The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Beginner-Friendly Travel Bag


Nov 16
ultimate guide to finding a beginner-friendly travel bag

When you travel, it’s best never to leave home without the essential items in your bag. These include clothing items, documents, laptops, phones, etc. Therefore, purchasing the right travel bag is a must to carry your items securely if you’re a traveler.  


However, finding the perfect travel bag can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. And if you’re not careful, you might end up investing in a product that doesn’t suit your needs. This comprehensive guide will help select the right beginner-friendly travel bag for you. 

Ask for Referrals

Nowadays, you’ll find various travel bags on the market. If you want to purchase a travel bag, asking for referrals makes perfect sense. You can ask other travelers to recommend the best bag you can use to pack your things. However, you must remember to ask them about their experiences with every type they recommend.  

Here are some of the options for travel bags:

Leather Travel Bag

If you want to up your travel game, and choose a truly stylish bag, then you should go for leather luggage. Full grain leather is the highest quality you can buy, such as the range at Von Baer, as it ages with a leather patina, and is far more durable than cheaper leather alternatives. Ideal for a weekender bag or rolling carry-on.

Van Baer travel weekend bag

Weekender bag from

Carry-On Bags

These bags are most preferred by people who don’t like traveling with suitcases. They can be used by any traveler, including business people and digital nomads who travel regularly. It’s also the best for packing small items like earphones, chargers, phones, etc.

Wheeled Travel Bags

This is another type of bag for business travelers. And rolling backpacks for travel are the perfect option for people with back problems. It can make your travels more comfortable since you only need to roll it behind you.

As shown here, you can get different options for a travel bag. But you must understand that all these types are unique. Therefore, it’s best to do research so you can select the most suitable for your travel needs. 

Select a Durable Material

If you’re a regular traveler, you may want to invest in a bag that can serve you for many months or even years. That’s why you should be concerned about durability. You’ll save money in the long run if you select a travel bag made with durable materials. 

A good travel bag won't easily tear or wear while on your travels. Meanwhile, leather, nylon, and polyester are durable materials for travel bags.

Consider the Cost Versus the Quality

Cost is one of the major concerns most people have when searching for travel bags. The cost significantly differs from one bag to another. Hence, you may be confused about choosing the cheapest or the most expensive option. But to make things simpler, it all depends on your budget. 

Some travel bags are low quality and may not serve you better. However, you must understand that some sellers attach expensive price tags to their travel bags to make customers believe they’re worth every penny.  

That said, when evaluating the quality of any product, you cannot merely rely on its price tag as your only point of comparison. If possible, visit a local store and get a hands-on look at the various options to determine their quality. Ensure you get a high-quality travel bag at a reasonable price. 

Find a Travel Bag with the Right Size and Weight

The various travel bags on the market are of different sizes and weights. Your size selection will depend on what you want to pack inside your bag. For instance, you’ll likely pick a big one if you’ll be traveling with large items. It also depends on the number of items you want to carry. 

In addition, you may want to select a lightweight travel bag to enhance your flexibility and comfort. Such a bag will help prevent or reduce fatigue. So, before you complete the payment for any travel bag you see on the market, ensure it’s light and of the right size. 

travel bag

Select a Bag with a Warranty

Today, you can leverage the power of technology to buy a travel bag from the comfort of your home. While this option offers flexibility, it can sometimes be a total disaster, especially when the wrong bag is delivered. But you can avoid that by selecting a travel bag with a warranty

Imagine the look on your face when you receive a small bag after placing an order for a large travel bag. The wrong bag won't serve your travel needs. And one of the options to deal with that is to shop for the right one again. Purchasing a travel bag with a warranty allows you to exchange the wrong bag for the right one for free.

Find a Breathable Travel Bag

Selecting a breathable travel bag is best for traveling to areas with varied climates or weather conditions. This feature allows air circulation inside your bag while maintaining room temperature. Because of its breathability, the bag’s material helps regulate temperature to protect your valuable items from harsh weather conditions. 

Purchase Your Bag from a Reputable Seller

After considering all other factors, it would be wise to check the seller’s reputation. This is important since you can’t always expect to find the best travel bag from a seller with a negative reputation. Therefore, before engaging with any seller, research to ensure you’re dealing with a reliable one. 

A reputable travel bag seller will definitely have much positive feedback from customers. Therefore, you can expect that they’ll provide a high-quality travel bag and excellent customer service.

woman travelling with backpack Monument Valley United States


Shopping for a travel bag should be at the top of your list before traveling since it enables you to carry all the necessary items for your journey. However, with so many types of travel bags on the market, it can be overwhelming and challenging. Hence, adopting the tips in this guide will make it easier to look for a travel bag that can suit your needs. 

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