6 Car Hire Tips to Save Money and Dodge Extra Fees

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Apr 02
6 car hire tips to save money and dodge extra fees

Are you considering hiring a car for your upcoming trip, but you’re unsure if it's financially a good idea? Well, it’s a legitimate fear to have since there are many car hire traps that lead to unexpected and unwanted charges. Luckily for you, you clicked on the right article as we’re about to share our top car hire tips to save money and dodge extra fees. These useful tips are applicable whether you want to hire a car in the UK or anywhere in Europe.

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Tip 1: Look Into Booking Your Car Early

This is probably not the first time that you’ve heard of this tip, but the sooner you start making travel arrangements, the better. This is because if you leave this task for the last minute, demand will rise, and consequently, prices will increase.

Moreover, the earlier you start looking, the larger the range of car models and delaer options you will have to choose from. Additionally, you'll be more likely to benefit from rental companies'/rental platforms' promotions and be able to bag a special "early bird" deal.

Tip 2: Compare Car Hire Offers Online

How are you supposed to search, decide, and book the right car for your trip? Comparison sites like holidaycars.com make everything easier and less time-consuming by displaying budget-friendly car hire options for various car types on one webpage. This means that visitors can effortlessly compare prices and decide on the hire offer that best suits them.

Searching with key filters such as the daily hire price in combination with existing policies, such as cancellation policies or mileage limits, will make the truly affordable deal for your preferred car shine.

airport car hire

Tip 3: Read the Terms and Conditions

One of the most important car hire tips ever is to read the agreement or the terms and conditions so that you know what you’re signing up for. There you will learn about potential fees and charges that may apply and that you will need to dodge. These could include for example extras for higher mileage limits, insurance modules, or additional drivers.

Make sure that you understand everything, and look up terms that you are unsure about. It sounds tedious, we know, but it’s the only safe way to save money.

Tip 4: Consider Different Locations

Besides car hire tips about the car itself, you should know that pricing is affected by factors such as the location of the car hire company. Airport car hire services tend to be more expensive because convenience is included in the price.

If affordability is your main priority, you should look for car hire companies off-site or in the city you’re visiting. Some of the brokers located away from the airport may offer a shuttle option to reach their office or be reachable easily with a short bus or taxi ride, which will minimize the inconvenience and justify the savings. 

Tip 5: Check Insurance Options

Insurance can be a tricky issue since it can save you from high charges in case of an accident. The key here is to know your rights.

Most hire cars come with basic insurance included in the standard price. You should also check your own car’s insurance because it might cover any accidents you are involved in with hired cars as well.

Some credit cards might also offer car rental insurance, although there may be restrictions. It's a good idea to double-check what you may already be covered for, where, and how.

It is up to every driver to check whether they already have any coverage in place and consider if they feel that they need to extend the basic insurance plan or not.

car insurance policy terms and conditions

Tip 6: Proof of Car's Condition

It is uncommon but not unheard of for people to be wrongly charged for pre-existing damages on hire cars. To be able to prove that you were not responsible for any scratches or marks, you should take a video or photos of both the outside and the inside of the car at the moment of pick-up. Hold on to this footage so that you have evidence to contest any false damage claims.

Final Words

Renting a car can be a frustrating process, but you can minimize the costs and stress by starting your search early, using online comparison sites to find the best deals, and paying attention to the various inclusions and exclusions so you're not caught unawares by unexpected extras.

Double-check your insurance situation so you don't double-pay for unnecessary coverage, and of course, document the state of the car at the time of pickup to avoid unfair charges.

Safe driving, and happy exploring!

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