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Feb 23
Camera backpack is a popular option for a lot of photographers due to their versatility. Different styles and features this type of bag offers make it easier for you to keep your precious device safe and secure at any time and at any place. With a thorough research and shopping around for some comparison, you can find the best camera backpack for your needs.

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You have to know that camera backpacks are not made the same. By choosing carefully, you will be able to get a bag that is going to offer the storage and protection that you need for your equipment and accessories so that buying additional bags is not going to be needed.
One of the benefits of using a camera backpack is that it can hold a wide range of equipment and protect it while you are traveling. Rather than choosing a camera bag that has offers only two compartments, look for one that has a lot of separate pockets where you are able to put every piece of equipment on their own.
As you're going to carry the camera backpack on your back or hanged it over your arm, it's best to choose one that has enough padding in the parts that will rest on you in order for you to feel comfortable every time you use them. The compartments must be arranged in such a way that the weight of the bag is consistently dispersed so that it does not migrate in a single direction only. You'll have to use a bag that will keep in place while you're using your camera to capture some pictures.
You do not need to spend a lot of money on a camera backpack to get one that has a high quality. You can even find bags that are waterproof that will protect your equipment from the weather. You'll have to make sure that your camera backpack is just good inside as it is outside, with properly made padding between the different compartments in order to keep your camera and equipment safe.
Furthermore, it is important to make sure that getting your equipment easy whenever you need them.
The best camera backpack is a great choice for many types of photographers who are always on the move but you do not need to buy one that's too expensive so as to get the features you need for your camera. Look for one that will put up with your needs and keep your equipment secure wherever you are.
The question, however, is that, which one you should buy? You are able to choose camera backpacks that are carried with a single strap over your shoulder or the one that's ideal for a heavy picture equipment and extensive trips. Below is a brief guide on choosing the right camera backpack for you.

How to Choose the Best Camera Backpack for You

Prioritize the Purpose

It is not difficult to purchase the first backpack you find. And let's be honest, we always use our eyes when choosing a bag. However, in this case, try to always prioritize the purpose. Anyway, you are not buying a camera backpack for its look but for it to protect your camera.

Choose a Reliable Brand

The most popular brands are not the always the best ones to provide you with your needs. But a lot of times, they do. These brands did not get their names on top of the market for no reason. They gained popularity because a lot of people have already tested their capability to serve their purpose. This being said, don't ignore brands that are not so popular but offer what you needs for your camera and equipment.

Strong Materials

Camera backpacks go through a lot of conditions. When not using the bag, we tend to shove them on a rough surface; when the weather is not good, they tend to get wet; when we need to put a lot of stuff, we tend to overfill it. While keeping your backpack lightweight is important, try to avoid non-rip stop materials or any materials that feel light when you hold them.

Good Suspension

Do you carry a lot of stuff with you during a shoot? Is your backpack too big? Then make yourself a favor and don't buy a bag that has a fragile waist strap and doesn't have load lifters. Buy a bag with bigger, supple waist straps, as well as shoulder straps.
Then place all your equipment into your new camera bag and make sure that you are able to bring it all securely for longer periods of time, as you are going to have a long time in airports or on mountainsides to feel bad for making a quick decision. Furthermore, it's important to also consider the number of things you can put in it.

Easy Access

When going on a trip, there's nothing worse than missing a good shot as you cannot take out your gears out of the bag in time. While this is not going to be an issue for a studio photographer, if you are a travel photographer, this should be important.

Price Tag

Depending on the brand and features of the bag, a camera backpack can start from as low as $20 and can do as high as $200. However, you have to know not because they are expensive, they offer the best features. Some backpacks are only expensive because of their brand but don't offer the quality it claims, so be careful.

Final Tips

Again, focus on your purpose of buying the camera backpack. Do thorough research to find the best camera backpack for you. Or if you're planning to pack clothes and other stuff in your bag aside from the camera gear, you have to make sure that you buy a backpack with the extra space necessary. It's also important to consider the comfort the bag gives you. Don't forget to pay attention to the shoulder straps to be comfortable and well padded.
To help you even more, below are some of the brands you may want to look at when shopping for the best camera backpack for you.

