Is Morocco Safe To Visit? Here Are All the Information You Must Know

By Alice Ross | AFRICA

May 30
is morocco safe to visit

Even though crime is prevalent anywhere in the world, people are more vulnerable to danger abroad than at home, just because they’re not fully familiar of all the risks that they might encounter during their trip.

Traveling in a new place might mean not knowing the environment and what to expect. There are some easy precautions you are able to follow to make sure that your trip is safe and fun as long as it’s under your control.

While you’re traveling, you’re subject to the rules and laws of the country you are traveling to. So, it is important for you to make sure that you familiarize yourself with local laws and customs. Morocco is not an exception.

If you’re only of those traveling asking, “Is Morocco safe to visit?” Then this article for you.


Anything can happen on your trip, so it is best to use extra precaution in everything you do, no matter where you are in the world. No travel blogs can assure your safety, it is always subject to your actions and situations.

While we normally here the clichés like use common sense to make sure that you’re not targeted by criminals. Or don't wear visible jewelry or bring a big chunk of money. Or trust strangers easily. There are more to this!

Sometimes, people would ask “is Morocco in Africa?” And when answered, they would think that it is automatically dangerous because it belongs to a certain continent.

So, is it safe to travel to Morocco?

Below are some of the most important things to know and to be aware of when traveling to Morocco along with Morocco travel safety tips. 

Tourist-Related Crimes

Petty crimes like bag snatching and pickpocketing are quite common. There are also some cases of violent crime like knifepoint and theft. Important belongings, which include your passport, should always be in a safe place. Always practice vigilance when you’re in public places.

There were cases where foreigners have been robbed while walking on isolated beaches and badly lit streets at night.

spending money

Be cautious of your surroundings while withdrawing money from a machine. Aggressive begging around ATMs is common and thefts have occurred.

Credit card fraud like scams and double billing can also occur. Make sure to keep an eye on your credit card everything you are making any form of transactions.

How to Dress

One of the best advice we can give you: Be respectful and keep modest in Morocco by knowing what to wear.

Keep in mind that Morocco is a Muslim nation, and while some women are more comfortable to travel in thighs, shorts, and top tank, it may attract attention and might be frowned upon even.

Moroccan guys could be persistent and pretty tiring in their remarks as Western women pass by. Some of the reasons for this include:

 -A romantic interaction between local men and women before the marriage is quite unusual.

morocco man

 -Western women are commonly seen as exciting and daring; particularly considering that they don’t usually follow the typical custom in Morocco to follow the sex before marriage law.

As you can tell, tourists walking around in tight clothing can aggravate two insights:

 -That they do not respect the local customs and are exultant to show what’s seen in the country as ‘private’ body parts to local men.

 -That their willingness to show off our body reflects their ‘availability’ and free morals related to European women.
Covered shoulders, knees, and looser-fitting silhouettes are what commonly known in Morocco, so sticking to local clothing norms isn’t only a sign of respect, but is going to help you to fit in more as you all over the country.

You must also consider what time you are planning to visit Morocco. If you’re planning on traveling to Morocco during the summer season, you may want to balance your conservative style of dress with the extreme heat. Choose to clothe with breathable, flowing fabrics.

Gays Travelers

Because Morocco is a Muslim country where same-sex sexual activity is prohibited, it is important to be careful if you are traveling with your partner.

Based on their law, one can be punished with anything from 6 months to 3 years detention and fine money. However, the local government hardly applies this law and homosexual activity is fairly common particularly in bigger cities like Agadir and Casablanca. That’s why you cannot expect to see nightclubs and gay bars in the country.


The entire relationship in Morocco between male and female is seen very differently compared to the Western countries. Moroccans are very family-oriented, so, it’s not shocking that every sexual encounter has firm expectations that are tied in with creating children.

With this being said, it doesn’t change the fact that Morocco is worth the visit by gay travelers. There’s no reason to fear traveling to Morocco no matter what your sexual orientation is. 

This is only to say that awareness and discretion are needed while traveling to Morocco. In order to avoid any potential issues, gay travelers may want to consider traveling Morocco as part of a group tour, personalized Morocco tours or planning their trip with the help of Morocco tour agencies familiar with planning trips in Morocco. By doing this, you will be able to avoid troubles and your trip will be able to be more stress-free.

Sexual Harassment

Different women are said to have widely different experiences of sexual harassment in the country. There are women who find it persistent and niggling, while some never encounter any problem. A lot of women compare Morocco favorably with some parts of southern Europe, but there’s no doubt that, generally, tourist harassment here is more persistent compared to many countries in northern Europe or other English-speaking nations.

Harassment normally consists of men trying to talk you or giving uninviting remarks about your physical features, and it could be persistent and even frightening at times.

2 women wearing a dress

This is partly due to Moroccan men’s misapprehension of sexual attitudes of western people, and the fact that some of them some think that they will get into no trouble with taking liberties with foreigners that no Moroccan woman would put up with.

How safe is Morocco when it comes to sexual harassment may depend on you.

You can get rid of undesirable attention by practicing some strategies. You may want to appear confident and act familiar with the place. Showing as if you have the same standards as the locals, will likely to deter most of them.

Other strategies you can use to avoid trouble include avoiding eye contact, telling them you are with your spouse, and just trying to avoid sketchy places all in all. You must also avoid physical contact with local men, even in a way that wouldn’t be considered sexual at home, as it could easily be misinterpreted. 

​Vaccinations for Morocco

When it comes to health issues, you will be happy to know that there are no necessary vaccinations for traveling to Morocco for entry from most countries. However, all foreigners are strongly advised to consider enough cover against Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, and Hepatitis A, and Typhoid. People who are planning to have longer trips or planning to check out more rural areas in the country will also have to consider cover against ailments like Rabies and Hepatitis B.


So, is Morocco safe to visit? Yes, it is. But it could also be not. So, it is best to practice the tips mentioned above for a smoother and stress-free trip.

Hopefully, this article is enough for you to get your question regarding Morocco. As you can see, safety concerns that you must practice in this shouldn’t be different from the precautions you do when you are in many places in the world, no matter which Moroccan city you are traveling to. 

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