Top 7 Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Kids in Europe

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Oct 04
best all inclusive resorts for kids in europe

When travelling with young kids, you want the journey to be short, the amenities accessible, and to always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Parents from North America love the convenience offered by all-inclusive vacations, and for most families, this usually means a beach getaway. Kids tend to love the beach: there's a lot to explore! From swimming in the sea to scrambling up rocks or digging holes and building sand castles, watching your children enjoy their first beach holiday can be a joy. Below is our list of our top 7 best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe you should consider for your next family getaway:


1. MarBella Corfu, Greece

MarBella Corfu, Greece

This Greek resort is new to the family vacation scene and offers very good value all-inclusive prices. It has clubs proposing a selection of water sports and other activities suitable for both young children and teens.

It doesn't get much more picturesque than the setting of this resort! It is located between the Ionian Sea, forested mountains, and emerald groves, with views going on for miles.

There are several swimming pools spread across the gardens and close to the sea. The resort also offers delicious dining experiences. From fresh seafood to traditional Greek food, your kids will have a lot of options to choose from.

2. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, Croatia

Best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, Croatia

Overlooking the glittering Adriatic Sea, Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is definitely among the best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe. Beyond its excellent selection of accommodation, it offers many land and water sports, a great spa, and a kids' club.

The resort is located between rolling hills parsed with cypress trees, and nestled in a spectacular beach location. This makes it a perfect choice for families who want to stay in a peaceful spot, yet not very far from the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik.

You can choose from a range of attractively decked 1 or 2 bedroom deluxe apartments. All units come with private verandahs and views of the ocean.

This wonderful resort offers an astonishing variety of leisure facilities, including three outdoor pools plus an indoor one, a sports club with a climbing wall, flood-lit tennis courts, a harbor for boat anchorage, water sports equipment rental, and of course, a kids' club.

3. Monte Mulini, Croatia

Monte Mulini, Croatia

We couldn't choose only one resort in Croatia, as Monte Mulini also deserves its spot on this list! This extremely modern 5-star hotel is set only yards away from the sea in a relaxing, picturesque bay near Rovinj. Its grounds are in the Zlatni Rt forest park, overlooking the stony beach of Lone Bay.

With an excellent spa, the property is perfectly appointed for many activities and day trips. It's a perfect choice for both adults and kids looking to experience a memorable European vacation. When staying at Monte Mulini, you're only a 15 minutes' walk from Rovinj. But if you simply want to stay put, you'll also find a sea-view pool compound and two fine restaurants that offer Croatian and other European meals onsite.

When you get inside, the Monte Mulini combines bold designs with traditional tastes. Bedrooms have classic furniture, flat screen televisions, and large balconies, while the bathrooms come with stone floors and fluffy robes.

4. Mazagan Beach Resort, Morocco

Best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe Mazagan Beach Resort, Morocco

The Mazagan Beach Resort is another top pick for our list of best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe. Located on the Wild West coast of Morocco, this big, swanky resort is an exceptional resort destination and an ideal choice for families with kids.

The property proposes various types of accommodation and a range of activities to suit children of all ages. The rooms offer wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the resort facilities include a golf course, a spa, a casino, 3 kids' clubs, and more. The plethora of activities on offer span horse-riding, buggies, quads, surfing, paintball, and so on.

Overlooking the inlet, the golf course, the patio and the swimming pool, and plummeting down to the sea from the walkways, the view is definitely breathtaking, giving you an 180-degree panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. Colorful Moroccan cuisine mixes with Mediterranean food in the eleven bars and restaurants spread across the whole resort.

5. Pine Cliffs, Portugal

Pine Cliffs, Portugal

The Pine Cliffs resort in the Algarve region of Portugal is located at the top of enchanted red cliffs, overlooking an excellent long sandy beach. This is an ideal place for families in need of a relaxing retreat, and will particularly suit those travelling with young children. The resort offers a great array of accommodation choices, an outstanding kid's club, tennis courts, and a 9-hole golf course.

This excellent resort occupies a really desirable location, spreading across some 72 acres of cliff tops over the fine white sands of Falésia Beach. An exciting range of sports and relaxation facilities have been considerately designed and appointed to make the most of the exceptional sea views and to allow guests to enjoy the naturally attractive landscape at all times.

Entirely worthy of its 5-star reputation, the Pine Cliffs resort offers first-class services and wonderful accommodation, with activities to fit the needs of both young and adult guests.

6. Abama Golf & Spa Resort, Spain

Abama Golf & Spa Resort, Spain one of the best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe

The Abama Golf & Spa Resort in Guia de Isora Tenerife is a lavish 5-star resort located in an unspoiled part of Spain. It excellent range of activities for families includes tennis courts, a golf course, a spa and wellness center, and an excellent kids' club with eight different zones.

This is a private resort in the high-class Tenerife region, the largest of the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands. Recognized all over the world as the Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife enjoys more sunlight than any other part of the country. The Abama Golf and Spa Resort is strategically located along a private cliff top area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to benefit from this exceptional weather.

Its stacked-block construction is key to the experience, as the resort has been designed to integrate the natural splendor of the setting. Earth-colored walls, volcanic scenery, and water features create a sensation of comfort and relaxation. The spa facilities of the hotel are top notch, integrating Thailand's well-known traditions with London's modern design elements.

From the world-class golf course, you can enjoy the remarkable sight of lush palm trees against the sparkling blue ocean. There are also many activities available for kids of any age.

7. Iberotel Apulia Hotel, Italy

Iberotel Apulia Hotel, Italy

The last resort to conclude our list of the 7 best all-inclusive resort for kids in Europe is the Iberotel Apulia Hotel, at the southernmost tip of Puglia, Italy. This ritzy, all-inclusive resort has a series of low-rise housing sprinkled in emerald groves just a short walk to the sea pine forest. It is set some 3.5 miles from the national park of Ugento, and about 5 miles from the 16th-century coastline towers of Torre Pali.

Despite the close proximity of these attractions, you might be tempted not to leave the main campus of Iberotel! There are different pools for toddlers, kids, and adults, with even an adults-only pool at the relaxing spa.


The resort also offers a nice kids' club that accepts children aged four and above. The delicious and varied buffet food might mean that you'll be happy to just relax onsite for a week, alternating between naps on loungers and soaking up the sun at the beach.

There is also a fitness center, a golf course, and tennis courts. And once the kids are in bed, parents can enjoy the nightlife in the region.

Nothing can beat the pleasure of a family vacation that comes together in a simple, affordable, all-inclusive bundle, and most importantly, pleases every member of the family! These all-inclusive sunny resorts in Europe offer the ease of a one-off payment for various services like airfare, accommodations, activities, meals, and transfers if you choose to make a booking with add-ons. This will allow you to actually save some time and expenses on your trip.

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Hopefully, our list of best all-inclusive resorts for kids in Europe has helped you decide where to go on your next trip. Do you have any favorite resorts for kids in Europe we didn't mention? Tell us in a comment below!

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