When Is The Best Time To Visit Morocco? Here Is What You Need To Know!

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Mar 19
best time to visit morocco

When we think about Morocco, the first thing we think about is camel trains walking their way through hot sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. While you can indeed find that scene in many parts of this what's known as one of the safest countries in Africa, that’s not true for the most part of it. Knowing the real climate is important if you want to know the best time to visit Morocco. In this article, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding that matter.


What is the Weather in Morocco?

During the summer months of Morocco, which is from the month of June to August, the heat is mainly fierce in the Sahara Desert while mid-level elevations and cities along the coast of the Atlantic are pleasingly hot. 

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North coasts, on the other hand, you will be able to a moderate Mediterranean climate with extensive, hot, sunny days. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear loose breathable clothing, which is not just going to keep you cool but also guard you against the rays of sunshine.

The months of November to February are the winter weather of Morocco, the day temperatures in the southern part are relatively mild, even though you have to pack a thick jacket  because evenings can get astoundingly cold. The northern part of Morocco goes through cloudy and wet winters and the High Atlas Mountains could be remarkably cold, sometimes keeping their snow-capped mountaintops until as late as the money of July.


The most stunning part of the year for Morocco is the month of mid-March to May during spring. This is when the scenery is lush and green, which makes for remarkable mountain hiking. Autumn is also lovely, so visiting the country in the months of September to October can also be the best time to go to Morocco when temperatures are very pleasant. 

When is the Best Time to Trek the Atlas Mountains?

Even though you are likely to trek the Atlas Mountains any time of the year, the months of April to May which is spring and the months of September to October which is fall mostly offer the best weather.


Even though summers in the Atlas Mountains are normally summer and mild, climates in the mountain valleys usually exceed 30°C or 86°F, while thunderstorms in the afternoon are not uncommon. During winter, evening temperatures can go down to 5°C or 41°F or sometimes, even lower, while snow precautions including ice-axes and crampons are needed above 3,000 meters. On the other hand, the weather in the Atlas Mountains could be a pretty unpredictable all year round and conditions depend deeply on what elevation you want to trek to. 

When is the Best Time to Visit the Coast?

The best time to visit Morocco, just like many tropical countries, would be summer, especially if you want to check out some beaches. If you want to go surfing, this season would also be ideal for catching some swells.


The water temperature is also at their warmest during the summer, with the average temperature of 20°C or 70°F. However, this means visiting this time of the year, you are likely to deal with the heavy flow of tourists, so if possible, book everything in advance. 

When is Best Time to Visit the Sahara Desert?

If the Sahara Desert is listed in your itinerary, then you have to know that fall and spring would be the best time to check it out. By doing that, you are able to avoid the super dry landscapes and roasting temperatures of summertime, and the chilly evening temperatures of the winter season.

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Furthermore, during this time of the year, temperatures tend to plunge as the sun goes down, so make sure to have a warm jacket no matter what time of the year you are planning to go. Even though spring is usually a great time to visit the desert, it is important to keep in mind that April particularly can come with sandstorm.

​Morocco Weather by Month

A popular misconception about Morocco is that it’s sweltering hot any time of the year. But being a country located on the Mediterranean, Morocco essentially experiences four different seasons. While temperatures differ, this country is normally very sunny, which makes it an ideal destination if you want to experience summer in Africa.

Another thing you must consider when you want to know the best time to visit Morocco is the local events and holidays. For example, if you happen to visit the country during Ramadan, then expect it to be busy and many establishments are close, but it will also give you a different perspective of Morocco.

Depending on what kind of trip you’re planning to do, there’s always the best time for it. You just must be aware in order for you to know what to expect!

Below is a summary of what to expect on Morocco weather by month…

June to August

The months of June through August are considered to be the summer months. This is also the month where you will experience the hottest season of the country. The temperature varies depending on the region you are in: whether you’re by the beach in the desert. The Sahara is usually very hot during this time of the year, and you will likely want to just stay in the air-conditioned room during the day.


However, don’t ignore your thick clothing as nighttime can still be cold. Bigger cities in Morocco are also going to be pretty hot for many during this season. If you are planning to visit during this time of the year, you may want to make sure you check out some beach towns.

This is a great idea if you want to cool down a bit with the breeze of the ocean.This is also a good time for those who are looking to experience some local events. Summer is a perfect time for festivals.


September to October

These months are the fall season in Morocco, which offers a very mild temperature. For me, this is the most pleasant time to visit the place. There will be a lot of sunshine and cooler evenings during this time of the year. If possible, plan your trip during this season.

November to March

This may come as a surprise, but Morocco, in fact, experiences winter! In the mountainsides, it can be really cold and snow may fall. While you can still have nice and sunny days, the temperatures can still be cooler, particularly during the night.

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November to January is the months where you may experience the rain, particularly in the northern part of the country. There’s an average of approximately 2 inches a month, November being the rainiest month. In the south part of Morocco, you may experience drier winter.

Christmas holiday is certainly the peak season. Hotels might be pretty more expensive and you will want to make your booking beforehand in order to ensure that you will secure a room. If you’re planning to do some hiking, then you may not want to visit during these months as rain and snow can make things difficult for you.

April to May

Another great time to visit is during these months. The months of April to May are the spring season. These months offer sunny and pleasant temperatures to explore. During this time of the year, you may expect to see beautiful landscape since everything is green and bright.

Even though the months of May and April can also experience some rain, you won’t get a lot of it to ruin your day.

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If you’re planning to go to the Sahara Desert, you must know that there is a chance of sandstorms in the month of April since the winds could be quite strong at this month. Furthermore, you must know that because it is Easter, prices of hotels and flights are tent to get higher as more and more tourists come to have a vacation in Morocco.

Morocco is an amazing place to spend your holiday, and to make the most of your stay, make sure to know the right time to go. Hopefully, this article has given you enough information you need to give you an outlook of what Morocco weather by month is.

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