Top Tips to Create Eye Catching Videos from Your Photo Collection

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Jan 17
Top Tips to Create Eye Catching Videos from Your Photo Collection

Looking to transform your pictures into captivating videos? Wondering how to create eye-catching videos from your photo collection? Not a problem when some tips and tricks can help you figure that out.


If you have a photo collection to share, converting your shots into video format is probably the best way of making the pictures look perfect. Ordinary pictures are nice, but videos are more dynamic and even more interesting.

The best thing about videos is that users can easily share them on Facebook or YouTube. Nowadays, people are more into watching videos than going through pictures that don't convey the intended message precisely and clearly.

Using the right tool will make it easier for you to add all your images to a timeline, apply special effects and titles, and create interesting videos. Before you get your hands on such tools, go through some of these tips to help you out:

Work on Creating a Proper Outline

If your main objective behind using photos to create a video is explaining a certain idea or narrating a story from the beginning until the end, then jot down all the points. Write down everything and create a basic framework of how you want to structure the visual content.

For instance, if you're creating a travel video using all the images you took during the journey, try structuring your video with images from the beginning of the trip until the end.

Follow your tour chronologically until you get back home. You can even consider your outline as a chronological structure which you'll be using in your visual content. Creating a plan or an outline is not mandatory, but having one will make things more convenient when putting the final video together.

Select the Right Pictures

Even though you have a complete collection of photos to use in your video, you cannot use every single one of them. Remember, when you create a video from your photo collection, the pictures themselves are one of the most significant elements of this project.

It's impossible to create a good-quality video from low-quality images. Just because you've decided to create a video using your photo collection, that doesn't mean you'll use only the photos from your collection.

photo selection and editing

You can look out for different pictures depending on the type of video you're making. There's no need to purchase a professional and high-quality camera or take HD-quality pictures either, especially if you're making videos for personal use. For this purpose, pictures clicked from your smartphone will also be sufficient.

Choose Pictures from the Same Device

It's always wise to take all the pictures for the video from the same device. Also, make sure to flip the device horizontally when taking pictures. This ensures that all the images will have a uniform appearance. If you fail to do this, your video will appear like a weird slideshow of erratically generated images.

If you aim to make a promotional video, it's best to hire the services of an experienced photographer. You can also create videos from photos using a video editing tool. You'll have a camera for this purpose but at the same time, ensure that you use a camera stand or tripod if required. This ensures you don't have any blurry photos in the post-production stage.

Avoid using low-quality stock images when making business videos. Also, stay away from too generic images as they won't help you convey your brand's story precisely to your viewers.

Always go for professionally-clicked photographs of the products you deal in or of your back office or events you're conducting. As these things are specifically connected to your business, such pictures should generate the viewers' interest when you include them in a video.

Organize Your Pictures

The next step is organizing all your pictures to appear in chronological order or the way you desire. Here, the outline you created in the first step will prove to be instrumental. Organizing and keeping all your pictures in one place will even ease the editing procedure before the video production stage.

Edit Your Video Aptly

video photo editing

For this purpose, you need to have the most useful and feature-rich editing tool handy. Add video effects and elements to your content to make it more visually appealing to the audience.You need a good quality digital camera in order to create a quality video, you can check the best digital camera to create quality video.

Editing your visual content involves adding a whole lot of titles, filters, and motion graphics to your content to make it more attractive and informative. If you're using an editing tool, you can browse through its library of stock sounds, images and videos and add the same to your content. Keep editing your content until you're happy with the result.

Enhance the Quality of Your Video

Creating a professional video doesn't mean you mash a bunch of pictures together and call it a day. First of all, you must choose top-quality pictures that further help in enhancing the quality of your video.

When you're editing the content, try editing all the photos in the same way. This will give them a similar feel and look so that your video appears more cohesive instead of a jumble of randomly clicked pictures.

Also, when editing your video, edit the pictures for all kinds of exposure problems. Pay attention to important things like saturation, colour, and contrast.If you are looking for some photography tips then these useful tips will help you to edit your travel photos like a pro.

Choose the Best Tunes

One of the most crucial aspects of your video is the music, and you need to choose it carefully. You can't do without music in your video because it makes your video appear like a glorified soundless show.

Just because music is a must in your video, that doesn't mean you can go about using almost anything. Pay attention to your video, its subject matter, and its most important elements, then find music that is relevant to it.

choose tunes to create eye catching videos from your photo collection


It's time to share your work with the world! Ensure everything is in place before you upload or publish your video. Your pictures were lying idle on your device, and now you've put them to good use by showcasing them in your video. Polish them, edit them, and create a video in such a way that they find the perfect place in your visual diary!

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