Top 5 Rolling Backpacks for Travel in 2022


Apr 29
best rolling backpacks for travel 2022

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Every year, many get their back injured because of wearing heavy backpacks for long periods, which is common for many long-term travelers. Luckily, you can avoid this by choosing the right bag to take with you.

A specific style of bag that is getting popular today is rolling backpacks for travel. With its old-fashioned but practical design, it is more capable of giving comfort while having your essential items with you. Rolling backpacks could be used as briefcases which contain essential papers and tools, and depending on the size, could also be carried on luggage when traveling by plane. Every individual from any walks of life can enjoy the immeasurable designs you can find for rolling backpacks. Anyone from kids to adults can find the comfort of using rolling backpacks as they wouldn’t hurt your back because they have wheels.


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Rolling backpacks or wheeled backpacks is available in two kinds. The first one is the one used at school. They are normally smaller and come with a lot of compartments. They made for kids who get back pains for carrying lots of books.

The second one is the one for travelers, which is convenient for most types of trip. The different sizes and designs can be used for both an overnight or longer trips. However, the best thing about this is that most of the designs available are made to make for plane travelers comfortable during their trip. Make sure to check the bag’s dimension, for you to know whether you need to buy extra luggage weight or a carry on would be enough. The best thing I love about this bag is that you can easily drag them around the airport during a long layover. This is good to save your time especially your energy. Using rolling backpacks for travel is extremely convenient particularly on jet setters and busy individuals as they’re comfortable using without the shoulder pains and backaches.

Other Benefits of Using Rolling Backpacks for Travel

Rolling backpacks is becoming more and more popular today. The proof to this is by the different backpacks you can find on the market today. There are many reasons for this. Below are some more reasons why more people consider using this for travel.

rollong backpack

1.It is tough and durable

Rolling backpacks are normally made from tough and durable materials when compared to the regular one. It means it will last you longer. On top of the durability, it is also available in many designs and colors.

2.It has many compartments and pockets in different sizes

Like a common backpack, a rolling backpack comes with many pockets and compartments. This means your stuff is going to be easier for you.

3.It is easily movable

Obviously, compared to a common backpack that can be heavy, a rolling backpack can be easily transported anywhere. Your shoulders no longer have to suffer the weight of your stuff as you can easily lug them anywhere you want to go.


Top 5 Rolling Backpacks for Travel

Having a rolling backpack is truly a worthwhile investment. It eases you with a high amount of comfort while carrying the important items that you need and above all without hurting your back.

Essentially, you can use it in different ways like a briefcase with important documents and business stuff; it could be very well-used for carrying your stuff while you travel.

Rolling backpacks are very versatile. It is not hard to find a rolling backpack that suits the design and colors you want, below, we listed down our favorite rolling backpacks for travel that you may want to check out and consider when shopping for the best-wheeled backpacks available in the market.

The first one in our list probably comes from the most popular brand the offers wheeled backpacks. High Sierra’s AT7 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack offers functionality for different purpose and activities. The two wheels and its telescoping handle allow you lug the rolling backpack through airports, on the streets, and to your hotel without having to wear it on your shoulders or arms. This little rolling backpack set also offers some more multipurpose features that might be beneficial to those who are traveling for business, regular flyers, backpackers, and to those who are traveling with family. This bag is made of water-resistant fabric which is perfect if you are traveling to places with unpredictable weather. A water-resistant backpack is also perfect business travelers carrying laptops or any sensitive documents.


Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price On Amazon: from $169.99


  • It is very versatile
  • It is perfect as carry-on size
  • The spinner wheels make maneuvering an easy job
  • It has storable backpack straps


  • Its handle can be smoother
  • The wheels are not level
  • The zippers are not lockable

When you open Cabin Max Lyon Flight Approved Bag at first, you will notice how it seemed hollow and a lot bigger than the specified size of 55x40x20cm. It has two exterior pockets. The little one on the surface is perfect for your travel documents, books, and even mobile devices. It is very useful for short-haul flights as it makes reaching for things more accessible. The other external pocket opened up to provide you with more small pockets where you can put your laptops and other little travel accessories that can clatter around in flight bags and lose your way just as when you need them.Depending on the airport terrain, or your preference, you can convert the bag so you can carry, backpack, or roll it. The straps of this backpack are concealed in a zipped flap which folds down around the wheels when you’re not carrying it around.The Cabin Max Lyon is a perfect bag for short-haul city getaways where you can save money if you don’t have luggage. There are budget airlines where allows you to save money on carry-on luggage charges.


Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $69.99


  • It has large space and can carry heavy bags
  • It is comfortable to carry on back
  • It has compartments for separate documents
  • It has large and durable zippers


  • It has quite a plastic sound when opening

The Osprey Ozone Wheeled 22” is rather like a little backpack on wheels. It offers the technical looks and quality built that Osprey sets into their backpacks, with an additional set of a carrying handle and in-line skate wheels. While this kind of carry-on backpack might attract a certain set of people, it does not quite be good enough to the performance and features offered by a traditional carry-on bag. While it’s lightweight, this bag it extremely tippy and the minimal bump caused it to tumble when being pulled. It had the tiniest internal volume compared to other bags on this list, and many wasted space all over the frame. For us, Osprey Ozone 22" is definitely one of the best rolling backpacks for travel you can find on the market today. It offers perfect weight, high-quality construction, comfortable back and shoulder supports, and to make this more convenient, it comes with a detachable day pack. The carry-on sizes limit requirement depends widely from airlines to airlines, but this specific bag meets the requirements for most major of airlines in America and Europe. It is constructed on a light aluminum frame, enclosed in rough nylon fabric, and opens through hard-wearing zippers. The big wheels with closed bearings are strongly placed in the frame but offer a comparatively high clearance for rolling over coarse terrain.


Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $299.00


  • It fits full suitable carry-on size
  • It has detachable 15 liters daypack with sleeve for laptop that zips easily
  • The compartments and pockets are well-designed
  • It has comfortable back and shoulder supports


  • The extra daypack may add additional weight which some may find unnecessary

Another rolling backpack you may want to consider buying is The North Face Overhead Carry-on Bag. This could very well be the piece of luggage that you need in your travel. Whether you are going to a quick city tour or going on a longer backpacking trip, this rough backpack keeps you prepared and helps you avoid long bag check queues.This bag’s structure keeps this bag lightweight enough for you to allocate the overhead bin without help while still keeping toughness and rigidity. Retractable handle and rugged wheels help you traverse paving stone streets and busy airports easily. It has a travel document compartment that where you can keep your passport and boarding pass very convenient and an outside-access laptop sleeve allows you take out your computer mid-flight without taking out the stuff of your luggage. It is also comes with internal and external compression straps that will help you pack everything in when you respond with some more souvenirs than you originally expected.


Editor's Rating: 93/100

Price On Amazon: from $248.48


  • It is made of good material
  • It is very versatile
  • It is very well-made and can endure heavy duty travel


  • It has telescope handle made of plastic
  • It is smaller than it looks

This multifunctional Deuter Helion guarantees effortless maneuvering, stores the content securely and the solid building ensures a safe stand. Furthermore, converting it to a backpack is very easy. Zip up cover hides the smart-carrying system on its back.The Deuter Helion 80L Wheeled Travel Backpack is easy to maneuver anywhere you go, and because of their construction, you can leave them to stand solidly by themselves. You can turn them easily into backpacks by tucking back the harness cover to expose the securely padded carrying system. They could be left out when you extend the handle to stand solidly on its own.In order to allow easy converting from carrying to rolling, you can leave out the shoulder strap with the handle stretched. It is easily replaceable, has large designed wheels with high-quality bearings that could be concealed by the hip wings when you carry it. Another thing we like about this wheeled backpack is that it has lockable main compartment zippers with padlock anchor on the large compartment for safety. It also has luggage straps to stabilize clothes and stuff from changing. It has compression straps to constrict the bag up and to make carrying it become easier. Its sturdy construction that has a solid base plate guarantees that the bag stands securely.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $289.00


  • It has overall larger dimensions that can put up with long term travelers
  • It has well-designed padlock anchor on both sides of the bag
  • The wheels of this backpack are replaceable in case it is necessary
  • The wheels get protected by the broad hip wings when worn


  • It has limited color options
  • It is not allowed for hand carry because of its size


These are only five of high quality rolling backpacks for travel available in the market today. There are more you can add up to this list. Depending on the size you need and the budget you have, you can decide which one to buy. If you are planning a short weekend trip, Cabin Max Lyon Flight Approved Bag would be enough. However, if you are looking for something that you can use for long-term trips, choose one among High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Spinner Duffel, Osprey Ozone Convertible 22"/50L Wheeled Luggage, The North Face Rolling Thunder 22-Inch Carry-on Bag, or Deuter Helion 80 29" Duffel.

So, which one you think suits you best? Let us know in the comment below!

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