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Apr 06
best cities in morocco

Morocco is a magnificent exotic country that gives visitors a chance to see all the glory it offers no matter what time of the year you think is the best time to visit Morocco. It has been drawing people for more than 200 hundred years and with its rich culture and history, this is not surprising at all. While Morocco is not as rich as other countries, visiting some of the best cities in Morocco will give you reasons why it is extremely worth a visit. This article will give you useful tips and travel advice for your Moroccan trip.


You will also be pleased to know that Morocco also an extremely safe and stable country for foreign travelers. It’s a country of contrasts, and by having a short drive out of the city, you will discover how pure this country is.

Morocco is full of cities that range from modern wonders to holy cities and historical sites where no one but Muslims is can enter. Exotic and mysterious, Morocco is a great pl​​ace to travel.

The Best Cities in Morocco

Every Moroccan city offers visitors an exceptional taste of the heritage and culture of the country combined with the modern-day affectations of present society. If you’re seeking a place that’s full of an exciting nightlife and crystal clear beaches, Agadir is what you should check out. It’s one of the only really modern cities in the country, and it was reconstructed in the 1960s after a huge earthquake ruined it. After restoration, it was rebuilt imitating European style.


Only an hour away for Agadir, Taroudant is worth checking out if you are interested to find some ancient Moroccan tourist destinations and the broadest city wall compound to be found in the country. And great good hotels and restaurants are not even counted. 

Essaouira is another beautiful city in Morocco and it’s also a popular attraction for tourists who want to spend a lot of time on a beach.

Other famous Moroccan cities include Tangiers, Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fez. All these cities have been featured in different movies, TV shows, and many pop culture references, which makes them popular without ever being experienced.

rabat city

Marrakech is known as the city never sleeps, with endless things to do late at night. Tangier was once infamous for its scampering underbelly of the mafia, smuggling, and other less savory vices until the city was rehabilitated to become an extremely safe city to go in with very friendly and accommodating residents.

Known as the oldest medieval city in the world, Fez is a big city where you can easily get lost a lot of streets and alleys in it. Casablanca is famous from the movie of the same name and it’s a very modern city that attracts many travelers. It is one of the busiest cities in Morocco.

Capital of Morocco

By now, you’re probably wondering, “What is the capital of Morocco?”

If you’re planning to explore the great Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco capital city, Rabat, is something you should not miss!

rabat city

One of the best cities in Morocco is its capital city. With a population of more than 1.5 million people, you can expect a big colorful city.

People come from a different world to see this enchanted place. Furthermore, since it is the capital this city, finding accommodations and restaurants shouldn’t be a problem.

For those who haven’t been in Morocco before, Rabat is one of the best starting points. Not only it’s filled with exciting things to see and do, it’s also filled with much natural beauty that will surely take your breath away. That’s a kind of beauty that you can’t easily find anywhere.

morocco architecture

As soon as you set your to foot to Rabat, you’ll see how it is surrounded by water. This truly adds to the great atmosphere that offers by the city.

First of all, Rabat is located right on the Atlantic Ocean. So, it is not surprising that this is great attractions for tourists. On top of that, it is also located at the edge of Bou Regreg River. Due to the stunning surrounding, the main source of income of Rabat actually comes from their tourism.

Another reason why Rabat is a popular place to go is due to all the culture and history you can discover as you explore the place. Actually, when exploring the city, you need to check out to the Theater Mohamed V that is situated right in the middle of the city.


The location of this place is a perfect place for you to see some of the most interesting places in the country. Also found in this region, you’re going to find many official Morocco galleries, along with an archaeological museum. It’s another reason why Rabat is a great choice for those who are visiting the country for the first time. By visiting, you can learn many things you were never aware of, and also have a great time.

While having the time of your life in Rabat, you might check out Temara. This is a Moroccan region that’s located in the Rabat’s green belt. Actually, the whole part of Temara is covered in both natural and artificial forest. You will be blown away when you see this forest. This is definitely a place that you will enjoy your trip. After all, this allows you see an entirely different side of Rabat that most people don’t normally experience.


On the other hand, if you are seeking for a place that will not only give you culture but also entertainment, Rabat will also not disappoint. It is perfect for any family who is looking for some educational and fun family vacation. After exploring the sites in this extraordinary city, you’re going to crave for more and want to come back to Rabat over and over again. You will not find anywhere else in the world where you can compare this place to.

Quick Moroccan Guide

Although Morocco offers a lot of exciting things for travelers and has an ever-growing popularity when it comes to tourist, Morocco is infamous for being a difficult county to travel especially for solo travelers.

So, here is a basic guide that will hopefully help you make your trip easier.

Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD) is the currency used in Morocco.

morocco currency

Electrical Supply: The standard voltage in Morocco is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You are able to use your electric appliances in Morocco if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 V and 240 V, similar to Europe, Australia and most parts of Africa and Asia.

Languages: The main and most widely spoken language in Morocco is Arabic, but there are other languages that are spoken here including Berber, Spanish, and French. You can also find English-speaking loFlight to Moroccocals, especially in bigger cities.

Medical Information: No shots are needed when entering Morocco. Just make sure to drink a lot of water while walking around outside. The country doesn’t lack clinics and hospitals, just make sure to have a travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

Tipping staff: While not always required, tipping is a common practice in Morocco, 15% is the common amount, and is generally expected high-class establishments, though a lot of places have service charge included in the bill.

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Morocco Safety Warnings: Fortunately, assault shouldn’t be a major concern when traveling inside Morocco – although there have been some cases of armed robbery with knives on beaches and bigger cities. General common sense like avoiding from dim lit streets and being vigilant must keep you safe, just like when you travel anywhere else in the world. But all in all, visiting Morocco shouldn’t be worrisome just make sure to practice common sense.

Moroccan Customs and Laws: Because the beautiful country of Morocco is a Muslim dominated nation, exposing too much skin is generally a frowned upon. So, as much as possible, avoid wearing swimsuits, shorts, and other revealing clothes outside when you are in public or not on the beach, as you, especially if you are a female. Smoking is also another habit to watch out for, so if possible, don’t smoke in public especially if there are a lot of people.


Morocco for Gay Travelers: Just like many Muslim-dominated countries, same-sex sexual activity is prohibited. One can be punished with 6 months to 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of MAD 120 to MAD 1200. However, this law is rarely enforced. But keeping everything behind closed doors would be a better way to go. So, don't expect to find gay nightclubs or bars in Morocco because that is not a thing.

Exploring some of the best cities in Morocco is definitely worth it. This country, on the whole, is a unique, exciting, and friendly country that offers a lot of exciting experience and activities that you cannot probably find elsewhere.
From the beachside towns that offer warm long days to bigger cities with rich culture and history, and wide landscape, woodland, and desert, your trip to Morocco will be filled with fun, discoveries, and excitement!

Hopefully, this article helped you understand more of what Morocco has to offer. If you have any more questions or suggestions you want to share, let us know in the comment box below! If you need more travel advice, make sure to check out our other blog posts.

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