Feb 17

Top 5 Best Traveling Backpack For Women In 2018


Having the best traveling backpack for women seems like a necessary. Of course, this is needed in order to put one’s essential items when they are traveling. Fortunately today, the travel versions of backpacks are full of features that make these packs more useful when you are traveling anywhere in the world. However, it is important to find the right backpack for your trip. Usually, people choose their travel backpacks based on the length of their trip and what they need to pack. This is especially true for women.

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Feb 09

Top 5 Best Face Cream to Use for All Skin Type

By Alice Ross | BEAUTY & HYGIENE

Of course, all of us want our skin to feel and look at our best all the time. However, there are times when we feel like this is something so hard to achieve. Every day we’re exposed to nature’s elements that make our skin unhealthy.
Fortunately, today, finding the best face cream is as easy as ABC. There are many types of face creams available for person’s specific needs. Here are the different types of face creams available today:

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Feb 05

London Itinerary: How to Enjoy London in One Day

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

There is no doubt thatLondon is one of the most beautiful, thus visited places in the world. With its stunning buildings and amazing charm, this city is something you wouldn’t want to miss. If ever you find yourself having a quick stopover in London on the way to another city, you will be happy to know that experiencing the best of London in one day is extremely possible.

Experiencing London in one day is enough to have the sense of what the city has to offer, especially with the convenience of city transport.

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Feb 02

Top 5 Best Packable Down Jacket In 2018

By Alice Ross | CLOTHING

Down jacket is one of the most reliable types of clothing to use during cold weather. By wearing the best packable down jacket, you will get a combination of warmth, style, and cozy that you would not find in the normal fleece sweaters or thick pullovers made of wool. They also come in a packable version which makes them a perfect companion for travel.

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Jan 25

Top 5 Best Travel Wallet In 2018


If you’re a frequent traveler, then being able to find the best travel wallet will surely benefit you. This type of organizer is definitely a lifesaver, as it is amazing in keeping your travel documents and money safe and easily accessible.
Another great thing is that today, they come in fun, a multipurpose design that suits everyone’s needs and preference. However, you have to know that purpose always comes first, so, in order to help you find the best travel wallet for you, this is a quick guide you can follow.

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Jan 21

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip? Let This Article Guide You!

By Alice Ross | GENERAL TIPS

Backpacking has becoming more and more common among people today. It seems like everyone wants to do it, especially with the popularity of social media where travelers can easily influence other people to do the same. But what really holds you back to travel and see the world? Is it the money? Is it the fear of getting lost? No matter what your reason is, you have to keep in mind that all you have to do is to prepare yourself. Before anything else, what you have to ask first is: How to plan backpacking trip?

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Jan 17

Top 5 Best Headphones for Sleeping In 2018

By Alice Ross | GADGETS & TECH

Would you prefer counting sheep rather than listening to music until you fall into slumber? Well, if you are a person who would choose the latter, finding the best headphones for sleeping is probably a priority for you. And because we want for things to be easier for you, this is a guide that will help you find the best one for your needs.

Also known as bedphones, headphones designs for sleeping are normally thin and have small headphones that are comfy enough to wear while sleeping, yet they don’t quite vanish while laying your head is set over the pillow.

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Jan 14

9 Exciting Things to Do In Kiev

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

If you are planning to go to Kiev and looking for some ideas on things to do, you must know that with everything it has to offer, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. You probably know that Kiev boastsmany beautiful churches that will stun anyone who loves architecture, but other than these architectures, there are other many things to do in Kiev.
In this article, we listed down some of the things you should not miss when youbook a flight to Ukraine’s capital city.

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