Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing Course for You: Top 5 Choices in 2021

By Camille Poire | BLOG

May 14
Finding Best Affiliate Marketing Course top 5 Choices 2021

If you’re reading this article and are looking for the best affiliate marketing course out there, chances are you're already convinced of the benefits of affiliate marketing and already have an idea of how it works! In essence, affiliate marketing is an extension of word of mouth, which has consistently been proven to be the world’s most common and simplest, yet most effective advertising method.

Whether you’re a business owner or marketing professional looking to harness the power of affiliate marketing to sell your products and services, or a blogger, vlogger, or influencer looking to learn the most effective strategies to sell others’ products and maximize your earnings as an affiliate, read on. Below, we review the top 5 affiliate marketing courses available in 2021.


But first, let's take a closer look at what affiliate marketing is and how it works. If you're fairly new to the concept, understanding its mechanisms and benefits will help you to pick the best affiliate marketing course for you. If you're more advanced, then feel free to head straight down to our list of the 5 courses we recommend! 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Think about it: if you're looking for a recommendation, whether it's for a product to purchase, a film to watch, or your next travel destination, your first instinct will probably be to turn to people who have some expertise or personal experience on the matter and whose opinion you trust. You may seek a review from someone who owns the item you've been eyeing, who shares the same tastes in movies, or who recently visited the country you're thinking of.

Whether it's relatives, friends, a dedicated Facebook community, or your favorite travel bloggers, a recommendation from someone you relate to often carries a lot more weight and comes across as less biased than a direct advertisement from a company.

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing stems from this principle. In the same way, affiliates recommend a product or service that they use and/or like. The main difference with simple word-of-mouth is that partners get paid a commission when their recommendation leads to a sale.

Moreover, online affiliate marketing allows personal recommendations to be scaled up beyond one-on-one or small-group interactions. A product recommendation in a single blog article, Instagram post, or YouTube video has the potential to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential buyers.

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has many upsides for companies and content creators alike. Done right, it's a huge win-win.

Benefits for Businesses

On the one hand, it allows businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their ideal customers and to sell their products and services in what is often a more genuine, softer, and more sustainable way.

Finding true champions and ambassadors for your brand and products is a great way to generate authentic, high-quality content and traffic around them. The best affiliate marketing course will teach you to build a strong affiliate program that will attract top partners.

benefits of best affiliate marketing course for business owners

Moreover, unlike most other forms of marketing, affiliate marketing presents a great advantage in that it doesn’t require you to invest money upfront. Instead of spending your marketing budget on online adverts with no guarantee of success, this allows you to pay a commission only after a sale is made.

What's more, you can set the amount to be a percentage of the revenue generated. This proportional pay-per-sale model makes affiliate marketing accessible to any type of business, including startups, solopreneurs, and bootstrapped companies with limited funds.

Finally, advertisements are usually one-offs that require you to keep pouring money into them to keep the ads running and reaching more people. Conversely, an article or video created by an affiliate has no shelf life. Indeed, one piece of content may drive sales for years - it's basically the gift that keeps on giving!

Benefits for Content Creators

Affiliate marketing gives content creators a fantastic opportunity to get paid to do something that they would probably do anyway: recommend relevant products and services to their community! If you've built an audience that looks to you and your content for advice, then why not monetize your time and expertise?

The cool thing about affiliate partnerships is that they allow you to earn money without slighting your audience, as there is no extra cost involved for them. In fact, some companies may even give you special discounts or promotional offers to pass on to your community. This enables you to deliver extra value to your followers by offering discounts or upgrades on products and services they are looking for.

benefits of finding the best affiliate marketing course become digital nomad

Of course, one massive benefit of affiliate partnerships is that they’re a source of passive income. Once you’ve created content containing affiliate links or codes, that content can live on forever and reach an infinite number of people. So, that one-time investment into creating a blog post or video can bring recurring, unlimited sales.

As such, learning to master affiliate marketing from the best affiliate marketing course can be a way not only to increase your income, but also to gain time- and location-independence. Whether you’re keen to work from home, travel more, or even become a digital nomad like me, developing your passive income sources will give you the freedom to move toward your dream lifestyle!

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

In a word: YES! And I'm talking from experience: this travel blog, like many others, generates consistent revenue from affiliate partnerships!

