Straightforward Ways You Can Keep Your Family Safe on Holiday

By Camille Poire | BLOG

Oct 06
straightforward ways you can keep your family safe on holiday

With more of us planning trips away than ever before, families are looking ahead to their next vacation where they can spend time together, make new memories, and discover new and interesting places.

Travelling as a family is fun no matter what age you are, but as a parent, keeping your family safe whilst overseas can make you feel as though you’re in a constant state of high alert, and concerned about what to do should something go wrong.


In reality, by planning ahead and focusing on prevention and safety, you too can fully enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of. In this post, we’ll explore some straightforward ways you can keep your family safe on holiday. Read on to find out more.

Never Travel without Travel Health Insurance

Travelling without travel health insurance in place is playing a dangerous game. We all know that planning and arranging insurance before a trip is incredibly dull and often a complete waste of time. However, having the right protection in place should something terrible happen is always an effort worth making.

By taking out a policy, you’re effectively protecting your family by giving them the best medical care and attention available in the event of an accident. It also means that the financial costs are also covered, so whether your partner needs an operation, or your child needs stitches you won’t have to worry about the financial repercussions.

If you or a family member needs to be evacuated and taken back home due to health reasons then your policy will also cover this possibility, giving you complete peace of mind. Never travel without travel health insurance!

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Plan Ahead with a First Aid Kit

keep your family safe on holiday with a first aid kit

Even the smallest of bumps, scrapes, aches, and pains can quickly spiral out of control and into something much more serious when you’re overseas. Therefore, bringing your own first aid kit can keep your family healthy and help recover quickly should someone become injured or sick.

From travel sickness tablets to hand sanitiser gel, plasters and bandages, medicines and other essential items, these little additions to your suitcase can save you a lot of trouble!

Talk to Your Children

Getting separated from mum and dad and getting lost anywhere can be frightening for a child, but when you’re overseas and in an unfamiliar place, it’s a completely different level of panic. Speaking to your children about what to do in the event of separation can potentially save their lives and get them back to you as soon as possible.

Your approach will depend on their age and level of independence. However, you could consider pointing out a landmark to meet at if you get separated. You can also write your phone number on their arm, as well as point out information centres, police stations, and where they could go to ask for help if the worst does happen. Keeping your children dressed in brightly coloured clothing can also help you keep an eye on them in busy places.

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Final Thoughts...

A little preparation can ensure you and your family can enjoy a happy and safe holiday, especially if you're travelling with young children or teenagers. Following these tips will give all family members greater peace of mind, freeing you to relax and make the most of your travel adventures.

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