How Far Is The Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Here is What You Need to Know!


May 28
How Far Is The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas?

One of the wonders of the world is Grand Canyon. It’s astonishingly stunning and it cannot really be defined unless you’ve seen it for yourself. The Grand Canyon is a big crater that has been engraved out in the rocks as time passes, with amazing views that you will never forget when you have seen them. The mass of the Grand Canyon is going to make you feel so little and it’s a place of isolation that people from different parts of the world will surely enjoy.

“How far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by many tourists exploring this part of America. This article will answer that question, but before that, let’s get to know Grand Canyon a little bit more.


Savor the Beauty

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When you visit Grand Canyon, you will find that there are a lot of different ways that you are able to enjoy its beauty. You will enjoy sitting on the edge just enjoying how it looks from afar. Of course, taking some photographs would be the best way to recollect the scenery for the future, so do not forget your camera. There are a few great trails that you are able to walk along while enjoying the beauty the surround you. Waiting for the sunrise or sunset at the Canyon is a wonderful experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. You will absolutely find that you are able to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you in a lot of different ways.

Traveling To the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

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If you want to know how far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, there is some basic information you need to know when planning. It’s not easy to visualize just how much erosion and weathering had to happen and over long it took to form the Grand Canyon. However, when you finally set your foot there and watch at the horizon, you will wonder if it’s really a real like. The Grand Canyon is an extremely popular attraction for those who are visiting Las Vegas, and so it’s not surprising that they also add this natural wonder to their bucket list.

Whether you are in Las Vegas and seeking an unforgettable adventure, or you are already at the Grand Canyon, there are tour companies that are willing to take you to an unforgettable experience. Not too fat from the rim's guardrail and climb onboard a modern helicopter or airplane. You will fly over the mile-deep gorges of the canyon’s aerial views that just can’t be seen from down there. The West Rim allows you to land on the floor of the canyon with a helicopter. The stone walls growing a mile on both your sides are really something you wouldn’t see elsewhere. You can relax on a platform raft for riding a cruise down the Colorado River or if you want something more challenging hike along the rim. The choice is yours!

The distance between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas is about 270.3 miles. Luckily, you will have many options to get there.

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If you have a car, you can drive the 200~300-mile distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. This depends on which part of the canyon you prefer to go, with the West Canyon Viewpoints as the closest and the South Rim at about the 300m spot. If you choose to take the 300m between the two locations, you have to know that it can take over 6 hours, so if you prefer driving there, be ready to do build a tent or spend at any of the hotels around the Grand Canyon.


If you don’t want to drive and you are looking to saving a month, there are bus tours that go from Las Vegas going to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Buses go back on the same day, which means you are able to see the beauty of the canyon even if you don’t check in at a hotel.

Plane Tours

There are small planes that run every day from Las Vegas going to the Grand Canyon, which fly lower as they pass on the canyon, letting you see the canyon in an aerial view. There are plane tours of the Grand Canyon which include landing as well as ground transportation all over the rim for a whole on-the-ground and above-ground experience.

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Yes! You are also able to fly over the Grand Canyon through a helicopter. Similar to riding the airplanes, helicopters also fly over the Grand Canyon, which offers aerial views that you cannot see if you are on the ground. However, unlike airplanes, there are helicopter tours that land below the canyon, which give visitors an exceptional viewpoint from the lower part.

Trans-Canyon Shuttle 

Another option is by riding the Trans Canyon Shuttle going the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. The National Park Service said this shuttle is the single public transport that drives to the North Rim. If you find yourself at the South Rim of the park, you can easily catch the shuttle to go back to Las Vegas.

In conclusion, how far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas depends on the form of transportation you use. Some may require you to pay more but offer more convenience. Some may be cheaper, but you have to compromise with the travel time and comfort.

Which form of transport would you rather choose? Let us know in the comment below!

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