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    Hi, I’m Alice Ross, a long-term traveler who left the corporate world to travel the world. I chose to live life on my own phase and live day by day while immersing myself in new experiences, new knowledge, and new people in a different walk of life I met along the way.

    how to find cheap hotels
    Jun 23

    How to Find Cheap Hotels: Best Apps in Finding Your Hotel

    By Alice Ross | ACCOMMODATIONS

    Gone are the days you have to call a hotel you found at a telephone directory or hotel brochure just to make a reservation. Well, lucky we are as we live in a world currently run and serviced by technology that makes our lives so much convenient. In fact, one can easily book their hotel from no matter where they are in the world as long as they have access to the internet and we know how to find cheap hotels.

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    how many days in Chiang Mai
    Jun 21

    How many days in Chiang Mai is Enough?

    By Alice Ross | ASIA

    One of the biggest cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai is known for its luxurious green lawns, wonderful highlands, and remarkable looking grasslands. Located on an amazing plain at the elevation of 316 meters, this is the perfect place if you are looking for a place in Thailand that is way more peaceful than its capital and other biggest cities. But the question is… how many days in Chiang Mai is perfect for you?

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    weather in ireland in october
    Jun 18

    What is the Weather in Ireland in October? Check out the answer!

    By Alice Ross | EUROPE

    No doubt that Ireland is an amazing country to visit. Not only Ireland offers a lot of things to do, but this is a country filled with beautiful green meadows, beautiful landscapes, wide lakes, as well as rivers. There are many sub-tropical plants, lively pubs, and generally amazing environment. In this country, no matter what time of the year you visit, you will enjoy its natural beauty. Ireland is a country of appeasing rural sceneries, where many surprises waiting to be discovered.

    But the question is, what can you expect about the weather in Ireland in October?  Is it the best time to go to Ireland?

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    Best Places to Stay In Puerto Rico
    Jun 15

    Best Places to Stay In Puerto Rico

    By Alice Ross | THE CARIBBEAN

    A beautiful island located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is one of the most sought-after destinations by people looking to spend some time on the beach and luxury resorts. Because of its natural beauty, rich culture, and warm locals, it’s not surprising how its local government can easily promote the island to tourists all over the world.

    When visiting Puerto Rico, picking out where to stay throughout the trip is almost as important as picking out the destination itself. So, in order to make the most of your trip, it’s best to best places to stay in Puerto Rico.

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    best place to stay in honolulu
    Jun 13

    What Is The Best Place To Stay In Honolulu?

    By Alice Ross | NORTH AMERICA

    In spite of being a tiny city, Honolulu, in fact, has several neighborhoods, each of which has its own style and vibes, with a lot of things to offer. The different neighborhoods in Honolulu prove that there are a lot of things to do here aside from simply spending time at the beach. Visiting Honolulu, you can expect a warm "aloha" vibe as soon as you arrive in this lush, tropical island. After all, it is one of the best vacation spots in the US.

    We want you to know that there are a lot of places to stay on the island and the best place to stay in Honolulu usually depends on your budget, needs, and interests.

    So, in order to give you a brief overview of the different parts of Honolulu you can stay at, we have put together the neighborhoods and their features to help you decide whether or not they are perfect for you.

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    Best Area To Stay In Lisbon
    Jun 06

    What Is Best Area To Stay In Lisbon? Here Are the Areas to Choose From

    By Alice Ross | EUROPE

    There’s no doubt that Lisbon is a beautiful city, filled with colorful districts, exceptional tourist spots, and lively night scenes. When you look at the map the first time, Lisbon may look a huge and rambling city, but luckily, the main tourist spots are located in a pretty close area. These tourist spots are where most of the visitors would rather stay during their trip, and this brief article with tell you the best area to stay during your visit.

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    Get Out of Tokyo for the Golden Week
    Jun 04

    Where to Go If You Decide to Get Out of Tokyo for the Golden Week

    By Alice Ross | ASIA

    The Golden Week is a special time for the Japanese and the tourists who are longing for an adventure. A lot of people set aside their heavy duties for a while, starting from the 29th of April up to the 6th of May. There is a reason why the Golden Week starts on the 29th of April—it is a national holiday that celebrates the birthday of the Emperor Showa, who passed away in 1989.

    During this week, tourists and locals flock to popular spots to unwind and have fun. Because of that, Tokyo may be very crowded during this time. So if you decide to fly to Japan for the Golden Week, you may want to go somewhere else other than Tokyo. Here are some travel choices that may be perfect for your Golden Week escapade.

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