Top 5 Best Camera Backpack

There are a lot of choices when shopping for a camera backpack, with all the brands, styles, sizes, and colors available on the market nowadays, and yet you wouldn't find it hard to choose what the best camera backpack is for you. It's hard to earn money and you don't want to waste it buying a bag that will disappoint you after a couple of use; so, make sure to know the pros and cons of the bag you are going to buy.
The functionality of a backpack depends on from a situation to another; so, it's a nice idea if get a nice bag without breaking your bank. Below is our list of top 5 best camera backpacks you may want to consider to buy.

Altura acts as a multipurpose of camera backpack that you can use anytime when taking a photo on a different location. It is lightweight and durable as it's designed for finest travel use. Its multiple compartments are very effective in organizing your camera, its accessories, and even other belongings very tidily. It has a high-quality interior design and materials get the protection to your important belongings very consistently.
What I like the most about this backpack is the tripod or monopod holder and the large total space inside as well as the sturdy, comfortable strap. The remarkable exterior design suits the style of those who cares about the look.


  • Compact sized
  • Has monopod holder
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap


  • Spaces are tight

This backpack is a good camera backpack for beginners. This bag is not only an affordable and great option for savvy shoppers; it is actually an extremely practical bag to use! With its multiple compartments, it is a good bag for those who like packing everything away tidily after a long, shooting day.
This camera backpack by Amazon features Frustration-Free Packaging that's recyclable. It comes without too much packaging materials like plastic clamshell casings, wire ties, and bindings. The packaging is intended to be opened without using a knife or box cutter, and it will protect your backpack just like how a traditional packaging does. This saves resources and the earth.


  • Sturdy zippers and material
  • Multiple internal dividers and pockets
  • Lightweight


  • Some may find it too small
  • Short shoulder straps
  • Tripod straps are not made of Velcro

Every time it's raining, you begin to feel worried of the electronic devices which are susceptible to soaking. The camera device has to well care for lifelong usage.
Acuvar features the astonishing quality of backpack which you are able to completely rely on consistently. It's made of a strong, hard-wearing nylon polyester exterior that's extremely protective materials. It comes together with the raincoat that you can get the full composure. It has thick exterior, customizable foam to make sure that your absolute protection for your equipment. The interior spacious space can store a standard DSRL camera and its essential accessories.


  • Strong main compartment
  • Smooth zipper
  • Interior walls are very configurable
  • Lid compartments are extremely good and well-organized
  • Good shoulder strap and waist belt padding


  • Strap can be a bit short

This backpack by YAAGLE is something you will like if you are into fashion. With both impeccable design and groundbreaking ideas of packing, design makes it extremely perfect for you to choose with your valuable electronic equipment. The expanded insert camera partition comes with eight removable and changeable Velcro taped cushions. It could be built into a lot of small partitions, each of which can accommodate a common zoom lens.
The camera divider padded insert bag is anti-shock and divides your camera build and lenses with other possessions in your camera backpack.


  • Modern, sleek design
  • Does not look like a camera bag
  • Anti-shock
  • Waterproof


  • Can be small for some

The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW can easily hold the big body of a DSLR and attached lens and accommodate about 4 to 6 lenses. The gear compartment area is entirely adjustable with Velcro padded compartments.
The sides of the body are so protective that nothing will accidentally tumble out of the backpack. Safe padded shoulder and waist belt spread the gear with too much comfort while doing extreme adventure. It will not make you feel tired carrying it. The bag isn't advertised as waterproof but I used it multiple times on hiking but never did any of my equipment got wet.


  • Well-built and strong nylon fabric
  • Comfortable straps and padding
  • Looks small but accommodate a lot
  • Thick padding for extra padding
  • Comes with a raincoat


  • Waist strap can be uncomfortable
  • The back opening does not open all the way


Backpacks have become a very popular option for a lot of serious photographers. One of the main reasons for this is the functionality they offer. They are available in different sizes and are extremely roomy, so you are able to place in more than just your photograph equipment.
Your backpack is able to accommodate not just camera accessories, but as well as other items such as extra clothing, packed lunch, as well as your mobile phone. The camera backpacks listed above can give you that. But, which one you should buy?
Well, if you are looking for something affordable that offers great good features, then go for Acuvar DSLR Camera Backpack with Rain Cover or AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories.
If your priority is the look, go for Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack or YAAGLE Oxford Multi-functional Anti-shock DSLR Camera Bag Backpack. If you have a budget and ready to invest for a maximum feature a camera backpack offers, go for Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro DSLR Camera Backpack.
What are you looking for a camera backpack? Write them in the comment below!

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