What Is The Best Place To Stay In Honolulu?


Jun 13
best place to stay in honolulu

In spite of being a tiny city, Honolulu, in fact, has several neighborhoods, each of which has its own style and vibes, with a lot of things to offer. The different neighborhoods in Honolulu prove that there are a lot of things to do here aside from simply spending time at the beach. Visiting Honolulu, you can expect a warm "aloha" vibe as soon as you arrive in this lush, tropical island. After all, it is one of the best vacation spots in the US.

We want you to know that there are a lot of places to stay on the island and the best place to stay in Honolulu usually depends on your budget, needs, and interests.

So, in order to give you a brief overview of the different parts of Honolulu you can stay at, we have put together the neighborhoods and their features to help you decide whether or not they are perfect for you.


What Is The Best Place To Stay In Honolulu?



Not too far from the crater of Diamond Head, Kāhala is a little, ritzy area on the southern shore of Oahu. It has very wide streets and extravagant and not very crowded as it is the most residential area. You will find the most expensive real estates of the island.

You will see a lot of luxury real estate sitting on a stunning white sand beach where it is normally warm and sunny. You can easily access the beach and snorkel in the turquoise ocean. These beaches are not frequented by tourists, so you can find a relaxed, not crowded, and laid-back vibe to them.

Other than having a beautiful beach, Kāhala has old, ranch-style houses. It is a peaceful, peaceful area that is just a quick drive away from town. You can visit up to 3 parks in Kāhala, which includes Wai‘alae Beach Park. The well-located Kāhala Mall is also very accessible if ever you need something.



Mānoa is a spectacular, green valley that is home to some locals have lived in old, attractive residential homes for many years. It has a valley famous for the rainbows its sky forms.

Even though it is just approximately a going to take you 20 minutes to drive to the downtown, you will feel a “country” vibe here, hiding away as it is in a peaceful, tropical region filled with parks, hiking tracks, as well as frequent rainfall that keeps it lush and beautiful any time of the year. A well-known hike behind the valley will direct you to Manoa Falls.

Coarsely located in the center of the valley is Manoa Marketplace, which is a little shop where you can find a drug store, banks, banks, restaurants, and other places to shop. Mānoa Valley is where you will find the first plantations for making coffee and sugarcane in Hawaii, which were carried in on the ship in 1825. It’s also the origin of the Hawaiian legend about Kahalaopuna, who was born to Kauakuahine (the Manoa rain) and Kahaukani (the wind of Manoa).

Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai, which is located on O‘ahu’s eastern side, is a well located on the “master planned” a community made by the visionary, industrialist, and real estate tycoon Henry J. Kaiser in the 1960s on the wetlands and fishpond of Maunalua. Now, it is a great place to live, whether you want to live luxuriously.

Some of the attractions you will find here include the Koko Marina Center, which is located on the side of Lunalilo Home Road and Kalanianaole Highway. Here you’ll find a lot of restaurants, shops, watersports activities, as well as a big movie theater. It’s located right to the marina and has an attractive atmosphere. You are able to eat right next to docked boats and see the views of the green mountains and ocean in the background.

Hawaii Kai is situated along Maunalua Bay. This bay is known among those who love to ride jetski, parasail, and boats, but not really among swimmers because the bottom of the shore is shallow and has a lot of coral reefs.



Kaimukī is a classic suburb entrenched on the southern part of Oahu. This offers unique quaintness and eccentricity. Today, together with its main street, Wai‘alae Avenue, you’ll see a blend of firm businesses and modish newer shops making a home-based character that is seen in the soul of these small-business owners, the bond of families, and the laid-back of visitors.

Kaimukī is located on the Diamond Head Crater’s slope between the east part of Kapahulu and east side of Kahala. Pu‛u o Kaimukī Park, the highest elevation point of the neighborhood, is located on the edge of a defunct volcanic cave and gives amazing great views of everything below.

Depending on where you’re planning to stay in Kaimuki, you might be able to walk around Waialae Avenue. In this street, you will be able to find restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, yoga studios, and shopping. There are a lot of grocery stores within this region like Times Supermarket, Whole Foods, and Down to Earth.



Waikiki is undoubtedly the most popular area of Honolulu and known to be the best place to stay in Honolulu for surfers.  And for a great reason – the lovely, oceanfront site is a diverse, lively walking area bounded by some of the best restaurants and shopping areas in the world.

Waikiki is a closely populated area that is approximately 2 miles long, perhaps a half mile big, and made up generally of multistory apartment buildings and condominiums. On the other hand, Waikiki is surrounded by the Diamond Head Crater and the 500-acre Kapi‘olani Park. This is also where The Waikiki Aquarium is located.

If you are a surfer, this is where you would stick around. Waikiki area is famous for its beautiful, pristine beach, even though it’s also known for being crowded. It is still an amazing spot to surf, especially for beginners, since the break here is normally gentle, and you are able to rent a surfing board and take lessons if you want.


The ocean is not the only thing Waikiki is known for. Did you know that most parts of Waikiki were all wetlands and marsh? Actually, the name Waikiki is translated to “spouting fresh water”, which is referred to the streams, which used to be flowing there.

There are many amazing hikes found in Hawaii Kai that might be difficult for beginners, but worth it with remarkable views, which includes the Koko Head Crater trail, which popularly known as Stairway to Heaven, along with the trail at the top of Mariner’s Ridge and Makapu’u lighthouse. And of course, the beaches where residents prefer to surf and swim like Sherwood’s, Sandy’s, Makapu’u, as well as China Walls are all situated on the eastern part too.

So, there you have it – the areas in Honolulu you can stay. The best place to stay in Honolulu is ANYWHERE. It just all depends on your how long you are planning to stay, who you are with, and what you are planning to do.

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