5 Tips for Editing Your Travel Videos Like a Vlogger

By Camille Poire | BLOG

Nov 25
5 tips for editing your travel videos like a vlogger

Each trip is a personal experience. Travelling is an activity that fills you with precious memories, unforgettable encounters, and unique moments. Travel will always be something special for each of us. But you can also share this exceptional experience of your trip with the rest of the world. You can capture with your camera lens all those things that you saw with your eyes but also felt with your soul.

A polished travel video can accomplish all of these things. It can convey the images, the feelings, and the intelligence you may have received from each of your travels. Of course, if you know the proper way to do it. In this article, you will learn the five most essential tips to create an original and authentic travel video that will stand out among the thousands of others out there and will be able to speak to the hearts of your viewers.


1) Get the Best Footage Possible

Behind a successful and quality travel video, there is always the right outlining. Before you even reach your destination, you should have completed your action plan, with the places you want to visit, the scenes you will need to tell your story, and the shooting techniques you will use so that the final result can really stand out. By researching and studying your chosen destination, it will help you discover all those places that will improve your audiovisual material through fantastic sights, monuments, and buildings, but also thanks to the people who deserve to be added to your video.

capturing travel video footage

So, as you capture with your camera all these incredible things that happen in real-time, make sure that your material meets your own expectations, by repeatedly and regularly checking your footage. Every traveller who tries to capture with his camera the place he is visiting must follow these specific steps, whether he is trying to create a more cinematic feeling or trying to make a standard travel video vlog.

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2) Use the Best Video Editing Software

Using video editing software and learning all of its features is just as important as recording your own video. So you may have collected enough quality material during your trip to your destination. Still, you will not be able to use it properly since you don't know how to process it, in order to create the maximum possible result for your travel video.

So, choose a reliable and effective video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X, and try to learn all the several ways to use them. By understanding all the video editing techniques, you can implement any creative idea that will enhance your video and make it stand out from the rest.

Of course, your development in video editing requires the necessary dedication and practice on your part, to be able to reach a professional level of production of your own quality videos. You can use the internet as your ally, with the thousands of educational videos out there to assimilate and learn about new techniques, new technologies, and new ways of exploiting your material.

3) Choose the Right Music and Voice Over

Music can enhance or degrade your audiovisual content. That is why no one should overlook the critical use of music when editing their videos. Proper use of music can further attract viewers or discourage them from continuing to watch your video. So you have to choose carefully the music that improves the storytelling through your videos, to create the desired emotions as well as to complement the overall mood of the video. There are thousands of tracks on the internet that you can get for free or for a fee on several web sites.

editing your travel videos like a vlogger add music voiceover

Another essential element that your travel video should have is a voice-over. Voice over is vital for telling your story through your video, because through your voice (or someone else's) you can "direct" the viewer to the highlights of your trip. See yourself as a guide throughout the video. Then imagine the viewer following your voice to navigate to the unknown place they are visiting through your video.

So a voice-over clip is a crucial element that can add this professional tone to your travel material and make you stand out from the crowd. You can make these recordings of yourself at home if you have the equipment or you can assign voice actors that are specialising in voice overs for videos. Voquent provides quality voice-over services with a massive team of actors who cater to every need and voice style, and who could provide you with valuable help in editing your video that can sound professional and experienced.

4) Create a Short, Concise Video

As you give your video its final form, you need to remember that your video should always be short and concise. The pace of your video is crucial because it greatly influences the retention of your viewers' interest. So when the rhythm of the video goes hand in hand with the rest of its elements, such as its sound and image, then you will have managed to magnetize your viewers by transmitting to them all those messages that you want to pass on to them.

Your transitions between your various scenes are also quite important, in which you can apply multiple innovative techniques so that your result becomes exciting and inspiring. You can get a lot of fresh ideas by watching other similar video creators on the internet. But always remember to develop your own identity and personal brand through your videos.

recording travel video vlog

5) Add SFX to Your Video

As you know, sound is often just as important as the image displayed to the viewer. The appearance of an image that is not accompanied by a sound can take away the vibrancy and vitality of your original shot. And yet most travel videos continue to overlook it. Lack of proper SFX can have adverse effects on viewers. The absence of SFX in a video is always obvious because the viewer always feels disconnected from the overall sense of the scenic atmosphere.

Throughout your video, you have to transfer all those senses that one received during the journey, and you achieve this by using the fitting SFX that you recorded during your shots. If, on the other hand, you don't have the right recording microphone, you can use ready-made SFXs from a vast sound library available on the internet, aligning them with your own video material.

Final words

Beyond these five critical tips for creating a fantastic video, you must finally remember that you should always aim for videos that show your real personality. Every shot you project to your viewers, every melody of music and sound that is played through your video must always represent you. Because your travel video is your narrative of your own personal experience. An experience that will inspire other people to pursue their adventure and maybe make them a little more genuine people. All this thanks to you.

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