Hi, I'm Alice Ross- the founder of this website. I'm an enthusiastic travel blogger and you can get to know some general information about me here

Almost two years ago, I made the hardest decision I have ever done in my life to date: to leave the comfort zone and my 9 to 5 job. It's not a new story, I am pretty sure you've heard more than a couple of people who did the same. But the decision of me, leaving my work as a Bank Manager and the financial freedom it offers, is something I truly proud of because I know that not anyone can do it.

As I said earlier, it was far from easy, scary even. But the amount of excitement I felt when I was signing my resignation letter and browsing my flight for my first destination as a long-term traveler is priceless. I wouldn't trade my life now for anything else.

This decision not only lets me check some countries off my bucket list, but also shaped and taught me knowledge, skills, and humanity that I wouldn't learn if I was living the life I had when I was wearing a formal suit five times a week.

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One year before I leave the corporate world, I spent my 3 weeks work holiday in Southeast Asia with a friend I met in high school. This experience opened a new wide perception in my life. I never met so many people in a day who I felt such strong connection with. Everyone was so friendly and interesting. It seems like hearing their travel stories alone brought me to a new world which I haven't even thought about existed. From hitching to crashing into strangers' house, from living seeing the sunset over pagodas and watching the sunrise from the Himalayas, their stories left me stunned.

When I went back home, I couldn't stop thinking about the people I met along the way. Is it jealousy? Maybe. I wanted to have the life they were living.

That's when I decided to save money for the whole year. I stopped going out on the weekends. I restricted the use of my credit card. I cooked my meals instead of eating out. I saved all every cent that I could to make one of my greatest dreams comes to reality.

Fast-forward to three years, I am here now: Typing this in front of the breathtaking views of Banaue Rice Terraces in the northern Philippines while sipping on a hot cup of local coffee prepared by the generous lady who owns the $5 a night hostel I am staying at for the night.


I have two missions. First is to travel the world on a budget and second is to convince more people to do the same. I don't mean to quit their job and decide to travel the world like I did, but to see the world in a wider perception by experiencing other nations' culture.

In this website, I will share my travel experiences in the most transparent way possible. I want all my readers to see the reality of long-term traveling. I will also give useful tips and information that will help other travelers to have a smoother, stress-free travels.