Accommodation Options: Top Places Where to Stay In Rome

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Sep 05
Top Places Where to Stay In Rome

If you’re planning to go to Italy’s capital on your next vacation, then you must wisely consider where to stay in Rome. Maybe due to its diverse nature or because of its status, Rome offers hotels that applicable to all kind of needs, which include business and leisure, at a price to suit the needs of everyone. Most accommodations in the city of Rome are situated near the city’s historic landmarks and offer an easy access to a lot of different fascinations.


You have to know that the condition of your accommodation can make or break trip. So, in order to avoid that, you have to know which one suits your needs and preference.

The accommodation options in this city include hostels, hotels, and guesthouse. If you are looking for a little-relaxed lifestyle and seeking a place outside the commotion of the city, you can easily find conventional lodges and inns a few kilometers outside the city hotspot.

If you are visiting Rome for a business purpose, you can consider getting either a long term or short term corporate lodging. This city has convenient booking services in order to make your stay as fun as possible.

With the number of attractions in the city, you have to be careful in picking where to stay in Rome in order to make the most of your stay. For instance, you are able to stay near the Forum or the Colosseum. If you’re not really a city person, then it’s best to ensure that you choose an accommodation located outside the city, that is still convenient – something that has direct metro or bus station. Through this, it is still going to be easy for you to get to your points of interests if you want.

Best Areas to Stay in Rome

Choosing where to stay in Rome might be one of the hardest parts of traveling around the Eternal City. The city has 22 different districts or if you’re a local, rioni. If this isn’t confusing enough for you, every district has different neighborhoods that offer accommodations that vary in price and quality. When choosing where to stay in Rome, it is best to know what every district can offer! Although there are different ways to see every corner of all neighborhoods in Rome, we picked out 7 districts that you may be interested in.

The Centro Storico – For a romantic trip

The historic Centro Storico is what most foreign visitors imagine when they think of a Roman holiday: intersecting cobbled streets and distinctive alleys full of Baroque churches, Renaissance palazzi, and splendid piazzas. The best part of staying in this area is that Piazza Navona and Pantheon, and most of the attractions you may want to see are only a few steps away. However, you must expect to pay the price of the convenience it offers –hotels around this area tend to be boutique instead of budget-friendly.

However, you can still possibly find some accommodation that will not break the bank by using websites like Airbnb. However, if you have money to burn, don’t hesitate to stay at any hotel around here in order to experience what the area truly has to offer.

Tridente – For shopping spree

Tridente, which is named due to the three roads that spread from Piazza del Popolo landmark, is located in the north part of the city center. This is the main area for designer boutiques, expensive restaurants, and chichi bars. The central part of the area is Piazza di Spagna when a necessary stop on the Grand Tour and still a huge attraction: tourists settle towards the legendary Spanish Steps to just enjoy the atmosphere. Accommodations in this area tend to be limited but ultra-lavish.

Campo de’ Fiori and the Ghetto – For amazing atmosphere

Campo de’ Fiori

Technically, these districts are part of the Centro Storico, except they are less busy due to a lack of major attractions, the maze of streets all over café-furrowed Campo de’ Fiori build one of the most picturesque quarters of the city, filled with family-owned boutiques, trattorias, as well as. On the southeast part is where the old Jewish Ghetto located. This is a flourishing, atmospheric neighborhood with several fantastic restaurants. You can rent an apartment in one of the backstreets of Ghetto if you want to experience living like a local.

Via Veneto and Villa Borghese – For luxury stay

Via Veneto

Visiting Rome for some pampering moments? Then the luxurious hotels around Via Veneto will surely give you the TLC you’re probably looking for. This street once was the beating heart of Dolce Vita-era Rome, an extremely fashionable film-star hidey-hole; today it changes on its history to some extent – the bars and restaurants around here are tourist traps, so if you are looking for something that will impress you, try to go somewhere else. Via Veneto go through the verdant Villa Borghese, all over which cluster more deluxe accommodation, though you are a taxi or bus, ride from the center here.

Aventine Hill and Testaccio – For local lifestyle

If you want to relish in Roman food, then staying around Testaccio wouldn’t disappoint. A modest, ordinary district that cultivated around the old slaughterhouse, it is now famous for its authentic trattorias. Testaccio is also where you can find the main produce market in Rome – a nice location to choose epicurean souvenirs. It is located a couple of streets north, however, it is worlds away; the peaceful Aventine Hill is one of the most exclusive districts of the city. Mainly residential, it docks some hotels, which offers relaxation and additionally, it is only a few steps away from the prehistoric Roman sights.

Celian Hill and Monti – For village feel

Monti used to be Rome’s red light district; today however, it has become a trendy neighborhood filled with cool bars, unique boutiques, and nice restaurants. Within walking distance from Colosseum, it is well-located for sightseeing as well. Going southeast, you can find the Celian Hill which cannot recapture the same buzz; however, it offers its own unglamorous local commotion and several nice local restaurants.

Trastevere – For active nightlife

This district used to be a working-class neighborhood, but now it becomes restored and pin-pointed on the most tourist map, wonderful Trastevere is a perfect place for a photo op, all cobblestoned lanes, ivy-clothed buildings, and nip-sized piazzas. Situated by or on top of the river, this area is within walking distance of Centro Storico and the Vatican. Another great thing about this offers a great nightlife scene, the narrow streets that surround the area are lined with outstanding bars and trattorias; settle on this area’s quieter eastern part if you’d rather stay away from huge crowds.

Figuring out where to stay in Rome shouldn’t be a stressful experience, however, this is sometimes inevitable especially if it’s your first time. Hopefully, this article helps you find where to stay during your trip!

So, which district do you think is the best for tourists visiting Rome? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the box below!


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