friends, there are more chances that you’ll have one of the best times of your life.

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    first time on a plane what to expect
    Jan 16

    First Time on a Plane: What to Expect

    By Alice Ross | TRAVEL TIPS

    You’ve booked your first ever flight tickets. You’re all pumped to spend several days on a holiday. The problem, however, is that you are flying for the first time and you have no idea what to expect when you get to the airport.

    But because I want to make it easier for you, I’ve put together some useful tips for first-time flyers to make their experience less stressful. However, you have to keep in mind that because different cities may apply different processes, rules for airports might be different. But as much as possible, I try to be more generalized in all information stated here. 

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    what to pack in carry on for international flight
    Jan 09

    What to Pack in Carry-on For International Flight?

    By Alice Ross | GEAR & ACCESSORIES

    Whether you’re planning to travel abroad for business or leisure, knowing what to pack in your carry on for international flight is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. After all, your bag is going to have all the things you need to keep comfort even while you are on the road. But of course, what to put in your carry on depends on your own specific needs and your reason as to why you are traveling.

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    cheap places to travel for new years
    Jan 02

    10 Cheap Places to Travel for New Year’s Eve

    By Alice Ross | DESTINATIONS

    Want to have a blast for New Year’s Eve in a foreign location but don’t want to blow your budget? Fortunately, it’s possible to find cheap places to travel for New Years! And the first thing to do is to find those places.

    Whether you want to party or looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, New Years is one of the best times of the year. So, as much as possible, it’s good to make plans on what you’re going to do on this day. Here are some good New Year’s Day destinations for those who are on a budget.

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    top places to visit in the world
    Dec 19

    10 Of the Top Places to Visit in the World in This Lifetime

    By Alice Ross | DESTINATIONS

    Earth is a wonderful place. If you let yourself out of your comfort zone and are willing to explore what it has to offer, you will be rewarded with spectacular sights, extraordinary experience, and unforgettable adventures that you will cherish for the rest of your life. But as you know, with 7 continents and 195 countries in the world, it’s almost impossible to see all of the wonders there are. So, to make it easier for you, here are some top places to visit in the world in this lifetime. 

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    where to stay in brussels
    Dec 12

    Where to Stay In Brussels? Here Are Your Options!

    By Alice Ross | EUROPE

    Constantly overlooked, Brussels, Belgium is a haven for history buffs. From its big selection of food culture to its variety as Europe’s crossroads, Brussels has a lot to offer. Although it is not as big as London or Paris, Brussels’s neighborhoods truly bring something to the table. On top of that, it offers a lot of accommodation options that makes finding a place where to stay in Brussels easier.

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    things to do in nyc at night
    Dec 05

    8 Spectacular Things to Do In NYC at Night

    By Alice Ross | NORTH AMERICA

    The nickname given to it is a just perfect description for what it really is: a city that never sleeps. When visiting New York, staying there for at least a night is a must. However, with many things to do in NYC at night staying overnight doesn’t mean that staying for a night involves booking a hotel. While New York City displays business activities in the morning, nights in NYC focus on the fun and entertainments it has to offer. 

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