Is It Safe Traveling To Thailand Alone? Let’s Find Out!

By Alice Ross | ASIA

Apr 19
Traveling to Thailand alone

You probably want to visit Thailand but no one wants to go with you or you just really want to experience traveling alone, that's why you are looking for information about traveling to Thailand alone. Traveling alone is not everyone's cup of tea, but some prefer this over traveling in a group – both have their pros and cons.


For me personally, I prefer traveling alone than in group... but I would be a hypocrite if I wouldn't admit that sometimes, traveling with a person or two would be better. What I noticed, however, is that, my yearning for a travel buddy usually depends on where I am planning to go. This is something I never felt traveling to Thailand.

Actually, it's almost impossible to feel like you are alone when there as you are guaranteed to meet people especially if you are backpacking.

But how is Thailand when it comes to the safety of solo travelers?

solo travel

To give you a straight answer, Thailand is definitely a safe country to travel for either group or solo travelers.

Meeting people while in Thailand is as easy as ABC. Actually, if you are traveling alone, you will have more opportunity to meet people. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for those who are looking for cheap travel getaway and tropical beaches, so you can expect a lot of people traveling there.

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Thailand is nicknamed "The Land of Smiles" for a reason – Thai people are some of the friendliest and most accommodating people you will meet in the world. On top of this, communicating with the locals wouldn't be difficult as most of them know how to speak English.

However, you have to keep in mind that traveling in Thailand isn't always rainbows and butterflies; there are some important things you have to be aware of to make sure your trip is going to be fun and memorable especially if you are alone.

General Precautions for Your Safety When Traveling To Thailand Alone

Again, it's not at all dangerous to travel to Thailand; however, there are several minor frustrations which are quite common in some locations in the country particularly in Bangkok.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

tuk tuk
  • Riding tuk-tuks - The drivers of these motor-powered, three-wheeled taxis are infamous for their tourist scams in big cities. Initially, the driver would offer to take you on a city tour for 20 baht, they then will instead take you from a commissioned location to another (for example, on a tailor shop or souvenir shop.) If you're traveling by tuk-tuk, don't forget to negotiate the price beforehand and to agree on where he will really take you.
  • Riding taxis - As much as possible, use only the metered ones which are very common in the cities. In small towns where metered taxis are not very common, make sure to negotiate.
thai money
  • Money and valuables - Always make sure that you keep your important belongings in a safe place, either with you or at the hotel safe. Never let your important belongings lying around your room when you're gone.
  • Gems - It's common to see jewelry vendors around Thailand. Many of them sell them for really cheap price. But don't get fooled because if it seems too good to be true, then it is not true!
  • Insurance - Before you travel to Thailand, it is important to make sure you've taken out appropriate travel and medical insurance, which includes additional cover for any expensive or luxury items.

Medical Information

  • Immunization - There are no required immunizations before you are allowed to travel in Thailand, however a lot of people choose to vaccinate against specific diseases. Consult your doctor before traveling to Thailand alone.
  • Medical Supplies and First Aid Kit - Especially if you are traveling alone, it's wise to travel with a basic first aid kit, which includes any personal medication, antiseptic, painkillers, insect repellent, an infrared thermometer (thermometer comparison list by Survivalmag), and plasters.
  • Medical Treatment - Luckily, there are a lot of pharmacies all over the country that sell different medical drugs and treatments without showing the prescription. However, it's recommended that you ask for medical advice from your doctor for what treatment you can get. Many hospitals perform treatments on minor concerns for very affordable price.
  • Insect-borne Diseases - There are species of mosquitos in Thailand that carry the dengue fever and malaria diseases. Symptoms of these diseases include: fever, body aches, chills, and nausea.
  • In order avoid being bitten by mosquitos, it is a good idea wear long sleeved in forest areas, light colored clothing, particularly during dusk and dawn, spray abundantly with insect repellent and use mosquito nets and mosquito coils when possible. You can take anti-malarial medication, but it is not necessary.
  • There are travelers who choose take it, while many don't. If you are still undecided, you may consult your medical practitioner before leaving on a holiday.
  • Cuts & bites - Because of the high humidity in Thailand, bites and small cuts may take longer to heal and can easily become infested. It is better to treat bites and cuts using antiseptic cream and make sure you keep them clean all the time. If you are scared of getting infected, you can always seek medical treatment.
  • Stomach upsets - Diarrhoea is another common complaint about those who are traveling to Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  • In order for you to prevent diarrhea and other serious stomach complaints, make sure to always drink plenty of water, avoid eating reheated food, and always exercise caution when you eat food from street vendors.
  • In order to treat diarrhea, drink a lot of water with rehydration salts. Anti-diarrhea medications are eagerly available all over the country. If you feel like you are experiencing something more serious than just diarrhea, make sure to consult an expert.
  • Drinking water - If possible, do not drink water from the tap. Bottled water is easily available all over the country. It is a good idea to bring drinking bottle with you and get it refilled from hotel water stations where you can make sure they are clean. It may not easy to find them all over the country, so make sure to ask first!

Political and Social Situation in Thailand

Make sure to always take a look at local official government's website or call them directly for current and the latest details on their recommendations for traveling to Thailand alone.


Thai law disallows the sale, purchase, or possession of different drugs such as marijuana, opium, heroin, and other 'hard' drugs. Even though they are widely in use in the country, there are harsh penalties that come with it, which include execution and life imprisonment.

Women travelers

woman travel

If you are traveling to Thailand alone as female travelers, you have nothing to worry about being harassed here. But it is worth to inform other people about your whereabouts.

For most people, traveling to Thailand alone is nothing but fun and exciting! If you are still not sure whether you should do it or not, choosing the latter makes you lose a lot!

Do you have any other tips about traveling to Thailand as a solo traveler? Make sure to share it in the comment below!

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