ForTravelista is a travel blog filled with tips, tricks, and hacks how to explore the world easier and better. We strive to give our audience the most informative details about things they need to know to make their experience more comfortable and unforgettable; may it be information on the best travel itineraries, tricks to stay in their budget, or travel gadget must-haves that will make their trip one of a kind.

What Can We Offer


ForTravelista has been a trusted travel resource by many travelers worldwide. What used to be just personal diary has now been expanded to a website that covers wider subjects to cater the needs of today’s travelers. Some of our contents have been translated into another language and featured in magazines.

ForTravelista reaches more than 15,000 visitors on monthly basis.

How We Can Work Together

For Guest Post

You can submit an article for us that you think is suitable for our website. Think of at least 3 titles and we will help you pick one we think suits best. You can mention your preferred keyword that will link to your relevant webpage. Keep in mind that we only accept URLs of informative content found in your site. Refrain from using commercial or promotional content.

Other conditions to take note:

  • The length of the article would be 1200 to 1500 words;
  • The article must come with at least 6 high-quality photos you own (mid-width: 1200px);
  • The article must be original and hasn’t been published previously anywhere;
  • You must submit a short bio profile, maximum of 3 sentences as well as avatar.
  • You must be a fellow travel blogger seeking exposure for your own blog.

* If you want do-follow link, we will charge an extra $50. 

** If we find out that your links violate Google policies, we have the right to remove them without informing you first. 

For Sponsored Post

You can save your creative juices for something else as we can provide the content for you! We can either write a brand new travel-related article that will still match your niche and insert your link in the body of the new article or add your link to any of our existing articles.

Rate for a Sponsored Post written by us: $120.

If you just want to quickly get do-follow links relevant to your content, we offer sponsored link and the rate is $70.

Keep in mind that these are all fixed price, so please no haggle.

Ready to work with us? Email us!

1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: Sponsored Post for ForTravelista [Your First Name and Last Name] for Sponsored Post or Guest Post for ForTravelista [Your First Name and Last Name].

Example: Sponsored Post for ForTravelista – Alice Ross / Guest Post for ForTravelista – Alice Ross.

2. In your email, please tell us about the following:

  • Introduction about your website/brand ;
  • Your purpose/ goal for publishing the article;
  • URL(s) you want to include in the article post;
  • Proposed titles of article you want to be published; and
  • Any other information you think we must know.

* Please note that we will pick only one URL and title from the ones your proposed; we will decide which ones fit best for the post and the blog.

3. We receive a lot of emails but we will try to get back to you right away to discuss it further in detail. We will give more information regarding the following:

  • The article we will use to promote your brand and estimated the date of publication.
  • How we will insert the URL.
  • The payment method (This is a first payment basis.)

4. We will give you an update when the article is already published. We will also share the article on our Facebook and Twitter page and tag you on the post.