What to Buy in Barcelona? Top 5 Things You Must Bring Home

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Sep 08
what to buy in barcelona

The Barcelona shopping experience is something you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit this beautiful city. If your plan is to shop till you drop, then this is the place for you. This Spanish city will truly give you a shopping therapy. Now, before we answer the question, what to buy in Barcelona, let’s look at the places in Barcelona where you can go shop.


Where you can go shopping

Ramblas and Old Town

La Ramblas

In the backstreets of the old town of the city, you are able to find quirky little shops that you might find interesting. The old shops that survived the tests of time remained loyal to the tradition. Sometimes, the little shops sell things that you will not find elsewhere and will bring you back to history. They also sell sweets that are considered souvenir. Along with the traditional shops, there are many new trendy fashion boutiques located in this shopping area. And even if you don’t buy anything here, just walking around is worth it.

At the upper end of the Ramblas, Plaça Catalunya is located. This is where you find one with the biggest department store in the city, El Corte Inglés. This is a gigantic shopping temple that sells everything you might possibly want. You can also relax at any of the coffee shops on the top floor and have a beautiful sight of the square.

Boqueria Market

Somewhere in the central part of Ramblas, you will find La Boqueria market. This market is widely known for being modernist, but it’s just any other typical markets you will find in the district. Here you will find fresh goods like fish, meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

The market stands that are located at the bottom of the Ramblas are really not worth visiting. Many of the stands are just tourist traps.

Maremàgnum, on the other hand, is something you shouldn’t miss. This is where you will find just about everything – may it be restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, cinemas, and even bars.

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Passeig de Gracia

Passeig de Gracia

If you are more interested in consumer goods, then go to what known as the "Golden Quadrilateral". This area is located between the Rambla de Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia, which you will find above the Plaça Catalunya.

Now that you know where to shop in Barcelona, let’s now talk about what to buy in Barcelona. Here is a list of some stuff you may want to bring home with you to introduce Barcelona to your family and friends back home or if you just want to bring back home a piece of this beautiful city with you.

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What to Buy in Barcelona?

1. Caganer figurines

As you walk to the streets of this beautiful city, particularly along with souvenir shops, you will see that there are several shops that sell unique figurines. These unusually, yet interesting figurines will surely make you stop and stare. They come in unique, funny designs. No matter how weird they may look, keep in mind that they are important part of the Catalan tradition.

El Caganer is a doll made of ceramic which blesses locals with an affluent year. And whether you believe in this luck or not, one thing is for sure – they bring smile to the face of people that see them. If you’re planning to get a Caganer – may it be for yourself or for someone else – you will be happy to know that they are not hard to find.

Caganer figurines

2. Blue Wine

Blue wine is a known type of alcohol, not only in Barcelona but in the entire country. It’s produced by a local company called Gïk and is possibly the first blue-colored wine in the world. This wine is a combination of white and red grapes with natural pigments and flavors. Blue wine is also commonly available in any wine shops in the country.

You will also find that most restaurants don’t only serve delicious food, but also this drink on their menu. This is something that you’d want to bring home and make cocktails with. Just make sure you are in the legal drinking age of Spain before you sample any of their wines!

3. Turrón

Turron barcelona

Not buying turrón before leaving Barcelona for another country is one of the biggest regrets you will have in your life! This might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s just too good! Turrón is a sweet nougat shaped into a small block and made of honey, almond, egg whites, and sugar. The texture of this sweet can range from chewy to soft and paste-like, but also it can be brittle and hard.

You will also find other variations such as caramel, chocolate, coconut, milk, and more! This is a popular food that is eaten only during Christmastime as a dessert or in the morning eaten with coffee. When serving it, it’s usually small cubes. Make sure to buy it in different flavors so you can try and see which one is your favorite.

4. A pair of espardenyes

If you are looking for a souvenir that you can wear, then a pair of espardenyes is the one for you! These traditional slip-on shoes have been used by people all over Valencia and Catalunya for many centuries now and have been considered a part of the culture and history of each region. Also known as espadrilles, these shoes’ name I based on the tough Mediterranean grass called esparto from which the shoes are usually made of. Traditionally, they come in different styles and colors, there are ones that have strings attached to them, while there are ones that don’t, and today they are adapted by fashion stores all over the world.

5. A customized FC Barcelona shirt

custom fc barcelona shirt

Are you a sports fan? Or maybe one in your family? If that is the case, then you might want to get your very own FC Barcelona shirt that you can customize with your name at the back. You can visit one of the 3 official FC Barcelona stores in the city and score your very own customized short the same day. If you don’t want a customized one, then yes… you can buy one with the name of your favorite player, they are all there. You will find shirts in different sizes – may it be for kids of for adult, and if you are more interested in something a bit more different, you will find a number of other Barna-branded souvenirs there as well!

No matter what you end up buying to take home with you, having a piece of the city when you leave makes the trip extra memorable and meaningful. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide what to buy in Barcelona when you visit. If you have other questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment below! What about you, what is your favorite part of Barcelona you’d like to bring home with you? We want to hear from you!

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