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ForTravelista is a blog run by me, Alice Ross – an enthusiastic traveler who aims to share her passion and interests by writing about them.

Almost two years ago, I made the hardest decision I have ever done in my life to date: to leave the comfort zone and my 9 to 5 job. It's not a new story, I am pretty sure you've heard more than a couple of people who did the same. But the decision of me, leaving my work as a Bank Manager and the financial freedom it offers, is something I truly proud of because I know that not anyone can do it.

As I said earlier, it was far from easy, scary even. But the amount of excitement I felt when I was signing my resignation letter and browsing my flight for my first destination as a long-term traveler is priceless. I wouldn't trade my life now for anything else.

This decision not only allowed me to check some countries off my bucket list, but it also shaped and taught me knowledge, skills, and humanity that I wouldn't learn about if I was living the life I had when I was wearing a formal suit five times a week.


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One year before I leave the corporate world, I spent my 3 weeks work holiday in Southeast Asia with a friend I met in high school. This experience opened a new wide perception in my life. I never met so many people in a day who I felt such strong connection with. Everyone was so friendly and interesting. It seems like hearing their travel stories alone brought me to a new world which I haven't even thought about existed. From hitchhiking to crashing into strangers' house after a whole week of full moon party, from seeing the sunset over pagodas and watching the sunrise from the Himalayas, their stories left me stunned.

When I went back home, I couldn't stop thinking about the people I met along the way. Is it jealousy? Maybe. I wanted to live and see life the way they did.

That's when I decided to save money for the whole year. I stopped going out on the weekends. I restricted the use of my credit card. I cooked my meals instead of eating out. I saved all every cent that I could to make one of my greatest dreams comes to reality.

Moving forward – some changes in my blog happened

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I started this blog in 2016 to share my personal travel experiences in the most transparent way possible. I want all my readers to see the reality of long-term traveling. I will also give useful tips and information that will help other travelers to have smoother, stress-free travels.

My plan was to travel for 6 months to 4 different countries. But 1 week in, I met Cyril, who is now one of the main contributors of this blog, when I traveled to the Philippines. She told me what she does for a living - she writes for different online marketing companies, which allows her to travel and work at the same time at her own pace. That’s when I discovered the concept behind Digital Nomad and had the drive to get into it. For a while, I wrote articles and blogs for different websites I found online, I earned money, but I guess the flow of clients wasn’t enough make my travel sustainable at that time.

So, I think my life as a Digital Nomad has officially started a few months later when I traveled to Vietnam and met an enthusiastic online entrepreneur, Lam. When I mentioned him about my blog, he had an idea of making money out of it. I was only doing it as a hobby and never really thought about making a living out of it. But thanks to his knowledge, along with my hard work and dedication, this blog is now supporting me to fund my trips. Now, we’re working together in running this blog.

What to Expect In ForTravelista

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Whether you’re a long time traveler or just starting to plan an upcoming trip, this site will offer some tips, tricks, and advice about how you can travel safely and smartly. We know how traveling can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, so we are here to give you with things that we think can help you with your trip. Here are things you can expect when browsing our website:

Engaging Content

We provide you, as our readers, with creative, informative, and original content that will help you make your travel more fun and exciting. As our writing contributors come from different backgrounds with different specialties, you can expect thoughts and ideas from different perspectives. Our contents are about different topics namely, travel experiences, travel tips, news, as well as travel technology.

Up-To-Date Changes

Because it’s a known fact that the tourism industry is time-sensitive and relevant information is prone to periodic changes, we do our best to help our readers keep up with such changes. That’s why we make sure that we review the information documented on our site frequently and update it to keep up with the latest changes. It includes details on visiting hours, pricing, visa requirements, tourist sites, and others.

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Again, our goal is to help you make your trip better. So, if you’re new to traveling and have no idea how to plan your trip, then leave it to us. We will make the planning for you!

With all the features mentioned above, ForTravelista is your one-stop solution when you’re planning your upcoming trip. Here you can get information about the top tourist attractions in different countries all over the world and the best places to stay at, and on top of that, you’ll also receive travel tips from our travel experts to make sure your trip would be something you’ll remember ‘til the end of time!