A huge number of companies around the world are using affiliate marketing to grow their sales and business. And on the other side of the coin, a huge number of content creators are earning substantial income from affiliate recommendations. It's a very common way for bloggers, influencers, and website owners to monetize the content they create.

Affiliate offers are often non-intrusive and embedded into the content in a subtle and seamless way, so you may not be aware of how widespread they are. But if you've ever clicked through a link to check out a product or service and decided to buy it, chances are you'll have made an affiliate purchase.

finding the best affiliate marketing course for success

However, making affiliate marketing work takes some knowledge and experience. It's not as easy as asking someone to recommend your brand (if you're a company owner) or adding a link into an article (if you're a blogger), and then waiting for the sales to roll in. It took me a long time and several courses to learn all the affiliate marketing strategies that work - both as a blogger and as a consultant who helps startups build and run affiliate programs.

Because of this, I’m a firm believer in investing in the best affiliate marketing course. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, the answer is 100% YES! Trust me. It will save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration, and will guarantee that you start seeing better and bigger results faster.

Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing Course for You: Things to Look for

There are dozens - if not hundreds - of courses out there that claim they will teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. But let's be honest: not all are created equal, and you don't want to waste your precious time and money on a course that is mediocre, superficial, or irrelevant to you.

So, what makes a course great? And even more importantly, what makes it the right fit for you? Here are some of the top factors to consider:

Are the Focus and Level Right for You?

It would be meaningless to single out one course as the best affiliate marketing course: it all depends on what YOU need to learn and what you are looking to get out of it.

A CEO thinking of starting an affiliate program for their company will not seek the same information as a blogger looking to optimize their content monetization strategies, or as someone considering doing affiliate product launch reviews on YouTube. So, above anything else, make sure that the course takes the right angle and approach for you.

Likewise, you should ensure that you pick a course that is pitched at the right level. Someone new to affiliate marketing will not have the same expectations as someone more experienced. Moreover, you may not want to invest in the same course if you're simply looking for a general, introductory overview or if you're seeking a comprehensive, step-by-step how-to guide.

Who Is the Course Instructor?

Remember school? Having a good teacher goes a long way toward effective learning and keeping you motivated, so you should definitely pay attention to who the teacher is.

What is their background and experience with affiliate marketing? Do they have a track record of success to prove that the strategies they're teaching work? Do you like their style of teaching? Are they relatable?

who is your affiliate marketing course teacher

Beyond making sure that the course instructor truly has the knowledge and expertise, you may also prefer to learn from someone whose values, personality, and outlook speak to you. For example, if your end goal is to generate enough passive income to become a digital nomad and travel the world, you may be more inspired by someone who has already achieved that.

Most courses come with a free video for the instructor to introduce themselves and the contents of the course. This is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for the course creator.

Is It Up-to-Date?

Things can change fast in the marketing world, especially in these times of fast technological innovation! Make sure that the knowledge and information shared in the course are still relevant by checking that it's relatively recent or updated regularly, and that most of the content is evergreen.

Does It Have (Good) Reviews and Testimonials?

This goes without saying: the best way to form an impression of a course's quality is to check what others think of it. Most online course platforms allow students to review and rate the courses they take. This means that you should find plenty of feedback to help you make a decision.

reviews of best affiliate marketing course

Again, read the reviews to check not only that the course is highly rated, but also that its focus and strengths are in line with your needs and expectations. In addition, testimonials from past students who went on to achieve success after taking the course are the best possible indicator that the strategies taught in the course can be replicated and truly work.

Does It Come with Further Resources and Benefits?

The best affiliate marketing courses won't just sell you a fixed, static program: they will provide extra value and ongoing support to help you succeed.

The majority of great courses offer after-sales support and opportunities to keep learning and ask questions, whether it's from the course creator themselves, from other students, or both. They may give you access to a private Facebook group, follow-up webinars, and even 1-on-1 or small-group tutorials with the instructor.

Having a channel to the course creator and/or a community of like-minded people is a huge perk to help keep you motivated, inspired, and updated. Moreover, course creators sometimes share more than their know-how: they may pass on contacts, special offers from partners, etc. that will fast-track you on your way to success.

