What is the Best Time to Book Hotels in Vegas? We’ll Tell You the Secret!


Jul 14
best time to book hotels in vegas

When we hear “Trip to Las Vegas” we would assume that it’s going to be an expensive holiday. We all know that Las Vegas is a city full of casinos and different types of entertainment. So, visiting Las Vegas may cost an arm and a leg for many people. Well, luckily, it’s not how it is. If you know the best time to book hotels in Vegas or the best time to book your plane tickets, you will be able to save a lot. To make it better, this cheap trip to Vegas can even offer free shows and meals already in consort with nights of fun stays on top of Vegas hotels.


Looking for the best hotels seems to be an excellent idea. Las Vegas offers impressive hotels that suit any budget. Some hotels offer sights of volcanoes emitting out their melted lava; some give views of the replica of Eiffel Tower of Paris or Giza Great Pyramids of Egypt.

As I mentioned, Las Vegas offers accommodations for everyone – rich or those who are on a budget. If you’re lucky enough to have money to spend, then you will have tons of choices of high-class luxury suites. And if you have a limited budget and looking for some of the cheapest accommodations, which would not be a problem either as you readily find a host of cheap rooms that meet your budget.

Another good thing you have to know is that there is the best time to book hotels in Vegas. It is important for you to be familiar with it to be able to get the best deal! Who doesn’t want to save some bucks, right? Who knows, you may be able to use those savings in a casino and get them multiplied!

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booking tips in las vegas

Weekday Rates

It is said that the best time to book hotels in Vegas is on the days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So, if you have a flexible job and can take the weekdays off, then this will be a cheaper time for you to stay in Vegas as far as the hotel is concerned. This is especially true since hotels are a lot more likely to fill up during the weekends, so you can expect for the rooms to be more expensive.

Considering most people prefer traveling on weekends due to work or other commitments, you can take advantage of this and explore Vegas in a budget-friendlier way. Booking weekday flights to Vegas can also be beneficial since your chances of finding the hotel you prefer during these days are higher than on the weekends. That means you can get a room at popular hotels and resorts that would otherwise be fully booked and hard to get.

In addition to room availability, there could also be chances of getting discounts and deals like room upgrades since hotels tend to be less booked during this period. This means they may offer discounts and promotions to entice clients to book weekday stays. Aside from room upgrades, they may also offer reduced room rates or complimentary amenities.

That said, make sure to compare prices over the period you are considering to know if a weekday trip could be the best for you.

Summer Slow Burn

With boiling heat that is able to move the thermostat toward 100°F, the month of July and August see a low season in Las Vegas. You are able to find cheaper room rates and airfare while temperatures are high. Plan to spend most of your daytime indoors, though; heatstroke and dehydration are common diseases during summertime in Vegas. Most importantly, don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

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Pre-Holiday and Post-Holiday

In the approach to the busy Christmas and New Year’s season, Las Vegas experiences a mid-December break and a post-New Year’s craze. So, it may be best to spend your holiday time a week before the Christmas Day or save it until the week after the New Year’s Day if you would like to save money on hotel rates in Vegas. Doing so also allows you to enjoy and explore the place better since you’ll avoid the peak season and long lines at various attractions. There could also be higher chances of booking rooms at your preferred hotel or resort.

Although Las Vegas is a desert city, it gets cold there during the winter. Temperatures can go down to nearly freezing in the months of December to January, so don’t forget to pack your jacket if you want to visit on these dates.

Convention-Less Town

Numerous big conventions book out substantial chunks of the Vegas strip all year round. When these conventions take place, you will see room rates go up, although the convention is occurring during the Vegas low season. As a good start, check out the official website of Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Authority to see when conventions are available, so you are able to avoid convention chaos.

However, if you can't find another schedule for your trip to avoid the convention chaos, it's best to book early. This way, you won't have to worry about limited room availability. You can also secure a hotel with more reasonable prices, unlike when doing so during these events.

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More Tips for Booking Your Hotel in Vegas

accommodations in las vegas

Not only you have to be aware of the best time to book hotels in Vegas, but there are also other important tips you have to follow in order for you to book the cheapest rate possible.

Tip #1: You’ll generally find the best deals when you book straight from the hotel. Some large companies such as Harrah's and MGM Resorts own most of the major hotels and casinos along the strip of Las Vegas. Both of them, as well other hotels in Vegas have a smooth online booking and are always releasing reduced rates and discount codes. Booking straight normally offers a better cancellation option and flexible dates.

Tip #2: It is better if your hotel online. What's more, by booking your room online, it is less likely for you to end up dealing with a no-vacancy hotel or making a last-minute booking in a desperate situation. There are more than 100,000 hotel rooms to choose from in Las Vegas. It is unimaginable you would not find one that suits your budget and needs. You are also able to call a hotel's toll-free number to know if there are any package promotions available.

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Tip #3: Book your room ahead of time. Once you find the one that suits you, book it immediately. Some of these options can be incredibly cheap for a period of time. When these rooms are almost full, rates will almost certainly go up again. However, if you find a hotel that offers a better deal or facilities, you can always cancel the first one you booked. Don’t forget to confirm cancellation policies before your booking. However, many of them allow booked guests to cancel at least 1 or 2 days before.

Tip #4: Make sure to get a player's card and try inquiring directly about it. Even though you’re not a big gambler, don’t forget to get a card at every casino you check out. You might get discounted or free rooms in the form of email offers. 

All in all, visiting Las Vegas is always fun. It’s not hard to find affordable room rates that will suit your needs and budget, especially when you know the best time to book hotels in Vegas.

So, have you decided yet when you want to visit Vegas? Let us know in a comment below!

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