How to Find Cheap Hotels: Best Apps in Finding Your Hotel


Jun 23
how to find cheap hotels

Gone are the days you have to call a hotel you found at a telephone directory or hotel brochure just to make a reservation. Well, lucky we are as we live in a world currently run and serviced by technology that makes our lives so much convenient. In fact, one can easily book their hotel from no matter where they are in the world as long as they have access to the internet and we know how to find cheap hotels.


Where to find cheap hotels?

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If you want to travel cheap, you will be happy to know that searching for an affordable but comfortable hotel has become a simple task – in fact, the only challenge you might face is choosing from the many options available. One of the most common mistakes a traveler might commit when searching for affordable hotels is sacrificing their comfort thinking that they can’t expect a good accommodation just because they are on a tight budget – this can’t be further from the truth. With the help of hotel booking, you can now easily compare the best price lists and so, you can choose the hotel that suits your budget. And to even make things easier, you can even sort the list based on their price for easier search.

How to find best hotel deals?

You have to keep in mind that hotel prices – no matter what’s indicated on their official website – are not set in stone. Hotels prices usually vary depending on the season. If you want to save money on hotels, then maybe you want to search earlier ahead of time because usually, the earlier you book, the cheaper the rooms will, especially if you are booking it through a third-party site. And generally, hotel rates are usually more affordable during low season or during rainy days.

Tips When Booking Affordable Hotels

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Tip 1: Make the most of the internet. While it might sound so easy to walk into a travel agency or the hotel itself to book your hotel on the spot, doing so put you in the risk of paying higher prices compare to what it’s probably going to be online. In today’s technology, you could easily compare rates online. If you think the price is ideal for you, then you can book them right away. By searching online, you are able to see if the rooms are available, and comparing the prices would be so easy.

Tip 2: Search for special promotions. It’s so easy to find special promotions online. Most of the time, these promotions will provide you with a great discount off the normal price.

Tip 3: Book while it’s low-season. If you compare hotel prices between low season and high season periods, you will see how they significantly vary. The low season periods are usually a lot in comparison to the price during high season. If you are able to schedule your holidays well and choose the low season, you are able to save a lot of money booking your hotel.

Tip 4: Choice of Hotel. Depending on the type of hotel, the price of the hotel varies. For example, luxury hotels will definitely cost a lot more than B&B hotels. So, if you’re seeking a luxurious trip, then you have to be ready to spend more money. If that’s a problem, there are hotels that can surely meet your budget.

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Of all the tips mentioned above, maybe the best one in finding a cheap hotel is to compare prices before making a reservation. Comparing prices is nothing new as this is something shoppers do even before the boom of the internet. A lot of businesses are using the Internet to draw customers, and the hotel industry is not an exception. Because of this, you are usually able to find cheap rates and special promotions being given away online. Good deals are always within a few clicks away. Now, not only knowing how to find cheap hotels is the only thing you need to know, but also how to use the internet to its full potential to help you book the best hotel.

Okay, so, let’s say you want to go to the beach, and because convenience is important to you, you want to book a hotel near the beach. In order to book accommodation near the beach, you can just choose the area with the use of the site’s or app’s price comparison feature. Within a single click, a list of hotels together with the price will show up. You can even read recent reviews from their previous guests to learn how their experience went.

Best Hotel Booking Apps


It’s also very smart to use different search engines in searching for cheap hotel accommodations. Here are some of our favorite hotel comparison sites you can check out or download on your smartphone in the form of an app.


If you are planning to have a trip to Asia, then Agoda is probably one of your best choices. While there are a lot of other websites that offer what Agoda promises to offer, we think that they have more leverage. One of the best things about them is their customer service support that surely goes on their way to help clients in need. Another thing is their quick confirmation.


Expedia is definitely on top when it comes to the best travel sites in the world. They have a high reputation, which they earned from the affordability of the travel packages that they offer. Many businessmen and normal travelers alike have become loyal to this site due to their irresistible deals that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.



If you are looking for accommodation that will make you feel like you’re staying at “home away from home”, then Airbnb would be the place for you to search. What makes Airbnb different from the other apps mentioned in this article is the fact that most of the units on the site are owned by independent proprietors. This means that you can’t really find big hotel chains on the site, but instead, personal units that come in the form of apartments and condominiums. The site allows you to connect with the actual owner or housekeeper to help you understand more how the process works and how you can check in to the unit.

Booking is another reliable website you can use to find cheap hotels. Even though might seem to be created for business traveler since they will ask you about your business, this site caters to all types of travelers. A feature that will like about this site is its property recommendations – it shows up properties that offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi, A/C, and parking. And on top of that, you can also use to book European bus and trains, airport taxis, and even restaurant reservations via

As you can see, learning how to find cheap hotels shouldn’t be a hard task. Hopefully, this article has been helpful for you in finding the accommodations that are perfect for your needs and preference.

Do you have other tips on booking cheap hotels? We want to hear it! Share your tips, suggestions, or questions in the comment box below!

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