Free/Cheap vs. Higher-Priced Courses

It can be tempting to keep the cost down when picking a course, but as with almost everything in life, you tend to get what you pay for! It's best to think of buying a course not as an expense but as an investment in yourself and your business, and to consider your options in terms of value rather than price.

The best course creators know the value of their knowledge and of the course they've created. They can afford to charge more without risking bad reviews because they're confident that their methods work and that you'll be able to recoup your investment and more when you apply their teachings.

are cheap or free courses worth it

However, this is not to say that $10 courses are necessarily bad. There are some good ones out there that will fit the bill if you have a limited budget or if you're simply looking for an introduction to affiliate marketing. Higher-priced courses however generally are more comprehensive, go more in-depth, and offer more extra perks and ongoing support.

Moreover, if you have the money for it, there's another, psychological reason to invest in the best affiliate marketing course for you even if it's not the cheapest. It's been found that many people who enroll in free or low-priced courses don't finish them. In fact, without the onus to get value for their money, many forget about them and never even start!

When you spend a more significant sum, you're signaling to yourself that you're making a serious commitment. You're investing in your future, and you're more likely to show up and make the most of your purchase.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses in 2021

Without further ado, here are the 5 best affiliate marketing courses we recommend taking in 2021:

best affiliate marketing course for businesses

Best Affiliate Marketing Course For: Business owners, CEOs, CMOs, solopreneurs, and all those with products or services to sell

What Is the Course About?

Launched in late 2019, Affiliate Marketing for Businesses has already been taken by over 400 happy students and is quickly establishing itself as the new reference for those looking to learn about affiliate marketing from the business side of the equation.

Course creator Enelin Paas shares the knowledge and strategies she used to establish an affiliate program from scratch for a Silicon Valley startup and grow it by 20% every month, to a value of more than 3 million USD, solely through the power of partnerships and affiliate marketing. Since then, Enelin has replicated these strategies to set up successful affiliate programs for several other companies.

With this e-course, she makes her expertise accessible to anyone looking to build and scale a successful affiliate program.

What You'll Learn

Through around 8 hours of content, including videos, articles, and templates, Enelin shares all the knowledge and tools you need to create a strong army of affiliates to promote your business.

You'll learn:

  • Why affiliate marketing is the smartest way to grow your business effectively and sustainably
  • How to design a solid and attractive affiliate program
  • Where and how to find affiliates interested in promoting your business
  • How to choose the right affiliates who can actually generate sales for you
  • The right tools to use you need to make it work
  • ...and much more!
finding a good affiliate marketing teacher

Affiliate Marketing for Businesses course instructor Enelin Paas speaking about affiliate marketing at a 2019 conference

Any Extras?

Students enrolled in the course get access to a dedicated Facebook group, follow-up webinars, and the option to book a one-on-one consultation with Enelin.


The full e-course is priced at $299.

If you're not sure if this is the right course for you yet, you can also start with the Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Businesses, a 90-minute webinar that offers a great overview of the full course for only $15.

Some reviews and testimonials

Affiliate Marketing for Businesses course review
Affiliate Marketing for Businesses course testimonial

Why We Recommend It

This top-reviewed, comprehensive e-course will set you up for success if you're looking to build or scale up an affiliate program to skyrocket your product or service sales.

Launched relatively recently, Affiliate Marketing for Businesses is not only the best affiliate marketing course for business owners and marketing professionals available today, but also the most up-to-date.

I may be biased in saying you couldn’t want a better teacher than Enelin, but for good reason: she has been my mentor and business partner, and has taught me A LOT of what I know about affiliate marketing today!

Income Boss affiliate marketing course

Best Affiliate Marketing Course For: Bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, and all content creators looking to monetize their online brand, blog, or audience and generate passive income from their content

What Is the Course About?

If you're an existing or would-be content creator of any kind looking to make serious money from affiliate marketing and to maximize your passive income, then look no further than Income Boss! In this update and upgrade on his first affiliate marketing course, Earnest Affiliate, course creator Johnny FD shares all the winning methods he has tried and tested over 10 years to become highly successful as an affiliate and generate consistent passive income.

Johnny is a prolific blogger, vlogger, and the author of several books and podscasts. He is well-known within the location independent and digital nomad community as an early adopter of the lifestyle as well as the host of the popular Travel Like a Boss and Invest Like a Boss podcasts, and the organizer of the bi-annual Nomad Summit conference.

