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Jul 03
best carbon fiber tripod

A good camera tripod is an important tool to stabilize and raise your camera, and to support flashes or other photographic gear. For photographers who constantly go on adventures with their cameras and cover long distances with their equipment, weight is an important issue. Camera gear can be bulky and heavy - and the more advanced a photographer you are, the more accessories you'll likely want to carry with you. This is a big problem, especially for those who are traveling by plane and feel bad paying extra bucks for additional camera backpack weight. Thankfully, finding the best carbon fiber tripod can already go a long way toward solving this issue!


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Tripods made of fiber carbon are approximately 30% lighter and outstandingly firmer than metal tripods of the same size and body quality. They also reduce vibration more efficiently, which contributes to producing better images. These tripods are delightful to use, particularly if you need to take them on long trips.

They are astonishingly light and very easy to carry. They are available in many sizes, so you can be sure to find one that suits your camera perfectly.

Why Is It Important To Use a Tripod?


A tripod is one of the essential pieces of a good photography gear set that can sometimes get overlooked. The best carbon fiber tripod can truly take your photography and even video capture to a whole new level. Yet, not many people think of using one.

Carbon fiber tripods offer your camera great support in almost any situation you can think of. The best carbon fiber tripod...

  • Gives you more time to compose your photos
  • Allows you to shoot at slower speeds, which sequentially, offers better depth of field
  • Allows you to take pictures without holding the camera (which also means you can use a timer to take pictures of yourself, without having to ask someone else to photograph you)
  • Allows you to take similar images with whichever setting you want

The best carbon fiber tripod comes with foam insulation all over the legs that adds a bit of bulkiness but makes a comfortable cushion when lugging the tripod on your shoulder. Search for one that has free legs that are connected to the middle column just at the top. These will normally let you place the tripod nearly flat on the ground.

Tripods made of carbon fiber offer great stiffness, although they are normally more expensive than those made of aluminum. You have to remember that even though they’re durable, a straight impact could smash a carbon fiber leg while just causing a little dent on an aluminum one. Because of this, you need to handle them with care.


Tripods are intended to offer support for your camera. With that being said, you have to find one that goes up to roughly your eye level. Skip any with a middle column that goes up any further. Raising the center column refutes the benefits of your robust tripod, so as much as possible, try to avoid models of this type. It may be possible to get rid of the center column and to support your tripod head straight to your legs. If this is not a choice, make sure to keep the middle column as far down as it will go and to lock it.

Most fiber carbon tripods come without a tripod head. There are a lot of options here, and personal taste normally comes into play. Here are some things to consider to buy the best carbon fiber tripod:

best tripod
  • Most cheap tripods come with a tilt head. These models have two knobs that you have to turn in order to move the head all over. Try to avoid these at all costs. They are not easy to use, and if you’re only starting to use a tripod and still learning, they will not give you good results.
  • Ball heads are, without a doubt, the best ones you can find. They have one ball with a rod on top on which you put the camera. They offer easy and quick movement. The better ones even let you adjust the resistance or tension of the movement, allowing for very fine tuning.
a woman shooting with a camera
  • Make use of a quick release system. It will allow you to mount and un-mount your camera from your tripod immediately. To use this feature, attach a plate to the bottom of your camera, and then simply click the plate in place into the ball head. Place a plate on each camera body and every lens that needs one. You do not want to be swapping plates every time you change the body of your camera. You have to remember that the plates have to be well-matched with your quick-release system.
  • Making use of a tripod offers you time to create your images and forces you to see and think about what you are creating. It could be a little awkward in the beginning, but with some practice, it will get much easier. Make sure to use one on your next photoshoot, and see for yourself how it makes both the process and the results a lot better and easier.

The Best Carbon Fiber Tripod Brands

There are a lot of carbon fiber tripod brands on the market, and choosing the best one for your needs is not always simple. So, to help you, here is our list of top 5 carbon fiber tripods in 2020:



The Zomei Z888C is a carbon fiber tripod with an extremely firm 3-segment joining tube. The legs of this tripod are made of a new generation of high-quality carbon fiber. Zomei claims that they’re using eight-layer, different-angles carbon fiber plastic-coated together with high-temperature, high pressure, and curing firming polymeric design.
Its legs perform extremely well and are very durable. Even if you open up the tube to its full extension, it is not going to flex under the pressure of your hand. It has push button locks that help to freely adjust the legs at different angles, which is another mark of its quality. The locking-unlocking action is astonishingly smooth, and you can easily set up the Zomei Z888C in an instant. Furthermore, it is worth noting that its build is resistant to heat and corrosion.


Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price On Amazon: from $129.99


  • It is very sturdy and durable
  • It is very conveniently compact and lightweight
  • Its legs are self-sufficiently adjustable
  • It has a smooth twist-lock mechanism
  • It can be turned into a monopod
  • It supports a great amount of weight
  • It comes with a good-quality nylon bag


  • Its ball head could be better
  • Its pan is not that smooth
  • It has no retractable spikes on its feet


This tripod is a very solid and reliable piece of gear, and certainly vies for the title of best carbon fiber tripod you can find at this price point. Its carbon fiber frame is tremendously well-built. You will see no rough spots - the design is even, showing absolutely no creaks. It has extension twists that work impeccably, as well as an extremely strong hold.
Its fold-down size and weight are unbelievable, at only just over 5lbs for the entire device. Its ball heads are made of metal, from its ball joint itself to all of the adjacent plates and knobs. This will allow it to hold for a long time. The detachable legs add a touch of brilliance to this monopod. It’s extremely rigid, and with the delightful extension twists, it remains very light. It has a compass and a camera mount for the top of the main leg.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $97.49


  • It has a well-built design
  • It comes with a nylon carrying bag
  • It is smooth and stable


  • Its leg lock is not very secure


Benro's SLIM tripods, available in both Aluminium and Carbon Fiber, offer incredible value for money, rivaling big premium competitors brand with a similar offering at a more affordable cost. The price point of this tripod means that you lose out on some little touches, such as rubber stops and a rubber grip on the legs, as well as a center column for shock absorption.
If you’re fine without these features, and are mostly looking for a compact tripod that has a fair height and strength and is great for travel, then this model will not disappoint. It comes with a well-designed kit, including a simple shoulder bag that will make it easy to sling it on your back for a quick trip. This tripod is perfect for beginners who are looking for a high-quality tripod that will not cost them an arm and a leg.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $145.95


  • It is lightweight and compact
  • It is very stylish
  • It is not difficult to use
  • It comes with a pouch


  • It doesn’t have foam or rubber grip
  • It has a narrow spread, so the camera feels heavy when upright


The Dolica ZX600B103 60" Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head is made of an upgraded material that is known for its lightness, resistance to vibration, and greater torsional stability than aluminum. With a maximum height of 60", the ZX600B103 is tall enough for most users.
This tripod makes use of a traditional ball head design with distinct control for tilt and pan. Other advanced features consist of a bubble level on the compass and tripod. The comfort foam grips also make it very convenient to handle. The 3-angle leg locks allow for multi-angle tripod placing. Last of all, it comes with a padded nylon case for better storage.


Editor's Rating: 93/100

Price On Amazon: from $116.97


  • It comes with a high-quality carrying bag
  • It has high-quality head balls
  • It is very sturdy for big cameras
  • Its mounting plate has a safety release


  • Its big knob to lock the ball head in position is not smooth and is slightly stiff
  • Its legs cannot be completely locked in the three possible positions
  • One of the three foam pads twists on the leg


Based in Cassola, Italy, Manfrotto has been producing high-quality tripods since the mid-1970s. Today, as part of the Vitec Group that is also the owner of the brands Bogen and Gitzo, Manfrotto is offering a great range of tripods and monopods that cover all price points and possible purposes. Although they are more expensive than most carbon fiber tripod models you will find on the market today, you are really getting the quality that you pay for!
This is a rigid tripod that offers all extension levels. With completely extended legs, it offers the proper height for eye level photography without the middle extension. This tripod is very light, which makes it perfect for traveling. On top of having a top-notch Manfrotto ball head, this tripod is also very versatile.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $379.99


  • It is very stable
  • Its center column could be set at 90° to the legs
  • Its locks are easy to operate
  • It has a particularly high-quality ball head
  • It is very light, which makes it great for travel


  • It does not come with a padded carrying case
  • It could be more compact

Our Advice Is...

No matter which of these five contenders for best carbon fiber tripod you choose, you can rest assured that you will be getting a high-quality tripod. Now, it is up to you to determine which one suits your budget and needs best.

Are you looking for a cheaper model and prepared to overlook some position restrictions and stiffness? Then buy the Dolica ZX600B103 Professional 60-Inch ZX Series Carbon Fiber Tripod. Are you looking for a mid-range carbon fiber tripod that offers high-quality features? Then choose either the BONFOTO Carbon Fiber B671C Lightweight Portable Camera Travel Tripod or the Zomei Z888C Ball Head Compact and Carbon Fiber Tripod.

However, if you have the budget and want to take full advantage of a top-notch tripod, then one of the best options you will find on the market today is the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 055 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Tripod with Horizontal Column.

So, which one do you think is the best carbon fiber tripod for you and why? Let us know your choice in a comment below!

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