Exploring Different Continents in the World

Exploring the world through traveling has become more and more popular than ever. For me, traveling is a dig into ideas, traditions, and culture that are not familiar with foreign people. It’s a search for its glory, enjoying the different perspectives and dispositions of nature. It’s a global intrusiveness.

In this page, ForTravelista want to share with you a sneak peek of the continents I have been to. So far, I’ve already visited five out of seven continents. Here are they…

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Exploring Different Continents in the World

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I admit, before going to this continent, I d​​​​​idn’t know much about it. I had that typical stereotype that this is a poor, dangerous country. I just thought going to most countries in Africa involved dealing with a crime regardless of where you go, outrageously expensive safari tours, maybe a bit natural beauty, and unwelcoming tribes who wouldn’t want to see you walking around their lands. Yeah, I was that “silly” person. It turns out that traveling here as a solo female traveler is safer than walking in the alleyways in New York City in the middle of the day.

While many countries have its problems, (just like in many parts of the world) most countries in Africa are safe. Traveling in this continent is extremely fulfilling.

My trip has taken me Cape Town, St. Lucia, Morocco, Botswana, Ethiopia, and Namibia and I’ve really encountered nothing but patently genuine kindness in each location.

Actually, far from having to always be concerned about my safety, the main thing I have had to fear is the hippopotamuses that meander around the town of St. Lucia during the night, looking for something to eat. Yes. They are huge and can be seen anywhere. But even though they are scary, seeing them was a great experience.

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Asia is definitely my favorite place of all, and I’m many travelers understand why. Asia is the biggest and most diverse continent of all, so, it’s not easy to describe it in a single word or consider. As I traveled from the old-fashioned streets in India to the spectacular cityscape in Japan, Asia offers a melting pot of mix cultures, languages, and traditions. It’s almost not possible to see a single country Asian in one trip; it requires several trips to see thousands of astounding and diverse tourist spots that include many beautiful towns, forests, beaches, modern cities, and so on.

On top of the religious shade, Asia is also swarming with many ancient spectacles and countries that retell the life during majestic dynasties that once reigned on the world. There are still temples, churches, and palaces built hundreds to thousands of years ago.

What I love about Asia is the fact that it’s not only about the ancient history, you can see how it is mixed with today’s modern life. Modern cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore are considered as the fashion hubs and they could easily compete with the bigger cities in Europe and North America. The Asian cities brag lively night life full of bars and night clubs that serving drinks all night long. There is definitely no dull moment when I’m in Asia.


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I know I said I said how much I love Asia, but Europe always has a special place in my heart. Since I was a kid, one of my dreams is to visit The Old world and stepping my foot on it the first time as an adult was one of the best things happened to me.

I find myself wanting to go back and explore more of the countries I’ve already visited. While traveling, it’s not uncommon for me to get asked what my favorite country in the world is, it is fairly hard to answer as my heart is almost torn between countries in Asia and Europe, so I tend to give three countries and one of them is Spain.

So, why I love Europe? Aside from the fact that it’s a place of wonders, it is very fun and easy for solo travelers. You could easily wake up in Italy and spend the night in London. Have your scenic breakfast in Paris and spend your afternoon in Frankfurt. Getting from countries to countries has never been easy, thanks to Schengen Visa!

When you choose to stay in Schengen area, border controls between countries are stress-free or sometimes, non-existent at all.

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North America

While this part of the world is not always mentioned on list of best places to see in the world, I still think it offers some of the most beautiful destinations! Growing up near the Gulf Beach, I always consider myself lucky enjoying the soft, silver powdery sand almost every day.

On top of this, without being biased, some of the most beautiful places I have seen in the world are found while I was road tripping in different some parts of North America. From the huge cities of the United States to the scant wilderness of Canada and the beach-dotted shorelines of Mexico, there’s no wonder why many people dream (dreamed, in my case) about traveling North America. If you’re like me, you will love walking in the streets of New York and Los Angeles, experience the wildlife of Canada, or enjoy the delicious cuisine of Mexico.

One of the most beautiful places is the Pacific Coastline, starting from San Francisco to British Columbia. San Francisco is also pretty astounding.

When in this part of the world, you truly haven’t seen all the splendors of this world until you have experienced the Pacific Coastline. Reward yourself by seeing its beauty.

north america

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South America

If there’s one thing I love the most about South America, it is the people. I fell in love with how people’s genetic trait is surrounded in the blood of all South Americans dancing salsa, especially people from Brazil and Ecuador. South Americans always seem to be strongly positive and need the least amount of persuasion to get all hyped up. They are passionate about their culture and I love that so much.

On top of this, the extraordinary attractions in South America are copious. This continent is well-known for their ancient structures and buildings. They have fortresses and castles, gorgeous old ancient construction. They have a profusion of natural mountain formations and lengthy waterfalls. Of course, the Amazon would be an excellent place to go to complete a trip to this continent. How I wish I could visit all the rivers and waterways through water tours, I wouldn’t get tired of exploring them.

No matter where I went in South America, all surroundings astounded me. The astonishing wildlife and jungles can be discovered and explored. Their forest has the highest number of different species among other continents.

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Oceania and Antarctica

These continents offer different features which make them unique. I’ll never hesitate to go back again and again in any of these continents, especially that I am yet to visit many of the countries in these continents. For now, I am looking forward to visiting the two remaining continents that are not listed above.

I can’t wait to update this post with telling you about my experience of my trip to Oceania and Antarctica.


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