6 Best Places to Travel with Friends in 2022


Jan 22
best places to travel with friends

I always say how amazing it is to travel alone. However, I must admit that there have been times I wished I was with a good company. There’s no doubt that having friends with you is a different experience compared to traveling on your own. I can’t really tell if it’s for better or for worse, but traveling with others definitely a lot different from traveling alone. But what really influences your overall experience is the destination you choose. By knowing the best places to travel with friends, there are more chances that you’ll have one of the best times of your life.


Top Destinations for Traveling with Friends

I listed down some of the best destinations that I think best explored with a good set of company. Check it out to have an idea what to look forward to with your BFFs. 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


The first place in our list of the best places to travel with friends is, Amsterdam. This place could be a great destination not only for the bars, coffee shops, and discos you can visit, but also for its exceptional cultural and culinary scene.
This place also has a lot to offer: you can enjoy a bicycle ride, go for a boat ride through the canals in the city, and try out some of the world’s best beer in the well-known bars.

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Party haven for friends who want to party is Carnival, which is based in Rio de Janeiro. Most time of the year, city locals open up the place for partying tourists. 


Another thing you would love about being in Rio with your friends is how every road may lead to a beach or nightclub. You can find the classics such as the Copacabana and Ipanema, but there are other venues that are becoming more popular.

After enjoying the beach under the sun, you can enjoy dancing, drinking, or just people watching. Rio is definitely one of the best places for friends looking for perfect holiday destinations. 

3. Bangkok, Thailand


Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, Thailand is a great destination for those who are looking to have fun. 

With the cheap appeal of picturesque beaches, an exciting nightlife, and one-of-a-kind adventures, it feels like not living out your fantasies in The Land of Smiles is a sin. So, whether you are planning a travel or bachelor or bachelorette trip, a shopping expedition, or a beach trip, there will be no dull moment in this city, especially with friends.

4. Ibiza, Spain


Another place that is a good destination if you are looking for a summer destination is Ibiza. This is an island getaway with a combination of world culture including sport, religion, and of course delicious food.

You will enjoy the very bright blue Mediterranean Sea, and of course, the sunny weather that occurs almost all year round. When it comes to social activities, there are endless water activities for you to enjoy. This is definitely an amazing place for every group of friends.

5. Cancun, Mexico


This city is evidently a popular spring break getaway, which makes it a perfect getaway for a group of friends who want to party. On top of the fact that it offers very affordable options for those on a budget – from the dinner plate, cabana, public transport, beach chair rental, fishing charter, and a bottle of tequila. This means there’s no reason or you to slack around and do nothing. 

If you had enough of partying, then you can go hiking in the Yucatan inland and camp around the Chichen Itza Pyramid, and then party at a beach rave for the rest of the trip.

6. New York City, New York

new york

The city that never sleeps, New York City, is an exhilarating travel destination for friends who like the idea of in experiencing a fast-paced life. You’ll all surely fall in love with the soaring multistory buildings that will make you want to see more and more with growing awe.

And while this city is known for its modernity, it can take you back to the past with its wonderful historical places when the nobles ruled the city. This city is also a home to many restaurants, museums, theaters, attractions, and other interesting things to do. 

Tips To Remember When Traveling With Friends

Traveling with your friends is definitely one of the best memories you could have. But to make sure that you could avoid as much as hassles as possible, here are some tips you may want to follow.

Have a Thorough Conversation with Them


Having a conversation with your friends is very important before you start your trip. In terms of traveling with a group of friends, the planning part is probably the trickiest part. Since putting everyone on the same page is not the easiest thing to do, making an effort to have a conversation with your friends would be a little bit of hard work.

However, again, it’s very important. With this, you would hear everyone’s voice. Planning a trip that would make everyone happy is easier!

Create Musts List


By listing down some of the things you must see and you must do, you can make sure that you will make the most of your trip. Again, make sure to ask each one of your friends about what they are looking forward to seeing and doing once they get to the destination. It is not going to be surprised if there are different preferences, so, make sure to let each other know what they like so everyone can compromise. 

Make Sure to Always Have Backup Plan


The most difficult part of traveling as a group is that you could never be sure of what may happen during your trip. Because there will be multiple people, changing plan all of a sudden is quite tricky.

That’s why having a backup plan is very important to make sure that you’ll have a successful trip! Doing this will help you keep the quality of your trip. Otherwise, all of you may end up feeling disappointed.

Consider Getting a Service of a Travel Agency

No matter how experienced you are when it comes to traveling, traveling with a group can still be quite overwhelming for anyone. So, sometimes, you just have to ask for help. Hiring a professional travel tour agency or planner can help you.


By using any of these special travel services, you’d get a reality check of what you would expect, how much you may spend, and how much time you will have on each destination. But one of the thing things about hiring their service is that they can help you find the best deals on flights and tours there are. This means that you can save a lot more money.

Follow the Money

Every person surely paid good money and deserves the best of what they paid for. Monitor your shared expenses. Make it a must that if ever someone borrows money from the other, they must repay them right away if there is a chance. Do not be afraid to remind them that you owe them, and they shouldn’t be either. Finances are a very sensitive topic and can even make or break the trip. That’s why it’s always a good idea that you talk about it as open as possible.


Even though it might sound quite overwhelming – especially for the ones who are very used to traveling alone – to travel with friends, one could always turn it to an amazing experience. In fact, many who had experienced it would be so much willing to do it again and again.

As long as you know the best places to travel with friends and follow the tips mentioned above, I’m pretty sure you’d have a great time! If you find this helpful, you can return the favor by sharing this article on your social media and tag your friends and convince them to start planning your next trip! If you have suggestions on other places we should add here, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment below!

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