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Hi, I’m Alice Ross, a long-term traveler who left the corporate world to travel the world. I chose to live life on my own phase and live day by day while immersing myself in new experiences, new knowledge, and new people in a different walk of life I met along the way.

Closest Beach To Philadelphia
Jun 08

What Is The Closest Beach To Philadelphia? 8 Beaches You Can Visit


Summer is fast approaching, and if you happen to be in the US at this time of the year, Philadelphia is one of the most fun and exciting stateside destinations to visit. However, the downside is that there are no beaches in or immediately outside the city. Fortunately, however, you can still enjoy beaches when travelling to Philadelphia; it is not that hard to find a strip of sand within reasonable distance from Philly. If you're wondering what's the closest beach to Philadelphia for a getaway, this article gives you not just one, but eight great options to consider!

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Best Area To Stay In Lisbon
Jun 06

What Is Best Area To Stay In Lisbon? Here Are the Areas to Choose From

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

There’s no doubt that Lisbon is a beautiful city, filled with colorful districts, exceptional tourist spots, and lively night scenes. When you look at the map the first time, Lisbon may look a huge and rambling city, but luckily, the main tourist spots are located in a pretty close area. These tourist spots are where most of the visitors would rather stay during their trip, and this brief article with tell you the best area to stay during your visit.

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Get Out of Tokyo for the Golden Week
Jun 04

Where to Go If You Decide to Get Out of Tokyo for the Golden Week

By Alice Ross | ASIA

The Golden Week is a special time for the Japanese and the tourists who are longing for an adventure. A lot of people set aside their heavy duties for a while, starting from the 29th of April up to the 6th of May. There is a reason why the Golden Week starts on the 29th of April—it is a national holiday that celebrates the birthday of the Emperor Showa, who passed away in 1989.

During this week, tourists and locals flock to popular spots to unwind and have fun. Because of that, Tokyo may be very crowded during this time. So if you decide to fly to Japan for the Golden Week, you may want to go somewhere else other than Tokyo. Here are some travel choices that may be perfect for your Golden Week escapade.

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How Far Is The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas?
May 28

How Far Is The Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Here is What You Need to Know!


One of the wonders of the world is Grand Canyon. It’s astonishingly stunning and it cannot really be defined unless you’ve seen it for yourself. The Grand Canyon is a big crater that has been engraved out in the rocks as time passes, with amazing views that you will never forget when you have seen them. The mass of the Grand Canyon is going to make you feel so little and it’s a place of isolation that people from different parts of the world will surely enjoy.

“How far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by many tourists exploring this part of America. This article will answer that question, but before that, let’s get to know Grand Canyon a little bit more.

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can you swim in Lake Tahoe
May 24

Can You Swim In Lake Tahoe? It Offers More Than That!


If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway in the US, we strongly suggest putting Lake Tahoe at the top of your list! Located at an elevation of 6,225 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the lake lies on the border between Nevada and California and is a big vacation destination year-round. Its remarkable blue waters offer scenic views from the numerous mountaintop lookouts and beaches along its shoreline. On a trip to Lake Tahoe, you can take in the magnificence of the lake and the mountains that surround it, and enjoy the boundless recreational activities offered here. But you may wonder, can you swim in Lake Tahoe?

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legal drinking age
May 22

The Legal Drinking Age in the World

By Alice Ross | FOOD & DRINK

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age, or MLDA, is the minimum age at which someone is legally allowed to buy and drink alcohol. Laws related to the MLDA cover a great range of issues, including when and where alcoholic drinks can be consumed. Those laws differ from country to country. Most countries have set their MLDA at 18 or 19 years old.

As a nation, the United States of America, along with 19 other countries, have the highest legal drinking age. However, some parts of India have drinking ages as high as 25 to 30 years. Moreover, there are some countries, particularly Muslim countries, where alcohol is entirely banned, although an exception is sometimes made for non-Muslims.

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best places to backpack in Europe
May 14

10 Best Places to Backpack in Europe

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Backpacking to Europe could be a very fulfilling and educational experience. Europe is a huge continent and can accommodate even budget travelers. No wonder why more and more people are getting attracted to doing it.

While there are many places to visit in Europe, finding the ones that are ideal for backpackers can be a little bit tricky especially that Europe, in general, is not the cheapest place to travel. But, going back to the question… what are the best places to backpack in Europe?

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May 07

12 Best Luxury Travel Accessories


Many people choose to travel on a budget, and it’s very easy to figure out the reason why. We make sure we get the best deals and discounts, however, many times, this also means sacrificing quality. Fortunately for some, money is not a problem when they are traveling.

Luxury travel is just for some privileged individuals. These people can be businessmen, celebrities, politicians, or just well-paid individuals. If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford luxury travel, then you may want to know the best luxury travel accessories you can get. We listed some of the highly rated accessories you may want to know.

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types of accommodations
Apr 30

5 Types of Accommodations for Travelers


When looking for accommodation for your trip, the most generalized term is "hotel". However, there are many types of accommodations one can choose from depending on their preference and needs.

The main purpose of an accommodation is to offer a safe, comfortable place to sleep and rest after an eventful day of traveling. But the question is, with many types of accommodations to choose from, which one should you go with? Let us introduce you to different types of accommodations you can choose from. Here are the 5 most common accommodations available for travelers.

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