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straightforward ways you can keep your family safe on holiday
Oct 06

Straightforward Ways You Can Keep Your Family Safe on Holiday


With more of us planning trips away than ever before, families are looking ahead to their next vacation where they can spend time together, make new memories, and discover new and interesting places.

Travelling as a family is fun no matter what age you are, but as a parent, keeping your family safe whilst overseas can make you feel as though you’re in a constant state of high alert, and concerned about what to do should something go wrong.

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best caravan bar hire for your wedding event
Sep 03

Best Caravan Bar Hire for Your Wedding Event!

By Camille Poire | BLOG

A celebration is incomplete without booze, and when you are getting married, you simply want the best of everything. The epitome of celebrations, weddings, should be remembered by all the guests, and it is possible to make your wedding more memorable with the inclusion of a classy caravan bar hire. Make the alcohol supply last until the end of the celebration with a cool caravan bar setup!

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top luxury destinations in costa rica
Aug 10

Top 5 Luxury Destinations in Costa Rica


If you want to go on a luxury vacation in the near future, Costa Rica is one of the best countries for taking a sip of the high life. With a coastline to the Caribbean, this is one of the beachiest and most tropical countries in the whole world and has some of the richest biodiversity on the planet. Its spectacular landscapes and colorful wildlife make for an outstanding traveler’s destination.

But with plenty of luxury destinations to explore all around, you’ll want to know which of the luxury spots in the country have the most to offer you! And with our top 5 ranking below, you’ll be able to pick and choose from the best places to visit in the whole of Costa Rica.

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Ways for Expats to Make Their New Destination Feel Like Home
May 31

Ways for Expats to Make Their New Destination Feel Like Home


Moving overseas for work is a very brave thing to do and comes with a great sense of adventure. It requires a lot of willpower, and most times, the adrenaline rush of wanting to meet new people, to experience a new culture, and to try new things can spur expats on to take on this adventure.

This sense of excitement can quickly wane however when expats begin to feel out-of-place once they arrive at their destination. If you were just on holiday, it might be easy to pack your bags and leave for the airport and go back to your home country, but that's not exactly possible in this situation!

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best airlines for nervous flyers
Apr 28

11 Best Airlines for Nervous Flyers


Are you a traveler who is reluctant to book a flight because of your fear? You can sit and relax now and book a ticket to your favorite destination.

Statistics show that air travel is a safe and secure option for traveling. Some people might feel conscious of traveling by air, but you are not alone facing this nervousness. A survey has shown that 25% of Americans feel anxious about flying to some extent.

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looking for a real estate agency factors to consider
Apr 22

Looking for a Real Estate Agency? Here’s What You Need to Consider


Congratulations! You have saved enough money to purchase your dream home. Or to rent a beautiful and luxurious property, whether in North America or abroad. You want to enjoy the warm sandy beach and hike up the mountains during your free time. But, how do you choose the ideal real estate agent to help you find the best location, such as properties in Santa Ponsa?

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5 US cities for sports fans
Apr 14

5 US Cities for Sports Fans


If you’re a sports fanatic, there is no greater country on earth than the United States to visit. Whether you enjoy watching baseball, basketball, or soccer is more to your liking, and whatever colors you cheer for, there are dozens of major cities across the country that are home to some of the best sports teams and stadiums in the world.

With so many destinations to pick from, here are five US cities that are perfect for sports fans, helping you to get the most out of your trip.

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Challenges Couples Experience When Planning for Destination Wedding in Bali
Mar 15

Challenges That Couples Experience When Planning for a Wedding in Bali


Destination weddings are often fun and very memorable. However, planning for them tends to be even more complex than for a home wedding. It could turn into a bit of a headache and a long nightmare that could give you sleepless nights for months. Unlike couples who hold their wedding ceremonies in local venues, foreign couples are either forced to trust a local wedding planner to organise the details of their wedding, or to take numerous trips overseas to plan for their wedding personally.

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how to go skiing despite covid-19 restrictions
Jan 14

How to Go Skiing Despite Covid-19 Restrictions

By Camille Poire | BLOG

We are definitely living in a time when planning our winter vacation may sound to some a scary as well as near-impossible endeavor. When many ski resorts were forced to shut down due to the Covid-19 months ago, skiers around the world simply found themselves hoping for a reopening of ski resorts in the new 2020-21 season.

