What Is the Best Time To Visit Ireland? This Article Knows What You Don’t!

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Oct 17
what is the best time to visit Ireland

If there’s anything you need to know when planning the time of your trip to Ireland, you have to remember to pack durable, waterproof shoes, sweaters, and if possible, umbrella and raincoat. They’ll be great companions no matter what activity you are planning to do on that specific day. The real question, however, is that, what is the best time to visit Ireland?


After living in Ireland for a while, I personally think that the months of April, May, and September are the best time to visit Ireland. However, every month of the year offers something for the visitors to enjoy. It simply depends on what’s the main reason as to why one is traveling to Ireland.


If you want to fly to Ireland when the airfare is at its lowest, then consider flying there during the low season or early fall and late spring. However, when deciding on the best time to visit Ireland, you have to put your interests and principles into consideration.

There are people who would be interested in tracking their ancestral trail and are dying to explore genealogy libraries. Others simply want to explore the beautiful countryside of Ireland or experience surfing. Some may simply prefer to do relaxing things such as horseback riding, golf, trekking, trail biking, or wind surfing. Many of these activities can be done anytime of the year while some of them are only accessible from Easter to the 31st of October when winter is fast approaching.

dingle bay

If you are planning to visit a particular part of Ireland, then it would be a great idea to have a guide. Keep in mind that the weather is always changing and even every year, they vary.

The stunning countryside of Ireland is a major attraction for a lot of people who visit the country. Every month may offer an inimitable gem that can may your trip the best one. Do you like the idea of bird watching? Then the best time to visit Ireland would be late April. Spring season is a burst of flora from the unearthly wisps of swamp cotton out on the moss marshes during the month of March. You are able to see wild orchids and cowslips as late as summer approaches. The dragonflies, bees, and damselflies skim with a lot of colorful butterflies. In the month of August, a lot of species of moths could be seen in parks.


While a lot of the visitors that are attracted to Ireland due to the breathtaking natural beauty that is irresistible. A nice pub that has a turf fire is a great place to heat yourself up with some warm Irish coffee. A lot of the pubs have sessions of traditional music of Ireland where you are able to listen to local artists play a folk tune, rebel songs, or any other genre you can think of.

If you’re into Irish traditional music then make sure to visit Ireland during summer time as there are a lot of festivals that are being held during this time.

Below is a brief rundown of the best times to go to Ireland depending on your specific interests.

January to February

According to the Celtic calendar, wintertime is for reflection, which means this is a nice time to have a vacation and at the same time, attend workshops in order to learn new skills of crafts. The first of February is when Festival of St. Brigid is held, so you are able to make your very own St. Brigid's Cross that you can take home as your souvenir. You can check out the holy wells related with this saint and discover the places of interest to the early Christian tradition of the country. During this time, the days get longer so you may want to take short walking tours to experience the beauty of the countryside. Make sure to pack your rain gear and be ready to be stunned by the magnificence of snowdrops and the first marks of spring.

The month of January is when there’s a possibility of snow in the country so make sure to you pack properly.

March to April

Of course, March is known not only in Ireland, but also many parts of the world for St. Patrick's Day and since it is originated in Ireland, you can expect parades all over the country, particularly in major cities like Galway and Dublin.

stpattrick day

It’s also the beginning of spring, so if you’re a nature lover, you’ll definitely enjoy the blooming of nature. You will also witness migratory birds visiting many parts of the country on the way to their nesting locations. Easter time finds a lot of the places to go in Ireland welcoming the public after their winter vacation.

June to July and August

During this time, you will be spoiled with options. Summer season is a busy time for Ireland. There are traditional music festivals or festivals, plowing matches, summer shows, and a lot of other events and festivals that you will surely interested in. most of these attractions are open to the public for free. Make sure to also book your hotel early on!

music festival

September to October

The mixture of showers and beautiful Equinox light are what make September considered to be one of best times for you to check out Ireland.

Halloween is also a much-awaited time of the year. In the old tradition of Celtic, Halloween or also known as Samhain was considered to be the New Year. It’s mainly dark during this time of year and is believed to be the time when the wall between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest and weakest. So, this is the perfect time for a visit for those who want to do some ghost hunting.

November to December


These months are probably for the calmest time of the year. If you’re a solo traveler who enjoys witnessing the quotidian round, visiting Ireland during this time of the year would be perfect. You will see how most beaches will only be occupied by locals and maybe with their dogs. It’s also one of the best times for surfers will to enjoy swells. There could be days when you will experience heavy rain or dazzlingly nice sunshine. However, you will experience shorter day light. Nighttime will still offer musical and theater performances for entertainment in many towns and cities. A lot of regional theaters specify in up and coming performances, so make sure to do some research.

Ireland is a combination mystical character and historical character. This country is a wonderful landscape bursting with the natural beauty, history, and art. The palpable history and beautiful locals are enough reasons to visit this beautiful country.


As you can see, the best time to visit Ireland depends on what you are planning do when you get to Ireland. Weather in the country can be unpredictable. It might be summer but a chance of rain can still be high at times, that’s why packing some rainy seasons gears would be a smart idea.

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So, what do you think of Ireland? What do you think is the best time for you and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below and make sure to share this article to let your friends know!

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