Top 5 Best Camera for Video and Photo in 2022

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Dec 06
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Digital photography has already become a common thing today. It almost seems like you no longer have to be a professional photographer in order to produce beautiful photos and videos. But in order to do that. Finding the best camera for video and photo is necessary.


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However, because there’s a wide option available in the market today, choosing the right one can be super confusing. And because we want to make things easier for you, here is a mini guide to help you find what you are looking for.

Buying Guide

What is the best camera for video and photo for you? This is a common question asked by those who are looking to buy new camera either for travel or for daily use. Below are the few tips you need to follow in order to find the right model for you.

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Tip #1: Don’t rush
A common mistake many people make when people buying digital cameras, especially for first-timers, is they look for the most popular, see if they can afford it, and then buy it. However, by doing this, it is a lot likely for you to miss the features you need in order to come up with outcomes you truly need. Don’t purchase a product only due to its popularity. Don't simply pick the latest product out there, because newer does not always mean it is better. Similarly, not only because the camera has a higher megapixel, it guarantees that the product fits your needs and will provide you with the quality you are looking for.

Tip #2: Know your purpose for buying the camera
Again, you will have a lot of options on the market for the best camera for you, and no matter how expensive they are or how fancy looking they may look like, they might not be the right camera to offer you all the features you need. Every camera comes with their own pros and cons, so make sure to consider them.

Tip #3: Set your maximum budget
Perhaps, money isn’t a problem for some people. However, most people will definitely have a maximum limit to how much they are going to spend. Make sure to set your maximum budget and focus on your option on the cameras that suit your budget. Do not forget to offer a reserve fund for camera accessories you may need like
lenses, camera bag, external flash, additional memory cards, tripod, spare batteries, and others.

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Tip #4: Do a throughout research
Of course, going to a camera shop and ask the seller which is the best camera for video and photo may seem easier, however, you may not get what you need by doing this. However, a better thing for you is to do your own research. Now, it is so easy to browse on the internet and read reviews from real users of that certain camera model. Don’t trust a single review and for multiple users. You have to search for unbiased reviews that are very neutral and honest since some reviewers are probably paid by particular sellers to recommend their products. After doing your research, you may want to specify two or three cameras that you want and start doing price comparisons.

Tip #5: Try the cameras you are eyeing on at the local camera shops near you
After narrowing down your options to two or three cameras and you think you did enough research, you can then go to your local camera shops and try them out literally. If you feel like you like it, make a price comparison, is it cheaper to buy it on that physical store or you think buying it online is better?

Features To Consider When Buying a Camera

A camera should have certain features that should cater all your needs and preferences. Below are the features you need to look at in order to make sure that it’s the best one for you.


When you’re searching for the best digital camera for video and camera, the megapixels is the first thing most people look at. This makes sense because the higher the megapixels the larger the size of the output will be. The resolution of your photos and videos is derived from your camera’s megapixel property. 


Most of today’s camera comes with an LCD which is important to frame the subject better without squinting into the viewfinder. It’s also essential when you want to review the photos and videos you took. There are models today too that have touchscreen feature. The average size of a camera screen display is 1.5-inch, there are also ones that come in 2 inches, but 2.5 inches or more is better.

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Most cameras have both optical and digital zoom. A camera with higher optical zoom is better than the one with better digital zoom. Digital cameras normally come with optical of between 3x to 10x. 


You have to make sure that the memory card you are using is compatible with the camera you have. As you might already know, memory cards come in different sizes and types. If you like taking a lot of videos and picture then make sure your camera can accommodate memory cards with high storage capacity.
When looking for the best camera for video and photo, you have to keep in mind that the best one is the one that you will really like. Not the one that someone you know likes. The secret to getting ahold of the best one for you is to find the one that really suits your needs and desired outcome. But in case that you still need suggestions on some of the best models on the market today, we listed down five of what we think are the best for this category. He wrote short descriptions to highlight their features as well as their pros and cons.

Our Top Picks for the Best Camera for Video and Photo

The first one in our list is Sony A6000. This camera has a Sony E lens mount and so far, there are 72 native lenses available suitable for this mount. However, Sony is continuously adding new lenses to its E and FE mount collection and third-party lens producers are also offering many good options. Due to its very short outcropping focal distance, options for adapting lenses from other mounts are almost boundless.