Of course, things do not seem to be likely to return 100% to normal soon. However, some ski resorts are already ready to open their doors to visitors again. This will involve observing protection measures, and following the restrictions and directions from each country. But in what state is the world of skiing at this time, and how can you go skiing despite Covid-19 restrictions?

Will you be able to go skiing this winter?

The short answer is yes, and there will be open ski resorts in Europe in 2021. The situation is still undoubtedly uncertain, but the countries of France, Italy and Germany have all agreed to keep their ski resorts closed until the beginning of January, after which they will hopefully start operating. Austria, on the other hand, announced that it would open its ski resorts on Christmas Eve, but said that this would only be for locals in the area, without the possibility of overnight accommodation.

Also, visitors from third countries who will visit the resorts of Austria will have to enter a ten-day quarantine when they come from countries with high incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants. Switzerland also intends to keep all its ski areas open, despite intense criticism of some crowded incidents at the various ski lifts and some non-compliance with the necessary social distancing measures.

This may also be a good time to turn to the less-famous, yet quality and often much more affordable ski resorts of Eastern Europe. Bulgaria for example opened all its ski areas as planned in December, and resorts like Bansko, Pamporovo, or Borovets have been enjoying a great start to the 2020-21 ski season. As long as you don't mind forsaking the après ski (restaurants and bars are currently closed until February in Bulgaria) and you're willing to follow distancing measures, you'll find exceptionally quiet slopes awaiting you this year.

ski lift

How is the ski industry surviving?

European nations have been trying for months to adopt a unified stance, each imposing its own restrictions. And while many states announced national lockdowns in November, some say they are ready to ease restrictive measures in anticipation of the holiday season. Poland and Hungary have also blocked a landmark agreement from the European Union to set up a €750 billion recovery fund.

It is a fact that European tourism has been irreparably affected by the pandemic, with up to 11.5 million jobs in the industry at risk, according to the European Commission. Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for ski resorts across the European Union to remain closed, while French President Emmanuel Macron has said the dangers associated with Covid-19 make winter sports impossible.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the winter break would lead to a third wave of infections and called for a coordinated response with at least France and Germany. As a result, a collective decision was reached to close the centers in these three countries until at least the end of January.

For many, the period of winter sports is considered a critical test. Winter tourism brought in 14.9 billion euros to Austria last year, according to government statistics, and authorities hope that one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe, imposed in November, reduced the number of infections enough to guarantee a safe holiday season.

How can you reach the slopes without flying?

In this case, the only real alternative is to travel to the Alps by train. Unfortunately, the old-fashioned ski trains will not be operational this winter, but there are dozens of other train services from Central European countries that allow you to get to and from the ski resorts. 

It is important to note that many of the routes and services are more limited than usual. Nevertheless, there are safe train routes that can take you safely to your destination - always adhering to safety distances and personal hygiene measures, and skipping the so-called transit stops that increase the chances of the virus spreading through people's mixing.

What is it gonna be like in the resorts?

Les Gets ski resort France

Most resorts have fixed the details for their proper operation during the winter. The basic rules, however, are universal in all centers. They include keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, the use of masks in the ski lifts and their queues, as well as staying in outdoor spaces.

Many resorts will encourage their guests to use modern booking and payment technologies to avoid further cases, while bookings for the use of ski lifts may become necessary due to limited places. As we understand, the universal implementation of these basic measures is self-evident in all the centers, with some of them also making their own efforts to shape their response so as to further protect their users and halt the progress of the pandemic.

So, many ski resorts, such as those in France, which are likely to be operational from January, are preparing to face this current situation that has upset everyone. With composure and efficiency, the measures taken are for the benefit and safety of visitors who want to return to this unique and carefree activity, with reduced risk. After a difficult season for skiing but also for the world in general, these centers are in desperate need of recovery.

For their part, visitors seek a chance for relaxation and leisure at the first opportunity. Now with Nuco Travel, you can book a complete travel package to the French Alps for January of 2021 that promises more optimism and effort on all sides so you can have a proper trip in an outstanding landscape.

Have prices been affected?

One would expect that due to the current situation, prices may have dropped considerably, but this is not the case in most situations. This is because most resorts have reduced the number of rooms available and the capacity of their centers, but at the same time, prices must remain the same to cover their operating costs. Of course, there are some very good offers in terms of return policy and direct bookings that one can benefit from.

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