Having been travelling full-time while working online for over a decade and helping many others do so through Income Boss, Johnny FD and the students he has inspired and empowered to follow in his steps are living proof of the success of the strategies he teaches.

What You'll Learn

The course contains 36 videos divided into 7 sections (Start, Content, Traffic, Marketing, Money, Case Studies, Congratulations), together with a plethora of useful links and resources.

On this step-by-step journey to becoming your own income boss, you'll cover the following topics:

  • The 80/20 rule of success and how it applies to affiliate marketing
  • Strong branding
  • Building a website from zero to authority site
  • Becoming a content expert in your niche
  • Content creation, including a blueprint for your first five blog posts 
  • Generating massive traffic
  • Keyword research and SEO
  • Getting links from quality, authoritative sites
  • Creating sales funnels that convert
  • Building your email list with lead magnets
  • Selecting the best products to promote
  • Finding the best affiliate partnership opportunities
  • ...and much, much more!

The curriculum is enhanced by challenges to get you to put your learning into practice, as well as case studies highlighting different ways to apply the methods taught and examples of how others have implemented them successfully. 

Income Boss course instructor Johnny FD

Income Boss course instructor Johnny FD

Any Extras?

Enrollment in the course gives you access to an active private Facebook group where you can exchange with the course creator and fellow students.

Moreover, the course interface also allows you to interact with Johnny FD directly. You can ask him questions, and students are even encouraged to request extra videos and materials to cover any updates or areas they feel require more explanations.


The Income Boss Complete Course is normally priced at $596.40.

However, readers of this article can click on this link or use coupon code FRIENDSOFFRIENDS at checkout to get a special 20% discount.

Some Reviews and Testimonials

Income Boss affiliate marketing coursetestimonial
Income boss review

Why We Recommend It

Income Boss is the most complete, all-around best affiliate marketing course for content creators you can find in 2021. With impressive breadth and depth, this very detailed, top-rated course lays out all the knowledge, strategies, and tools you need to learn step by step how to start, get traffic, and earn income online.

Learning the techniques course creator Johnny FD spent 10 years testing will save you years of trial and error to make affiliate marketing work for you! As a seasoned podcast host and public speaker, Johnny is a great communicator and a very effective and relatable teacher.

Through Income Boss, he has helped hundreds of students over the years to generate enough passive income to follow in his steps as a digital nomad, start a work-from-home business, or simply earn substantial extra revenue to complement their day job.

Super Affiliate System marketing course

Best Affiliate Marketing Course For: Those who want to become an affiliate marketer using paid advertising, such as Facebook or Google ads.

What Is the Course About?

Super Affiliate System is designed to teach you how to create affiliate marketing campaigns from scratch and to master paid advertising.

This is perfect for those looking to become an affiliate marketer without having to build your own audience and produce a lot of content.
However, it does require you to have a small budget to invest into advertising. You will learn how to make the most of platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, as well as lesser-known advertising networks.

You’ll have to look past John Crestani’s flamboyant marketing strategies with money guns and lamborghinis. He is actually a very successful affiliate marketer himself who has been in this business for over a decade and made quite a name for himself.  Having made millions of dollars with affiliate marketing using paid advertising, he now teaches his techniques to others in the Super Affiliate System.

What You'll Learn

The course teaches the simple and proven formula of “Ad > Presell > Offer”. Meaning, you will be placing ads all over the internet, that lead to a page you create, where you presell the visitor on the affiliate offer. This is the basis of all affiliate marketing, but using this method you can see results fast and scale up to impressive numbers.

You’ll learn the whole system to implement this affiliate marketing model in detail, including:

  • Ads: how to create engaging ads that work
  • Presell: how to convert the people who click on your ads into buyers
  • Offers: where to find the highest converting offers and the best affiliate networks
  • The core skills of mastering online marketing: copywriting, data analysis, and research
  • ...and much more!
John Crestani creator of best affiliate marketing course Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System course instructor John Crestani

Any Extras?

In addition to the lessons, you will be equipped with a lot of templates and done-for-you ads and pages to get started right away. Moreover, those who sign up will be given over $895 of ad credits.


The Super Affiliate System is priced at $997.

