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Hi, I’m Alice Ross, a long-term traveler who left the corporate world to travel the world. I chose to live life on my own phase and live day by day while immersing myself in new experiences, new knowledge, and new people in a different walk of life I met along the way.

how many days in barcelona
Sep 01

How Many Days in Barcelona Is Enough for You to Enjoy It?

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Barcelona is undeniably one of the most desirable cities in Spain. The city’s architectural beauty, rich culture, as well as the profusion of nightclubs within walking distance from the city center are some of the top reasons why many travelers choose them as their destination.

Barcelona offers so much when it comes to sightseeing and entertainment that it choosing the best things to do here can be quite a challenge, and this is especially the case if your time is pretty limited. So, to plan your trip properly, the most important thing you need to know is how many days in Barcelona is enough to enjoy what it has to offer?

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what to do in maui when it rains
Aug 25

What to Do in Maui When It Rains? Here Are Things You Shouldn’t Miss!


No matter what time of the year you visit, it’s likely for you to find a sunny, cloudy, windy, and rainy areas in Maui. With a lot of microclimates in one place, this island receives a great variety of average annual rainfall, from about 400 inches annually in Hana’s lavish hills to 12 inches annually in Kihei. With that being said, the months of December to February are usually the wettest time of the year. This time of the year also happens to be the best time for whale watching. But aside from whale watching, what to do in Maui when it rains?

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cheapest time to fly to Germany
Aug 18

What Is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Germany? Find Out Now!

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

There’s no denying to the fact that Germany is one of the best destinations in Europe, if not in the world. But the problem many travelers face is that it’s not a cheap country to travel! Whether you're planning to explore it slowly or to spend a perfect one week in Germany touring the highlights, you might expect your trip to leave a big dent in your bank account. But it doesn’t have to be always the case. There are some ways to cut your expenses when traveling to this country, and one of those ways is choosing the cheapest time to fly to Germany if you’re coming from another country.

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do i need a passport book and card
Aug 04

Do I Need A Passport Book and Card?

By Alice Ross | PASSPORT & VISA

Years ago, the US Department of State Passport Services started issuing the passport card as an alternative to the commonly used passport book. But you’re probably asking… do I need a passport book and card? What are the differences between the two? Which one should you bring on your trip? Can you just take one of them? Here are some of the most common questions being asked regarding this topic, and in this article, we are going to answer these questions…

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how long does it take to drive around Oahu
Jul 28

How Long Does It Take to Drive Around Oahu? Here’s the Answer!


At about 600 square miles, Oahu is bigger than any visitor might expect, which makes it trickier for tourists to plan their trip if they want to see everything within a short period of time. In order to become entirely familiar with the stunning island of Oahu, many tourists choose to rent a car from Honolulu. Doing this gives you the freedom to drive the full loop around the island and to take in all of its natural beauty. But the important question is, how long does it take to drive around Oahu?

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costa rica in july
Jul 22

How Is Costa Rica in July? Here are What You Need to Expect


Like most countries in the tropics, Costa Rica has two seasons - the wet season and the dry season. Costa Rica’s dry season begins from December to the month of April while the rainy season goes from the month of May to the month of November. Since this country is very diverse and carries microclimates, the weather here is extra unpredictable. So, the question is, how is Costa Rica in July? Well, before we get into that, let’s learn a little more about the weather in the country on the whole.

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best time to book hotels in vegas
Jul 14

What is the Best Time to Book Hotels in Vegas? We’ll Tell You the Secret!


When we hear “Trip to Las Vegas” we would assume that it’s going to be an expensive holiday. We all know that Las Vegas is a city full of casinos and different types of entertainment. So, visiting Las Vegas may cost an arm and a leg for many people. Well, luckily, it’s not how it is. If you know the best time to book hotels in Vegas or the best time to book your plane tickets, you will be able to save a lot. To make it better, this cheap trip to Vegas can even offer free shows and meals already in consort with nights of fun stays on top of Vegas hotels.

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The Golden Circle Iceland
Jul 07

An Overview of a daytrip in the Golden Circle Iceland

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

The Golden Circle is a place in Iceland comprised mostly of a natural reserve and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The Golden Circle Iceland is a great place to begin your journey when you first visit the country. It has a lot of things to offer. And in this article, we’re going to talk about the things you can do around the Golden Circle.

With amazing sceneries and an incredible feeling, it is not a surprise that exploring the Golden Circle and its neighboring attractions.

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Things to do in Ecuador
Jul 05

10 Best Things to Do In Ecuador


Ecuador is one of the popular destinations in South America, and visiting here would always be something you’d always cherish forever. Some people who haven’t been here would think that Ecuador is just a poor, developing country in South America. But as soon as they set their foot in the country, they will be amazed and surprised due to the culture, nature, attractions, and many things to do in Ecuador. Furthermore, Ecuador is also known as an affordable country for unique and pleasant travel experience. 

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