Sony A6000 does not have a sensor-based image stabilization system; however, 23 of these lenses already have Optical Image Stabilization. You will also find 25 lenses with weather sealing for A6000 but remember that A6000 body does not have weather sealing.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon:  $498.00


  • It has an excellent smart autofocus system
  • It produces great image quality
  • It has high ISO output at 6400
  • It is easy to hold
  • It has excellent EVF


  • It doesn’t have a thumbstick for quick AF point selection

One of the best models in an entry-level line of Nikon is the Nikon D3400. Even though this is generally a basic model, it is a brilliant option for those who want to get into DSLR photography and one that offers users the chance to grow as they develop their skills. With the priority to find a lightweight camera with a sleek design, this camera works strikingly for any casual use of enthusiasts.

You will also love the fact that this camera offers Full HD 1080p video recording at 60 fps – in other words, high-quality video with a great amount of detail. Even autofocus has been improved when it comes to filming while in Live View; even though it is still slower compared to filming using the viewfinder, there’s a huge improvement.


Editor's Rating: 96/100

Price On Amazon: $496.95


  • It is very compact and lightweight 
  • It has impressive battery life
  • It has good single-shot autofocus performance
  • It has traditional DSLR style and controls
  • It is very easy to use


  • It has fixed non-touch-sensitive screen
  • It doesn’t have Wi-Fi
  • It doesn’t have 4K video resolution
  • The optical viewfinder of this camera does not offer 100% coverage

Boasting a high-level resolution of 18MP sensor, better HD video recording features and an extremely detailed grip material, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a restored and new entry into the Canon EOS system. It has an excellent image quality, although the high ISO performance could be a little bit better.

Remember that the entry-level unit of T5 and its lack of attractive but superfluous facilities and top-tier performance are not all that shocking and is something you need to take note of. All things considered, this is a great camera and worth the money, especially that it offers a great option if you want to learn how DSLR camera works.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $394.95


  • It includes optically stabilized lens
  • It has raw shooting support
  • It has detailed images at high ISOs
  • It can capture up 1080p video 
  • It has on-screen shooting guide


  • It has slow burst mode
  • It has shallow buffer
  • The autofocus is not very good in low-light environment
  • It has no external microphone jack

With the use of its 4K Video recording, Panasonic G7 has a 4K Photo Mode which allows you to capture 8 MP photos from 4K videos. Through software like Adobe Lightroom on your computer or in-camera function, you are able to review the 4K footage frame by frame and extract the image of your preference.

Using Panasonic G7, you are able to record your videos at an optimum resolution and fps with bit rates up to 28Mpbs and save in formats such as AVCHD and MPEG-4. This simply means that Panasonic G7 offers 4K video resolution, which is the highest resolution there is today. When watched on a 4K screen, you will notice how crisp the details are. This camera also has a built-in Stereo microphone as well as a Mono speaker, which makes it perfect for capturing videos.


Editor's Rating: 94/100

Price On Amazon: from $497.99


  • It has excellent handgrip
  • It has outstanding EVF
  • It has a very responsive touchscreen display
  • The electronic shutter allows for silent shooting and fast shutter speeds
  • It has both 4K video and 4K photo


  • It is a little bit bulky
  • It has loud shutter 
  • It doesn’t record Cine 4K video resolution
  • It is mostly made of plastic

The last model in this list is Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Digital Camera. This camera has managed to refine a lot of these key features into a little bit more compact and reasonably priced camera that is likely to impress any photographers. And for those who like videography this also an impressive unit they would be happy to get ahold of.

This is definitely a fantastic camera. It is compact, lightweight, and performs really well. It has an impressive autofocus and overall offer amazing quality.


Editor's Rating: 94/100

Price On Amazon: from $6,496.95


  • It produces high-quality photos and videos
  • It is sleek when held
  • It has extremely fast autofocus even using older lenses
  • It has a simple menu system 
  • It is lightweight and compact


  • It would be better for weather sealing
  • Some says that the camera battery drains fast


Finding the best camera for video and photo is not an easy job. As you might already know, there are a lot of camera brands out there and they all produce different types with different features. Furthermore, more and more are coming out almost every month. Anybody who tried buying a camera is aware of the confusion and conflicting opinions take part in choosing the best camera that would match one’s needs and preference.

Buying the right camera can be quite frustrating. So, hopefully, this article made it easier for you to find the one that you will like. If there is anything that you think we missed in this article, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment box below!

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