8 Fantastic Spring Break Ideas for Teenagers


Dec 22

It has been a tradition, especially for most teenagers, to do something fun and memorable during spring break. For many teens, spring break perhaps the first time they’re going on a vacation without their parents. If you’re a teenage student who has studied hard the whole school year, then you definitely deserve a fun spring break. There are many activities you may want to consider doing during this time of the year. So, to help you sort out your options easier, we listed down some of the best spring break ideas for teenagers you may want to consider.


1. Hit the Beaches

the beach

Spending spring break at the beach is, of course, the most common and popular activists among teens and college student during this time of the year. However, if you want to skip the traditional locations like Mexico and Florida to escape too crowded location and spend more quality time with your friends, there are other getaways you may want to consider. Instead, spend your spring break on surfing seats like Santa Monica and Santa Cruz in California. Alternatively, you can go to the Midwest and take a trip to a cabin along the shorelines of Lake Michigan. Actually, because it is the off-season, there are discounts you can acquire. Moving to the East Coast, you are able to find warm weather at Myrtle Beach in Virginia Beach in Virginia and South Carolina.

2. Have a Relaxation Retreat

If you want to spend your spring break in a more relaxing manner, there’s something good for you. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to have some relaxation retreat after months of stressful school work? Consider this break as your R&R. you will be able to find a lot of locations where you can relax and take a breath. There are several yoga groups that organize trips for yoga retreats throughout this time of the year. Otherwise, you can set up your own either with your family or friends! Another spring break idea for teenagers is a spa getaway like locations The Spa at Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania and Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.


3. Be a Volunteer Trip

Do you want something unique, fun, and will help make a change to the world? This is one of few spring break ideas for teenagers that many people overlook. It is not hard to find a cool volunteer trip suitable for you! While helping your community, you can also learn new skills, make new friends, and build your résumé at the same time. But, above all, you can take this time to discover your real passions.

4. Go On a Road Trip

There are many spring break ideas for teenagers, and going on a road trip is another common activity teens can do. It is fun and doesn't really require too much money. Ask your good friends, set up a good playlist, and plan for your stops! You can stop at the best attractions and events on the way.

road trip

5. Be a Local Tourist

If you don’t have gas money to fund your road trip, there is another alternative you may want to do. You can explore your own town and be a tourist! We are sure that there are a lot of cool things that you’ve never experienced even though you have lived there most of your life. Browse through your local visitor center online for activities you can do, and places you can discover.

6. Attend Music Festivals

There is a lot of annual music festivals occur during spring, so if you still don’t have an idea what to do for your spring vacation, then this would be a great option. In the month of March, you are able to attend the legendary South by Southwest or SXSW in Austin, Texas. It is a hybrid of a music festival and a tech conference, which makes it a perfect event for the geeky-cool teens. Another festival that is probably the most famous is the indie-music festival called Coachella, in a little vale in Southern California. The New Orleans Jazz Festival carries a diverse set of modern pop stars together with jazz artists, on top of that, it is held in one of the country’s best vacation destinations.

music fesival

7. Have Fun at Amusement Parks

Going to an amusement park for spring break is perfect for teens who want to spend quality time with their family. Disneyland and Disney World are definitely some of the common choices but do not overlook smaller amusement parks, aside from the fact that they are normally cheaper, they are also less crowded.

8. Explore Cities

Another solid spring break option for teens is to visit a major metropolis and have a week-long urban adventure. Use your spring break time to explore cities like New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.

There is a lot to see and discover while in the city. Go to the famous attractions in the city or go to restaurants and try some unique food they offer. There are only eight of spring break ideas for teenagers you can consider and there’s definitely more. But aside from thinking the best spring break ideas for teens, safety should also be a priority. We want to encourage prioritizing safety and keeping healthy choices throughout your spring break. The great majority of teens will explore during spring break; they’ll go back home in one piece, but it is not uncommon that many students fall victim to robbery, date rape, alcohol poisoning, assault, and even murder. 


Research shows that most of these cases involve alcohol or drug abuse. To help you not victimize of these incidents, here are some tips you must always keep in mind.

Tip #1: Have Buddy System

This just means having a good circle of friends. It is also a good idea to have friends with you when going to a place you are not familiar with. Spring breakers are normally targets for local menaces to take advantage of, particularly because most college students feel invulnerable especially when they are alone. So, always make sure not to be alone, as much as possible. 

Tip #2: Avoid Drinking at All Cost

If possible, try not to drink. In the US, the legal age for drinking is 21, so if you are an American, don’t even try! Keep in mind that you can always have fun even without alcohol or drugs. As mentioned earlier, most crime-related incidents that happen during spring break involve alcohol and drugs, so do your parents and yourself a favor and be a good teenager.

on the road

Tip #3: Watch your Drinks

Unfortunately, ladies should be more vigilant when in a party or crowded places with strangers. No matter what you are drinking, don’t leave it out of your sight. There are cases where men put ‘date rape drug’ into ladies’ drink until they lose consciousness and they take advantage of them.

Tip #4: Protect Yourself from the Sun

Having your skin burnt from the sun break a supposedly fun getaway. So, it seems minor, but it is important for you to have your sunscreen all the time to protect your skin from raging ray of the sun. It is also wise to drink plenty of water all the time as it is going to keep you hydrated.

Tip # 5: Pick a Hotel with a Safe Box

It is important to choose a hotel that offers a safe box to their guest. Luckily, most hotels today have them and if not, you can request them when you pre-book your room. In the safe, you can put all your important travel documents like passport along with other important belongings like credit cards, jewelry, and money.


Tip #6: Know Some Basic Self-Defense

Knowing how you can defend yourself when an unforeseen attack takes place would be an important thing. There are short self-defense classes you can attend to learn the basics. You could also consider mixed martial arts classes. If you didn’t have time for this, then make sure to have a pepper spray with you at all time.

The ritual of celebrating spring break has been relished by many adventurous teenagers for generations and this happens only once a year. That’s why it is important to choose an activity that will surely make your spring break memorable. Hopefully, this list of spring breaks ideas for teenagers along with the tips on how to keep yourself safe help you make your trip unforgettable. Do you know any other spring break ideas for teenagers that we should have added to this list? 

Do you know any destinations or events that are worth checking out during this time of the year? Let us know in the comment below!

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