4 Great 30th Birthday Trip Ideas Which Will Inspire You

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Aug 23
30th birthday trip ideas

Traveling abroad is the way to see and experience something new and feel truly alive. That is why such a trip is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Here is an exciting list of 30th birthday trip ideas.


4 Great 30th Birthday Trip Ideas Which Will Inspire You

1. Rome

St Peters Square Rome

Since this great city attracts a lot of tourists from all parts of the world, you need to pick up the date for going there carefully. April and May are the perfect months to go there. Late September is also a good choice.

Going to Rome in the summer is a terrible idea. Then, the heat and the tourist crowds in a combination make this city almost unbearable.

Do not make the mistake to go to Rome in August. Then, all Italians seem to go for a vacation and many people choose to go to the capital. The very end or beginning of the year is also not cool for going there. Then, the opening hours of many of the attractions are too short. Some of the places are even closed and you will probably not be able to see everything.

The early autumn is the perfect time to go to Rome. Then, it is still warm and there are no tourist crowds.

colosseum rome

Spending a week in Rome is a great idea if you can afford this. You will definitely not run out of great things to do. If you have less time, have in mind that you need at least four days for all the major attractions.

When you are choosing where to go, just take a map of Rome. Then, draw a diamond shape - the Spanish Steps at the top, then the Station Termini in the right, the Aventine Hill at the bottom of your shape and Piazza Navonain the left corner.

About ¾ of all cool sightseeing takes place within this particular area. You will need at least 2 days for all the attractions within this diamond but it will be better if you have three days for them. For example, seeing all the ruins of ancient Rome and the Colosseum could easily take you a whole day.

2. Paris


This is one of the most beautiful and charming cities around the world. From the epic Eiffel Tower through the charming streets to the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries, the city will make you fall in love. With all its wonderful sides – the historic one, the fashion, bourgeois, arty and bohemian sides the city will make you feel full of life and joy.

Paris, also known as the City of Light is beautiful in all seasons. The city is full of tourists in the summer, so you should better choose another time of the year. Otherwise, the travel will cost you more but you will probably enjoy it less because of the crowds.

paris night

I suggest you choosing to go to Paris either in late spring or in early fall. June is the perfect month for trips to Paris because of the long and warm days and the extended hours for sightseeing. September is also a good choice.

When you plan your time and sightseeing, have in mind that you will need at least half a day in the Louvre. The same thing is true for the Eiffel tower. In general, I advise you to spend at least four days in Paris in order to see everything interesting.

The following two ideas are for whole countries, not for particular cities. That is why you need to plan longer trips to make the experience more exciting.

3. Brazil


This is an enchanting country which has a lot to offer. From the wild jungle scenery of the Amazon to the tourist crowds of the beautiful Copacabana beach, Brazil is a wonderful place for new pleasant emotions. This makes it one of the most preferred and visited tourist destinations.

If you are looking for sun and water adventure, this is the right place for you, I can guarantee you this. The vast coastline offers enchanting soft sands and great island getaways. You can have long, lazy and wonderful days on the beach.


For nature lovers, Brazil will be totally enchanting. The Amazon Basin is full of unfamiliar flora and fauna species, as well as the wetlands of the Pantanal with their great diversity of wildlife.

The Iguaçu Falls will leave you totally out of words with their beauty. They offer an unforgettable natural show with hundreds of waterfalls that cascade from the magnificent tropical rainforest. If you imagine paradise, you will probably see such views.

brasil 30th birthday trip idea

As you will soon realize Brazilians are just made to have fun. They are so passionate that they do not seem to care about things that do not bring them pleasure. They mostly show this attitude to life through music and dance. You will hear mostly samba, lambada and bossa nova in Brazil but other genres also find their place.

If you do not like getting bored and you search for adrenaline, Brazil will not disappoint you. You will have some great opportunities such as surfing, snorkeling and others.

If you are ready to spend your time and money in the colorful Brazil, you will surely find the most pleasant way to do this. Just make sure that you plan enough time and money for this excursion. Otherwise, you will feel that you just started having fun and you had to go.

4. Cuba

cuba 30th birthday trip idea

Cuba is the largest and most populated island in The Caribbean area. What is most enchanting for this place is that is seems like it came from the past. The 1959 socialist revolution and the US trade embargo which followed it made the island ‘freeze’ in time.

Here, you will see a lot of vintage American cars on the streets together with while horses and carts waiting for the tourists.

The charming capital - Havanahas enchanting restored colonial buildings which stand right to the tenements of the regular Cubans. This contrast is a little surprising but also quite charming. The capital is full of life and opportunities to have fun, especially if you love to dance.

cuba 30th birthday trip idea

Other cities in Cuba also deserve your attention. Santiago de Cuba is kind of a melting pot of the Afro-Caribbean cultures. Here you will see intriguing pastel covered buildings, combined withbeautiful and impressive cathedrals.

Many tourists come to Cuba simply because of its beaches. And this is a great idea because of the truly white sands and the incredible turquoise waters in Cuba.

Varadero is the Cuba’s longest beach and one of the most popular and preferred in the Caribbean area. That is why you will see offers for Varadero in most of the tourist packages.


Although tourist crowds come here, the beach is large enough to guarantee you some solitude. You will be able to enjoy your vacation without other tourists disturbing you.

During the last years Cuba started to slowly open up to the West. Thus, modern resorts started to become common. Still, Cuba has not lost its charm so far. If you want to truly enjoy your stay here and feel the spirit of Cuba, then choose the‘casa particulares’ for accommodation. This is the way to experience a real insight of everyday Cuban life. You will not have the same opportunity in a hotel.

When I approached my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something exciting. I love trips but in that moment I needed something really special. That is why I focused my attention on the above four destinations and I finally choose Cuba. I made a great choice and had a wonderful time.

I will be happy if you share your opinions on my list – do you agree with it? If you enjoyed the article, please share it.

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