7 Ways to Ensure Safety While Travelling

By Camille Poire | BLOG

Oct 24
ways to ensure safety while travelling

It is true that traveling rejuvenates the soul. The thrill of exploring an exotic destination alone or with loved ones is an overwhelming feeling: one that can fuel you up for months of monotonous work. While it’s true that traveling is pleasurable, it exposes you to a host of security threats as well.

Tourists can be naïve when they go to an unexplored place. There is a range of security lapses that leave a person vulnerable, and taking care of these is extremely important to make sure that a trip does not turn into an agonizing mishap. If you have planned a tour in the upcoming near future and are worried about security considerations, then these tips will help you to ensure your safety while travelling so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Research Extensively Beforehand

In the age of the internet, a person can access all sorts of information about a location with just a click. You should utilize this luxury to your advantage and get to know your destination virtually. A wide range of travel blogs can help you get basic information about a place, such as its traveling routes, hotels, dining options, and adventure spots.

Researching serves a purpose. First, it equips you with a foundational knowledge of the place, its people, and culture. This allows you to prepare according to the locational context and indulge fully. Second, it also allows you to read different reviews. Naturally, some of these may be negative, such as reports of unsafe neighborhoods, or mugging incidents. Reading this information will give you the prerequisite knowledge to take safety measures before travelling, such as who to call in an emergency.

travel research

Avoid Acting Like a Naïve Tourist

This is a natural social law: good and bad people exist everywhere, and that will be the case in the destination you are traveling to as well. The first line of defense against people who may have bad intentions is how you behave. An important rule is that you should try not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Try to blend into the culture and local population as much as you can, and do not go overboard with pictures and typical tourist stuff. This will attract criminals towards you who will want to exploit you for your naivete.

Also, when roaming bustling streets, do not carry valuables with you. Frequent travelers recommend going to a new destination with the best travel safe so that you can securely lock all your valuables in a hotel room. Even if housekeeping comes in to clean your room, your expensive valuables will be secure. 

Stay Clear of Public WiFi

This might sound really difficult to pull off, but the shared internet unleashes a terrifying wave of hackers who are looking to steal your credentials, such as your social security number or credit card information.

Before traveling, get in touch with your service provider to see if you could get roaming data connectivity, or make other connectivity arrangements with local service providers when you land at the airport. Do not let the convenience of consuming free internet cloud your safety judgment.

Bring Adequate Clothing

Well, if you are looking to travel to a new place, you need to pack adequate clothing that can help you sustain the likely weather conditions. You need to be especially aware of the expected temperatures and get the right clothing sorted before you travel to your destination.

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You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to the local weather conditions. The first rule of safety is to take good care of your health and your body. Your enjoyment of your trip and ability to take part in your desired activities on your travels are dependent on it.

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Be Mindful of the Food and Water Quality

When you travel to a new place, you might come across new brands and foods that you haven’t encountered before. Especially when you travel to far-reaching mountains or holiday places, you will find that familiar food and water brands are not available locally.

Just make sure that you consume quality products. Poor water and food standards can cause your stomach or body to get upset. It will disturb your whole travel journey, so it is better to avoid untrusted goods.

Avoid Lingering at Night in Unknown Places

If you are far away from city lights or staying in a quieter place known for being a bit rough, then you definitely should aim not to stray too far from where you are staying once night falls. While you might have adventurous instincts to go for a long walk at night and to explore mysterious places, it can prove unsafe. You can do this in the early morning instead, and avoid neighborhoods with a dangerous reputation completely.

Always stay close to your group, and don’t let yourself land in an uncertain place that can be quite dangerous at night time due to limited visibility and a lack of surveillance.

Children and Women Should Apply Extra Caution

ensure womens safety while travelling

The first line of threat while traveling is faced by women and children. You might feel strong and confident enough to move around places, but the unfortunate truth is that women and children are regarded as easier targets and are more likely catch the attention of criminals. For this reason, they and their family members need to be extra alert to ensure their protection.

You may even want to learn basic self-defense techniques and teach your family members to adopt an informed, cautious attitude.


Travelling can only serve its purpose as long as you feel secure. Moving to an unknown place is always a safety hazard, so it is essential that you invest in your security. While no one should stop you from visiting new places and experiencing the fun of exploration, there is a dire need that you ensure there is no risk to your life and belongings.

With the tips identified above, you can counter the most recurring security lapses and have a fool-proof trip full of entertainment, thrill, and comfort. It is always advisable to inculcate these tips and self-defense strategies to all the members traveling so that there is no loophole.

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