What Is The Weather Like In Malaga In April? Let’s Find Out!

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Feb 24
what is the weather like in malaga in april

The city of Malaga is situated in the southern part of Spain in the famous region of Costa del Sol. It's a famous destination as there's a lot of things to see and do here. Just like any other famous tropical destinations in the world, summertime is the busiest time of the year in Malaga.

Generally, the summer season is hot and you'll experience mild temperature during the winter, which makes the city a perfect place to visit any time of the year.


What Is The Weather Like In Malaga In April?

But what if you are planning to visit the city in April? What is the weather like in Malaga in April? Let's find out below…

Weather in April

weather in malaga

The temperature in Malaga is high during the month of April with an average day temperature of 68°F and an average temperature of 50°F during the night. The rising level of temperature during this month tends to be weakened its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea, as the drift in water temperature of the sea tends to break the temperature of land thus gradually giving a cooling effect.

This could lead to problems with low visibility and, from time to time, sea fog. Because of the fact that the sea winds tend to get stronger as afternoon comes, the highest temperature of the day can be experienced during the morning as well as evening.

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When visiting Malaga during April, you should also expect occasional rainfall as this is the last month of the year when rainfall normally occurs, which sometimes can be really heavy. Prepare yourself to experience sharp showers that appear usually in the afternoon and followed up by clear, sunny mornings.

The month of April is a mostly a sunny month. The usual comparative humidity carries on dropping during this time of the year, accompanied by meaner sunshine as well as rainfall. The average temperature of the sea water holdups the warming trend on the land and norms only 63°F, which is too cold to swim, so it's not really the best time of the year to do water-related activities.
Activities in April

Activities in April

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Even though it's not the best time to do water activities, the month of April is a good time of year to check out other attractions in the city such as the La Concepcion botanical gardens located at Carretera de las Pedrizas.

These gardens will introduce you various type of plants and trees, and features some of Europe's biggest tropical plant gardens, along with some satisfying walks. Wisteria Walk is one of these, an arcaded area made by wisterias that overshadow a lattice, and it's mainly remarkable during this time year, as it is when flowers bloom.

The Canarian Palm Tree Walk will lead you to a viewpoint where you can have are some majestic views of the entire city. Here you can also find the highest trees in the area called Monkey Puzzle Tree, which is roughly 45 meters in high.

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Although we wouldn't recommend you swimming at the beach as it tends to be cooler during the month of April, it is still definitely one of the best times to relax and enjoy peace at the beach. You can do fishing the seafront of The Banos del Carmen beach.

There is also a golf club that is located around the area of San Julian Beach where you can spend your afternoon. By spending your time here, you will get to experience how recreation nature could bring.

Overall Weather Condition in Malaga

Mediterranean Sea

Since Malaga is located in the vicinity of Mediterranean Sea and is not too far from the coastal area of North Africa, you'll find that the weather in Malaga is both mild and pleasant. Due to this, Malaga averagely boasts around 320 hours of sunshine every year and the common temperature for this Spanish region is approximately 70°F. However, the temperatures go up when the months of July and August arrive.

For the reason that Malaga experiences a great amount of sunshine most of the year, the temperature of the sea in the region normally plays at around 64°F and goes up to about 75°F when the month of August comes.

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However, when the autumn and winter seasons come, don't expect too much cool weather as the normal temperatures only play between 60°F and 66°F during these seasons and it's for the reason that the mountain ranges the surround Malaga cover it from the cold breeze coming from the north. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the main rainfall takes place in Malaga throughout the autumn and winter months.

When you visit Malaga at whatever time of the year, you'll see that it experiences a pleasing Mediterranean temperature most time of the year and definitely perfect hot days ideal for water-related activities. Also, as it's located on the coast and is protected by the hilly terrain, it guarantees that the weather conditions during the winter season are extremely mild compared to the most part of the north where you can experience very harsh weather.

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However, it's important to keep in mind that in the month of April, May, and October, patchy rain showers can take place and this sequentially makes the weather condition in Malaga a little capricious.

Every time you visit Malaga during the summer season, it's important that you pack enough comfortable clothes to wear as the temperatures throughout this time of the year can get well up to 86°F. But as the level of humidity is low, the heat you will experience in this part of Spain is pleasant and not sticky or hot at all.

But then again, we would recommend for you to also pack a lightweight jacket and some pants since the evenings can be a bit colder. So, as you can imagine from above, Malaga's weather doesn't really differ from month to month except that the temperatures are usually lower during the winter season.

So, would you still visit this place now that you already know what is the weather like in Malaga in April? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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