Suggested Itinerary: What to Do In Budapest in 2 Days?

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Jul 07
what to do in budapest

Budapest is an exceptional destination for a lot of people who want to experience the gems of Central Europe. Hungary’s capital, Budapest, stretches further than both sides of the Danube, which divides the city into the sides of Buda and Pest. Budapest is famous for some of the most stunning bridges that stretch both sides of the river and attach the city together. 

As such, you will find incredible attractions and sights in Budapest, giving you exciting things to do while in the city and experiencing amazing things you will find nowhere else.


Suggested Itinerary: What to Do In Budapest in 2 Days?

The Pest side is debatably recognized to be the more developed and newer part of the city, but it’s still full of spectacular architecture and ancient attractions. Make sure to wander around the river and go to the Parliament Buildings on the way – the imposing buildings are a famous attraction for both tourists and locals.

Wandering throughout Buda is another worthwhile experience, as this is where the historic roots of the city are experienced. Ancient architecture, museums, and statues fill Buda and offer a distinctive and historic atmosphere to discover.

Buda city

Budapest, however, is not only about the attractions, if you are into shopping, this city has a number of fascinating markets and shopping areas where you are able to find anything from clothes to foods.

Furthermore, whether you are hoping to have a relaxing weekend in Budapest or are hoping to have a crammed vacation of galleries trips or unique activities, it’s great to know that it is easy to find hotels to give you easy access to your points of interests. Through that, you are able to plan your itinerary around the hotel you want to stay in.

If you want to know what to do in Budapest in 2 days, here is a suggested itinerary you can use as a guide on your trip.

Day 1


-Buda and Castle Hill

As mentioned earlier, Budapest used to be two different cities, which are Buda and Pest, separated by Danube. They united into a single city in the year1870s, however, still look pretty different. For instance, Pest is generally flat and filled with shopping malls and restaurants. On the other hand, Buda is mostly hilly and visited more by tourists compared to Pest — but that is only due to the attractions on Buda Hill and nothing much more.

Castle Hill

-Buda Castle in Budapest

You are able to enjoy the funicular, otherwise go to Castle Hill and eventually Old Town of Buda, where you will see the Budapest History Museum and enjoy amazing views through the famous Chain Bridge of the city. By then, you will still have the time to go to Trinity Square to walk around Matthias Church, a gothic structure built in 13th century with a spectacular tiled roof.

Budapest castle at night


- Fisherman's Bastion

Just located beside Matthias Church, you will find Fisherman's Bastion; this is one of many people’s favorite on Castle Hill. It has cool architecture, and the sights throughout the Danube canot be beaten.

Fisherman's Bastion

- Lunch/Dinner

Have lunch somewhere along the Danube or at the overlooking of Fisherman's Bastion located at Danube and Pest — this may be more expensive, but you will enjoy the incredible views.


- Ruin Bars

When in Budapest, you must not miss experiencing the nightlife. Budapest has a unique kind of bar culture that is a must-check-out for everyone – the ruin bars. In today’s modern day, these new pubs started spreading throughout the Budapest. They’re situated in run-down structures and abandoned outdoor spaces that have been turned into trendy places where you are able to enjoy very affordable drinks.


One of the most popular ruin bars you can find in Budapest is the first one that is built in the city, Szimpla Kert, which is found today in Jewish Quarter of Budapest. Inside, the bar is filled with inequitable furniture – you could even enjoy a drink or two inside half of an antique Trabant car.

Day 2


- Thermal Baths

Under the city of Budapest, you will see dozens of geothermal springs. The city long ago yoked these and constructed some beautiful thermal baths. My personal favorite is Szechenyi Baths located close to Heroes' Square — this gorgeous 100-year-old bathhouse has 15 indoor baths and 3 outdoor pools of different temperatures. Another popular one you may want to check out is the Gellert Thermal Baths.

Budapest Széchenyi baths


- Parliament

After relaxing at any bathhouse in Budapest, next place you may want to visit is The Hungarian Parliament building. This is a great example of gothic construction which you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in Budapest. It is very big and stands out a lot that it is impossible for you to not see it. Make sure not to miss this place, it is definitely worth visiting when looking for what to do in Budapest in 2 days.Danube 

The Hungarian Parliament building

- Memorial

While at the Parliament, make a time to visit the commemorative on the Danube bank, located just ahead of Parliament. You will see sets of bronze shoes here as a commemorative to those Jews who were murdered by fascist militiamen in the city throughout The Second World War. The memorial is not flashy, but it is absolutely moving. Those who were murdered here were asked to remove their shoes and gunshot by the water in order for their bodies to be washed away by the water of Danube.

Danube bank


- The Danube at Sunset

The long pomegranate is a place where you can enjoy walking and taking photos of Buda and the Castle Hill. You can some time to discover the busy shopping spots of Budapest Vorosmarty Street. The whole street comes to life during the evening until late at night with locals and tourists.

Budapest Vorosmarty Street

You will find anything from local markets to international brands offering everything you may need when in you are in the city. Furthermore, don’t forget to try some Hungarian food.

- The Danube at night

If you are not in for drinking, it is not hard to find an alternative thing to do while in Budapest. Another great thing to do here is to cruise along the Danube as the sun goes down. Different companies offer after dark cruises, and many of them even offer dinner along with it. Regardless of what your budget is, you can definitely find one that suits. Each of the buildings you will find along the river and all the bridges crossing it are well-lit at night, which makes for a nice remarkable spectacle.


Budapest is a beautiful city and absolutely one of those cities that you cannot explore fully just in 2 days. However, if you are looking for what to do in Budapest in 2 days, this suggested itinerary is enough to make you fall in love with this place.

What do you think of this itinerary? Do you know any other activities we can put in our list in order to make your trip to Budapest a lot more fun? Let us know in the comment box below!

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