How to Recreate a Much-Loved Trip at Home

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Apr 27
How to recreate a much-loved trip at home

While you might want nothing more than to step onto a plane and enjoy a well-deserved break, life’s responsibilities can often stand in the way of your dreams. Rather than wishing the season away, you should look for ways to bring a little bit of your exotic travels into your everyday life. To find out how to do so, read the following advice on how to recreate a much-loved trip at home.


Change Your Decor

Every country has signature landmarks and imagery. To feel as if you are abroad 24/7, you could make changes to your decor and add elements inspired by a country or city that you've visited.

For example, you could fit Spanish tiles into your walls or flooring. You could also feel transported back to a destination by framing photographs of a town or city’s scenery, or incorporating souvenirs or household items from abroad into your interior design to remind you of a much-loved trip. 

tips to recreate a much-loved trip

There are numerous ways to recreate a vacation at home, such as cooking foreign cuisine that reminds you of your holiday or listening to memorable music.

Listen to Memorable Music

Music has the power to trigger a treasured memory or feeling. When you think of a vacation, you will most likely remember a song that was playing at the time or a style of music typical of your destination.

For example, if you are longing for your annual trip to Spain, you will feel as if you are in the heart of the country when listening to flamenco music. Alternatively, you could listen to a song that you danced the night away to or that you routinely heard while you lounged by the pool.

Engage in Similar Activities

In addition to playing music that brings your preferred destination to life in your own home, you could embark on activities that will remind you of your chosen place. For instance, if you enjoyed the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, you'll feel as if you are back in Sin City with some free spins online.

If, however, you would like nothing more than to relax in the sun, then recreate La Barceloneta by investing in some sun loungers, pouring yourself a delicious cocktail, and immersing yourself in a good book. You will feel a million miles away from the stresses of everyday life.

Sample the Destination's Signature Beverages

Almost every nation has at least one signature drink that can make you feel thousands of miles away from your hometown and back on that much-loved trip you took once it touches your tongue. For instance, if you want to feel as if you are relaxing in a French vineyard, pour yourself a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay. Alternatively, a cup of English tea in the comfort of your own home will sweep you away to the island nation.

Cook Delicious Foreign Cuisine

If you have plenty of time to spend at home, you could always use your downtime productively to cook a delicious dish from your favorite destination. For instance, it is possible to experience the many flavors of China by cooking sweet and sour chicken or chow mein for yourself and your loved ones.

If, however, you miss tasty dishes from the good ol’ USA, you could make your own hamburger patties and fries, or feel as if you’re in the Big Apple when you roll and bake a New York style pizza.

If you're unsure how to master a country's cuisine, you could always book a cooking class near you. It can be a great way to improve your kitchen skills and to learn many new dishes from a popular culture.

recreate a much-loved trip at home by cooking foreign food

Recreate the flavors of a vacation by taking a cooking class to master a type of cuisine.

Watch Movies and TV Series from a Destination

If you cannot visit your favorite destination this year, you could always watch a movie or TV series inspired by that particular hotspot. For example, if you are missing the buzz of New York City, you should watch Blue Bloods, Sex and the City, or Friends. On the other side of the pond, The Great British Baking Show is quintessentially British in style, not to mention thoroughly entertaining.

Another option is to watch a documentary to learn more about a country you took a much-loved trip to. For example, you could learn a great deal about America by watching Get Me Roger Stone (2017), 13th (2016) or Knock Down the House (2019).

Celebrate an Event

Are you unable to attend Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, this year? Then bring the popular annual event to your home instead. All you need do is stock up on beer, purchase some two litre steins, and enjoy a much-deserved tipple on your garden bench.

Other annual events you could potentially replicate in your home or backyard include:

  • Mardi Gras
  • Holi
  • Day of the Dead
  • Chinese New Year

So, decorate your home for an event or festival, dress up with your loved ones, and have a little fun in the comfort of your own house.

Make Time for Relaxation

Let’s face it, one of the best aspects of a vacation is the ability to switch off from your everyday responsibilities, relax your mind and body, and indulge in a little (or a lot!) of what you like. Even if you haven’t booked a getaway this year, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy some relaxation.

All you have to do is book some vacation days, switch off your smartphone, and use your free week to go to bed late, sleep in, indulge in your favorite foods, and embark on various relaxing activities such as lengthy baths, many hours of reading, or pampering sessions.

This can remove some of the stresses and strains from your shoulders, so you will feel like a brand-new person when you return to working life. You know that sounds good!

In Conclusion

The memories of a fun vacation will likely remain with you forever. So, if you are unable to replicate the experience in 2020, you should aim to bring the getaway to you.

Look back on your favorite trips and consider the food you ate, the drinks you consumed, the music you heard, and the scenery that took your breath away. Once you have done so, introduce these flavors and feelings into your home. It's guaranteed to transport you back to one of the best experiences of your life, if only for an hour, an evening, or a few days.

Do you have more ways to re-live your favorite vacations and transport you to a destination you love when you're unable to travel? Let us know in a comment below!

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