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Photogenic Heaven Capture the Essence of Manaslu Circuit
Apr 16

Photogenic Heaven: Capture the Essence Of Manaslu Circuit


Freezing time in the form of photographs is a true blessing and an art that photographers are true exerts at and addicts to. Some of us travel in search of capturing these special landscapes and moments in time.

Sound relatable? For your inspiration, here’s a rundown of Nepal's Manaslu Circuit, a lesser-known, majestic photographer’s paradise awaiting to be appreciated through the lens of your camera.

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top 10 online games to play while travelling in the uk
Apr 16

Top 10 Online Games to Play While Travelling in the UK


Over the last decades, direct access to entertainment from our electronic devices has greatly reduced the burden of some of the less exciting aspects of travel. Whether it's to stave off the boredom on long bus or train journeys, to kill time while waiting at the airport, or simply to relax after a big day of exploring, entertainment options such as mobile gaming are now at your fingertips to provide a welcome distraction.

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6 car hire tips to save money and dodge extra fees
Apr 02

6 Car Hire Tips to Save Money and Dodge Extra Fees


Are you considering hiring a car for your upcoming trip, but you’re unsure if it's financially a good idea? Well, it’s a legitimate fear to have since there are many car hire traps that lead to unexpected and unwanted charges. Luckily for you, you clicked on the right article as we’re about to share our top car hire tips to save money and dodge extra fees. These useful tips are applicable whether you want to hire a car in the UK or anywhere in Europe.

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How to Secure Cheap Car Parking Lots in One of the Most Expensive US States New York
Jan 06

How to Secure Cheap Car Parking Lots in One of the Most Expensive U.S. States – N.Y.

By Camille Poire | BLOG , TRAVEL TIPS

New York, with a population of over 8.4 million as per 2021's last census, is one of the most traveled and busiest states in the U.S., and for a good reason. From a thriving business world to a tech hub and from a vibrant nightlife scene to a prestigious educational center, there is almost no need that N.Y. cannot meet for any individual.  

However, the tremendous advantages and opportunities come with a price, which is often translated into high car parking costs. Not many states can exclaim that they encompass some of the priciest vehicle parking lots, as N.Y. does.

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10 places to experience the best of Turkey's natural beauty
Oct 26

10 Places to Experience the Best of Turkey’s Natural Beauty


Turkey unfolds as a mesmerizing odyssey of transcendent landscapes and enchanting locales, each corner rich with a unique tapestry of nature, history, and splendor. Here, the diversity of beauty knows no bounds—the ethereal terrains of Cappadocia, the heavenly cascades of Pamukkale, the mystical heights of Mount Ararat, and the vivid blues of Lake Van all tell tales of time, legends, and awe-inspiring wonders.

These ten divine destinations are meticulously chosen to guide you through a realm where every step echoes with the musical notes of nature's orchestra, resonating with tales of civilizations, mythical allure, and the harmonious rhythms of the seas. 

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top winter sun locations revealed by data
Oct 18

Top Winter Sun Locations Revealed By Data

By Camille Poire | BLOG , DESTINATIONS

Winter comes with a whisper of cold winds, urging many to seek the warm embrace of sunnier shores. The idea of trading snowflakes for sand grains and cold breezes for warm waves is enchanting.

This winter, the search for the sun leads us to some expected and unexpected corners of the world, thanks to a thorough analysis by Audley Travel. Their Winter Sun Index has meticulously ranked destinations based on their sun-soaking potential, leading to a list of places where the sun doesn’t shy away even when most of the world is cooling down.

Let’s embark on a journey through data to discover where the winter sun awaits.

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Mastering Street Photography Capturing Life in the Urban Jungle
Sep 17

Mastering Street Photography: Capturing Life in the Urban Jungle


Street photography is a style of art that flourishes in the busy city center, where life moves quickly. A dynamic canvas full of exciting moments just waiting to be captured in time, the urban jungle.

Understanding street photography involves more than just taking pictures; it also involves telling tales, expressing feelings, and illuminating the city's character. Let's look at the fundamental tips and techniques that will enable you to master street photography.

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5 reasons why everyone should holiday in Mexico at least once
Sep 08

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Holiday in Mexico at Least Once


While other destinations in this part of the world also deserve a visit, such as Brazil and the US, Mexico is worth frequenting for a vacation away. A wonderful country, there is much to see and do on holiday in Mexico, and holidaymakers everywhere are finally discovering the delights of this great nation.

Capable of catering for the trickiest of travelers, the country in the southern portion of North America is growing in terms of its reputation yearly. While many people still associate the nation with drug cartels and violence, there is also an increasing amount of travelers who look past that and explore the abundance of positives that Mexico has to offer. In fact, there is a strong argument to suggest that everyone should holiday in Mexico at least once.

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