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Oct 03
best crossbody bag for travel

One of the best daypacks a traveler can use is a crossbody bag. They normally have multiple pockets and compartments that will make your stuff more organized while on the road. This is practical if you want to have a versatile bag but at the same time keep in style.
Fortunately, cross body bag comes in different sizes, styles, and colors to suit your necessities.

Choosing the best crossbody bags for travel can save you from leaving your stuff accidentally, or worse, getting robbed. While this kind of bag isn't totally theft-proof, it would be easier for you to keep yourself from being a victim; they're harder to snatch compared to a typical clutch or shoulder bag.


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It's easy to find the best crossbody bags for travel, especially if you know what items you normally bring when you're traveling.

Here are some common items you might can to put in your daypack:

  • Town map or brochure
  • ​Mobile phone
  • ​Passport and other identification cards
  • ​Wallet
  • ​Hand sanitizer
  • ​Lip balm
  • ​Writing tools

If you're more of a physically active, outdoor type of traveler and enjoy hiking, zip lining, or horse riding, this is also perfect for you. It's perfect for eating dinner out, and it's also easy to wash.

How to Choose the Best Crossbody Bags for Travel

There are times when it does not really matter how passionate or obsessive you're about shopping. In terms of making the right decision for your everyday accessories, you should have to think well. Choosing and purchasing a handbag for traveling must be well-thought-out. It's not really difficult anyway! Here are some things you have to consider when choosing the best crossbody bags for travel:

Function and Comfort



The very first thing you need to consider when buying your travel bag is its function. What do you usually put in your bag? How often you're going to use it? So, the essential features when choosing are the amount of things you have to put it on through out the duration of your trip and, of course, you're planning to go.

The function and comfort are important when choosing the type of bag you're going to buy. You are well aware of your necessities, and so you will be happy with the choice in the long run.
Another thing many travelers are looking when buying a crossbody bag is its ability to carry a water bottle. And as a traveler, you know how having a bottled water with you while exploring a place is a very common occurrence and makes its way into your bag.

Rather than risking a leak and getting all your important documents or expensive gadgets get wet, consider getting a crossbag with an external water bottle pocket in order to avoid the problem together.

The Size of the Bag and Your Body Shape

Looking for the best crossbody bags for travel also means choosing the right size for your body shape, size, and height. If you're a small girl, you wouldn't want to buy a crossbody bag that is too big for your size.And if you're a tall, big guy, would you want to wear a bag that is so tiny. You need to choose a bag depending on these considerations.


woman bag


In terms of travel bag, or any bag, actually, quality comes first. Search for bags made of good materials like canvas or leather to make sure whether it is suitable or not for your necessities. You might also want to look at the lining: nylon, leather, vinyl, or even wool could be a good choice in terms of durability.

Whether you buy the bag for yourself or for someone else, keep in mind that there are features you do not want to miss. I have only pointed out the ones that are most important but depending on them, you can simply buy the bag that also suits your style and personality.


crossbody bag

Decide which color suits you best. If you think you have limited color options for buying a crossbag, you're wrong. There are actually a lot of options to choose from.

If you would like to stand out in a crowded place, looking like a tourist, then choosing a bright colored crossbag is an effective way to grab attention to yourself. If you wouldn't want to draw attention,don't give robbers ammunition to shot you, it's best to blend it with the locals so you won't get noticed.

Personally, I like choosing darker colors especially black or gray. You also have to keep in mind that choosing lighter colors is more likely to show more dirt, especially if you like outdoor activities, so in order to avoid this, it is smarter to choose darker colors or earth shades.

Top 6 Best Crossbody Bag for Travel

Choosing the best crossbag for your travel is not an easy job so we put up out top picks to help you choose. Take a look at our list below and check out the one that suits you best:

For Men



Leaper Canvas crossbody bag is a multifunctional, vintage bag with many pockets: 1 zipper pocket in front; 1 zipper pocket and 1 open pocket below the flap; and 2 side pockets. Its main compartment is tailored with 2 zip heads and pulls 1 inner laptop pocket; 1 inner zipper pocket; 2 inner small pockets. An iPhone, tablet, small laptop, wallet, tickets, snacks, and the magazine will suit here comfortably with room left over for other accessories.
It has buckles on top flap that can be opened and closed easily and keep all your secured. Its zipper pocket over the flap can place your passport and tickets for easy access. The straps are easily adjustable and very comfortable across your chest and back. It could act as either sling bag, shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag.
Even though this crossbag isn't waterproof, it is still very functional and comfortable for traveling.

Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price On Amazon: from $26.99


  • Durable and soft easily washed canvas
  • Multifunctional and has multiple pockets
  • Buckles on the top flap can easily be opened
  • Can secure your stuff


  • Bigger laptops can't hold it
  • It is not waterproof


SUNVP Tactical Military Daypack is made of decent molle webbing and all loops are smooth. It contains PALS quality stitching. The zipper pulls are nicely made with looped pull cord rather than the cheap pot metal pulls other cheap brands have.
Its size can hold a lot of stuff and has many compartments so organizing and securing things become easier. The zippers are strongly made and smooth and it contains multiple straps and loops that can secure things you put outside. The sling takes a little bit more of an adjustment, but when you figure out how you want it, it will be easier, it's pretty comfortable to wear and removing is easy and you can easily put it on one of your hand and travel map on the other.

Editor's Rating: 97/100

Price On Amazon: from $22.95


  • It contains lots of pockets
  • The chest sliding adjustment system easy to adjust to its comfortable state
  • The molle external expansion system aimed to be used together with other equipment


  • A number of straps can be confusing for some
  • It doesn't have a lot of internal pockets for additional items like pens and cards
  • It doesn't have enough padding to protect your laptop




The Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag is a stylish crossbody bag at a very affordable price. This roomy shoulder bag contains many organized compartments, more than enough pockets for your mobile phone, wallet,makeup, and other stuff you might need for your travel.
No matter what you do, no matter where you go, this crossbody bag is surely going to keep your important stuff protected and easily accessible. It could be difficult to find a women's crossbags that are both spacious and trendy at very affordable rate. Stylish, reasonably priced, and convenient, you will find all of this in this bag.
You will definitely love the pockets and storage and the organization this bag offers without looking so bulky. It is also available in six colors: black, burgundy, coffee, cognac, khaki, and dark turquoise. So if you're for quality and price, this is definitely one of the best crossbody bags for travel you can find.

Editor's Rating: 95/100

Price On Amazon: from $19.99


  • It has mobile phone pocket, side zipper pocket, and multifunctional slip
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap which stretches to 22.5 inches
  • It is available in multiple neutral colors


  • Some may find it too small


Another very affordable option for the best crossbody bags for travel is Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Large Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse. This versatile crossbag contains a lot of storage pockets in a compact size.
As the title suggests, this bag is made from genuine leather, which definitely adds a touch of class.Its front contains 3 zippered pockets with the pouch at the bottom, which can be a perfect place for putting 3 slots for your card and tickets. At the back, you will find a zipper pocket and a slip-incompartment. All this on the main zippered pocket! Every pocket is fully lined which makes it easy to wash.

Editor's Rating: 93/100

Price On Amazon: from $12.43


  • It has a lot of compartments perfect for traveling
  • It contains an adjustable shoulder strap


  • It can have a strong unpleasant odor from manufacturing




This is a lightweight crossbag that can hold all the things you need to bring during your trip. This could also be used both as a chest bag. Outdoor Master Crossbody Bag has a total of 7 pockets: 2 side net pockets, 1 inner front pocket, 1 front pocket, 1 main pocket, and 1 inner pocket.
The lightweight materials used to make this bag make it an ideal companion as a daypack while you're traveling. The shoulder strap has an adjustable length. You are also able to use this bag as a chest bag if you want to keep your stuff attended.

Editor's Rating: 90/100

Price On Amazon: from $13.95


  • Shoulder strap has an adjustable length
  • You are able to also use this bag as a chest bag if you want to keep in sight of your important things
  • It is very lightweight and spacious


  • Some people may find it smaller


Another from Outdoor Master is their 15L Packable Sling Bag, which also comes with lightweight, versatile quality. Unlike other crossbag that fold up, this product actually suits back into the built-insack. It contains a plastic hook, where you can even attach to your belt, or bigger pack where you can easily access it. It is very lightweight, but once you open it, you will see that it holds more than you'll ever expect.
It has a wide shoulder strap, entirely adjustable and is made of hard-wearing mesh materials which assure your comfort. It also has a convenient pocket on the side where you can put a bottle of water and a zipper pocket outside for quick access to your mobile phone, credit cards, wallet, or anything. It has a big roomy compartment is.

Editor's Rating: 88/100

Price On Amazon: from $10.99


  • It is lightweight and foldable into small pouch
  • It is extremely spacious yet lightweight packable crossbody bag
  • It folds into its zippered inner pocket
  • It's equipped with a hidden anti-theft pocket that allows you securely put your important valuables


  • Others may find this crossbag too small

My Advice is...

This list is separated into three categories depending on what type of travelers you are. All in all, this if you are a man with a budget, then you may want to choose between Leaper Canvas Crossbody Bag and SUNVP Tactical Military Daypack Sling Chest.

If you're women who want to keep her fashion sense, then choosing between Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket and Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag will be your best bet. But if you're on a budget or simply looking for a crossbag that wouldn't consume too much space in your luggage or main backpack, then choosing between Outdoor Master Crossbody Bag and Outdoor Master Packable Sling Bag would be a smart move.

What are the best crossbody bags for travel that you're using? Share them in them in the comment below!

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