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Jun 25
one week vacation ideas europe

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to explore and experience Europe. This continent has a rich diverse history that we can consider underrated. Give yourself a chance to explore and experience some of the most fascinating parts of human history as you tour from countries to countries. Every country in Europe has its own distinctive history of dissimilar ethnic groups everyone would be interested to know more about.


Europe definitely offers a different feel and experience for everyone. It’s always a better idea to go and be exposed to different kinds of people and cultures, which you will find when you travel to Europe.

Europe is a made of different countries nearly located next to one another. As a matter of fact, it is very convenient to travel from countries to countries via land transport. Most countries in Europe like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland are located next to each other, so traveling to multiple countries even if you have limited time would be possible.


Europe is filled with rich history, which is why it’s a place every one should visit. You have to keep in mind that before America became a powerful country, countries like France were also very powerful. You will also find many landmarks and places you can explore which many European cities can offer. Your vacation will surely be fascinating if you explore new places and different culture.

Travelers from different parts of the world prefer visiting different places within limited time; through that, they can make the most of their time while in Europe. Preferably, they prefer seeing and experiencing places that are renowned across all over the world.

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However, if you have limited time to visit these places, you may miss some of the best ones you can have. So, to help you make the most of your trip, we give you one week vacation ideas Europe. At present, most vacation tour deals in Europe majorly concentrate on these trips. Some vacation ideas you can include on your trip are the following:

1. Jungfraujoch from Zurich


A trip to this destination would be a magical experience, as the train goes through the beauty of Alpine could unknot the wonder that nature blessed us with. The moment you reach your destination, there’s not lack of things that you can do. While snow activites such as skiing and snowman making are the most sights for you, you can go to the Sphinx Observation Terrace or the Ice palace facing longest glacier of Europe – The Aletsch.

2. Naples and Pompeii from Rome


Without a doubt, a historical tour is something you wouldn’t want to miss when in Rome. If you want to go back to history and at the same time, take you on a roller coaster ride is a trip to Herculaneum and Pompeii – these are cities that were devastated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

A whole day trip will take you on a trip throughout the Highway of the Sun, Abbey of Monte Cassino ruins, which were wrecked during World War II, as well as the striking old-fashioned villages that are dotted along the route.


There are also other points of interests you shouldn’t miss like the San Carlo Opera House, Royal Palace, Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, the Castel Nuovo, as well as Gallery of Umberto.

However, the valley of Mount Vesuvius is the center of attraction if you are planning to get a guided tour to the buried towns of Herculaneum or Ercolano, Torre Annunziata, and Torre del Greco, and take advantage of the last moments of the time before the towns were entirely concealed by ash. The everyday life and the tools, clothes used by people who live here is noticeably evident in the prudently well-maintained objects here.

3. Versailles from Paris


Taking a trip to palaces and castles of Versailles takes you the memorable joy of experiencing the city royalty. The Palace of Versailles is another fascinating place to see, it is just located right from Louis XIV's room suit, the Grand Hall of Mirrors and the apartments of Dauphin and Dauphine.

Several points of attraction you don’t want to miss are the Gallery of Battles, the Queen's Bedroom, the Queen's Hamlet, and the palace gardens. The Grand Trianon, which is a small palace solitary where the king liked to spend his precious time while he is in Versailles.

Planning Your Trip for One Week Vacation Ideas Europe


If you plan your trip to Europe early enough, you can make out of every cent you will spend on the trip, what more, you can save money. It’s possible for you to take a delightful trip to Europe on a short budget and still have the best time of your life. Make sure to consider these one week vacation ideas Europe when you plan your trip.

Planning a Euro-trip can be really challenging, particularly that there are a lot of places to go to this beautiful continent. So, the most important thing you have to do is to plan, depending on how much your budget is, your preference, length of stay, and a lot more.

It is not hard to search for the best holiday packages Europe or cheap flights that will fit your budget and your personal preference. Below are some helpful tips that will help you how to plan your trip.

Plan Your Destination


Like mentioned above, some of the most in Europe cities in Europe include Paris, London, Prague, Madrid, and Rome, they can also be accessed via land transport. They might not be very affordable; however, they can offer you awareness into the historical and the cultural assortment of the continent. While London will provide you with some royalty experience, Rome can bring you back to the past, and Paris can give you some of the best artworks of the world.

Whichever cities you choose to go to, you have to know that it is very important to decide where to go beforehand. Yes, a spontaneous trip is sometimes an exciting approach when traveling, but if you have limited time and budget, it is important that you have an idea where to go.

Where are you can fly to and from back home? How long would it take for you to get to the next city of destination? How long are you going to stay? Make sure to answer these important questions and you will thank yourself for doing this favor.



It’s fairly obvious that when you visit an unfamiliar place, you’d be anxious about where to stay regardless of knowing the fact that there are different options in the one-week vacation ideas Europe listed above. Some of the important things you must consider are the locations of accommodation and the rate.

So, it’s best to hire an international travel agent and take his help to book rooms, while keeping your budget in mind. It is not hard to find resources online. Many third-party websites offer discounts and easy payment methods that will make transactions easier. Europe also offers a lot of different types of accommodations that will suit your budget and preference. You can stay at an inclusive resort or mid-range hotel, a fancy villa or apartment, a private hotel or affordable hostels. The choice is yours!


As you can see, planning for a holiday in Europe for a week is not that hard. You can choose one or more plans to add to your travel itinerary for you to make the most of your short trip in Europe. However, it requires a lot of planning and research.

Have you decided yet what to do on your one-week Euro-trip? Do you have other vacation ideas we forgot to include in this article? Let us know in the comment below!

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