Some Reviews and Testimonials

Super Affiliate System testimonial
Super Affiliate System review

Why We Recommend It

The Super Affiliate System is the perfect affiliate marketing course for those who do not want to build their own personal brand. You will be able to stay anonymous and instead focus on mastering paid advertising.

The good thing with paid advertising is that it works immediately. You won’t have to wait ages for your content to get traction or start ranking on Google. As soon as you turn on your ads, you will see the results and then you can adjust. This course gives you all the tools to do this and the knowledge to succeed.

However, keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and hard work, as well as study is required to truly master paid advertising. If you have the time and money to invest though, John’s course comes highly recommended.

Commission Hero Clickbank affiliate marketing course

Best Affiliate Marketing Course For: Learning how to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate marketer.

What Is the Course About?

Commission Hero is a course by Robby Blanchard, the number one ClickBank affiliate in the world. ClickBank is one of the oldest and most well-known affiliate networks. They feature offers in a variety of niches and are known for high commissions (up to 75%) on their - mainly digital - products.

Using this platform, combined with Facebook advertising, Robby has created a system to profitably promote affiliate offers. The big promise of Commission Hero is that it will teach you to make $1,000 per day.

What You'll Learn

Inside the Commission Hero course you’ll learn how to create simple 1- to 2-page websites (funnels) to promote Clickbank products on Facebook. The trick is that Facebook does not allow you to directly market affiliate products on their platform, so you will have to circumvent that with your own website.

Robby has done hundreds, if not thousands, of experiments to find out what works and what doesn’t. Inside Commission Hero you’ll learn the results of those experiments, so you won’t have to spend the thousands on Facebook ads to find out what he did.

The following topics are covered in Commission Hero:

  • How and where to find affiliate marketing offers to promote
  • Setting up your landing page
  • In-depth Facebook advertising training
  • Tracking and scaling your campaigns
  • ...and much more!
Commission Hero course instructor Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero course instructor Robby Blanchard

Any Extras?

In addition to the video course, you will get access to live training sessions with Robby himself, so you can ask him any questions you may have while going through the content.

There are also a lot of done-for-you resources included, such as ad copy, ad images, landing pages, and more.


Commission Hero is priced at $997.

Some Reviews and Testimonials

Commission Hero testimonial
Commission Hero course results

Why We Recommend It

Commission Hero is the best Clickbank affiliate marketing training out there. Its heavy focus on Clickbank can put some people off, but if that is what you are looking for, this is really the best affiliate marketing course for you.

Not only will you learn from the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world, but you will also get access to a lot of resources he himself uses in his profitable campaigns.

Udemy courses

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For: those with a smaller budget, those looking for entry-level courses or for advanced courses with a narrower, more specialized scope

If you're looking for a quality course on a lower budget, then the Udemy online learning platform is a great place to turn to.

Whether you're seeking an entry-level overview to get you started, to learn more about a given aspect of affiliate marketing, or to master a specific affiliate marketing model, Udemy currently offers a range of
380 courses on affiliate marketing that range from very general to very niche.

The platform allows you to search by topic, popularity, and ratings, which makes it easy to zero in on the right fit for you. Here are a few of our favorite, top-rated courses currently available:


Nearly all courses on Udemy are priced under $100, with most within the $19.99-$39.99 range. Look out for Udemy's very frequent sales and promotions, during which prices for all courses can drop as low as $9.99!

In addition, in case you're not happy with the course you chose, Udemy offers a generous 30-day refund period (you either get refunded your payment or are given purchasing credit on the platform, depending on the course and circumstances).


It's important to find the right course for you to make sure that you stay motivated and stick with it til the end. Before committing your precious money and time to a course, make sure to ascertain what it covers, what support and bonus perks it offers, how qualified the course creator is, and if it's pitched at the right level for you.

Most essentially, take the time to read feedback from past students carefully. The majority of courses have reviews and testimonials that will allow you to assess their quality, as well as a free preview or introductory section where you can get a feel for the course and its instructor before investing in it.

We hope that the advice and recommendations we shared in this article helped you figure out the best affiliate marketing course for your needs and will set you up for success!

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Do you have any questions about the courses recommended in this article? Any other excellent affiliate marketing course you think should be added to this list? Let us know in a comment below. 

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