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Mar 20
bus from sao paulo to rio

I know you're here to know how you can take the bus from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, but first, let's see the difference of two South American cities from each other.

Let's be honest, if you were asked to name two cities in Brazil, these two are probably the first ones that will pop up of your mind. This is quite understandable.


When you compare these two famous and most visited Brazilian cities, there's a common cliché that Rio de Janeiro is Los Angeles and São Paulo is New York of Brazil. This is quite true, particularly when it comes to the difference between the people from the Rio de Janeiro or Cariocas and the residents of São Paulo or Paulistas. Let's look deeper into the two cities…

Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro

Probably a bit more popular, Rio de Janeiro city offers spectacular sights, rolling highlands, and gorgeous beaches. Additionally, you will find one of the 7 Wonders of the World here!

However, expect to encounter a lot more tourists here. Astonishingly, Rio can keep its appeal in spite of the herds of visitors that visit every year and is known for its pleasant and easygoing lifestyle.

São Paolo

Sao Paolo

The biggest city in South America, São Paolo will make you experience Brazilian's city life, which is not the same as other cities in the world. You may be bounded by a concrete jungle, but at the same time, you will experience an interesting combination of European and contemporary architecture. And do not forget the culture of the country, with a trendy art scene, nice hangout spots, and more than a hundred different museums to visit.

The two countries are different; however, the closer you look at it, it only gives you more reasons as to why you have to visit the country. Rio de Janeiro is also an important business center, while São Paulo, on the other hand, definitely has something to offer to everyone. One thing is for sure, though, both of these cities are definitely worth visiting.

The Distance between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Now, let's get to the distance between the two cities.


Rio de Janeiro is (-22.9028,-43.2075) coordinates

Sao Paulo is (-23.5475,-46.6361) coordinates


431 km

Getting Between Two Cities

travel by plane

There are limited ways to get to Rio from Sao Paulo, which include flying by plane, riding the bus, and hitchhiking.

Flying takes 1 and 30 minutes. It's definitely the fastest way to go to Rio de Janeiro from Sao Paulo. However, unless you know the best method to find cheapest flights, it can also be the most expensive way to do so. Hitchhiking is the cheapest way, as it can be free; however, it's not the most reliable way.

Luckily, the bus is there to save the trip. Although it is a 6-hour trip, the bus has to be the most reliable way to travel from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, especially if you are on a budget as it is also the cheapest way. Furthermore, if you choose to ride the bus, you'll have the chance to see the beautiful parts of the two cities on top of the beautiful countryside during your trip.

Bus from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

travel by bus

Basically, there are 3 types of buses from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro: a normal bus with A/C, bed bus, and executive bus. Bed bus is the most expensive choice which costs around $50 while the normal bus, on the other hand, costs about $30.

The best thing about the bus from Sao Paulo to Rio is that you can find transportation between these two destinations whether daytime or nighttime.

Again, the bus ride between the two cities takes roughly 6 hours. Because of the good condition of the road, you will be able to have the opportunity to rest throughout the duration of the trip. Although there are flights between two cities on a regular basis, traveling by bus is preferred by a lot of people for its cheaper price, it is also simple and comfortable.

bus station

There are quite many bus companies that offer a bus from Sao Paulo to Rio direct route, and each of these companies comes from Sao Paulo's main bus terminal called Terminal Rodoviário Tietê, and arrive at Rio's main bus terminal called Terminal Rodoviário Novo Rio.

Here are the companies that travel from Sao Paulo to Rio vice versa:

  • Expresso Brasileiro
  • Itapemirim
  • Viacao 1001
  • Expresso do Sul

Types of buses you can choose on this route:

  • Leito - Full recline bed
  • Leito DD - Full recline bed on a double decker bus
  • Executivo DD - Semi full recline on a double decker bus
  • Executivo / Goldern - Semi full recline
  • Convencional - Half recline bed

Most of these buses stop at least throughout the duration of the trip for some snacks and to be able to stretch the legs during the long trip. Most of the travel is done on a highway and there's some that are extraordinary on the road. Because the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are very different from each other, a fascinating scenery ensues when leaving or arriving in each area.

bus stop

Keep in mind that it's important to arrive at the Tiete Terminal at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure as you'll have to get your ticket at the ticket desk of your selected company; there, they'll also tell you which is the boarding type for this specific trip.

It is a good idea to take something to eat and drink as you will not find any snack and drink on board and there are some buses that don't stop at all. Also, don't forget to bring a coat or jacket with you as some bus put the A/C on super low temperature.

So, which transportation would you rather take when you travel from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro? Share your answer below!

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