Top Things to Do in Hong Kong Central

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Oct 28
Top things to do in Hong Kong Central

In Hong Kong, the central island is where modern Hong Kong began. While many ancient colonial buildings that were once used as an administration center in the area have now given way to sparkling skyscrapers and bustling shopping malls, there are also more than a handful of historical attractions left that are worth a visit here. This article will help you discover some of the top things to do in Hong Kong Central.


Statue Square

Statue Square is likely to be the first attraction you spot on your trip to Hong Kong. This 19th-century market featured statues of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Edward VII, and Sir Thomas Jackson, the legendary HSBC CEO responsible for funding the city's early development. The sculptures were removed by the Japanese occupation forces during World War II, but were returned to Hong Kong immediately after the war.

Go Shopping at IFC Mall

IFC Mall provides the best shopping experience for both locals and international tourists. It accommodates awe-inspiring attractions, ranging from retail to cuisine and entertainment. It is designed as a giant indoor paradise offering everything for all.

The International Finance Mall is famous for it high-end names in fashion, such as Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, and Victoria's Secret. You will also enjoy many selections of dishes from different continents while catching the latest movie releases in deluxe screening cinema rooms. It is an exciting place that caters to an abundance of tastes and interests.

Travel Across Victoria Harbour on the Star Ferry

Hong Kong ferry

The Star Ferry is a public transport option in Hong Kong Central. It also acts as an attraction and as a symbol of Hong Kong. The Star Ferry network encompasses 12 double-decker ferries, and the deck you choose depends on the route you are traveling.

The upper deck ferry was designed to include a coffeehouse and sunbathing deck, which attracts tourists. This enables them to relax and enjoy the views, and passengers use it to travel in style between Victoria Harbour, Kowloon, and Hong Kong island. The lower deck is more convenient during the peak and busiest hours. The ferry is a memorable experience when you visit Victoria Harbour.

Enjoy an Exhibition at Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun was known as the central police station. Lately, it has been renovated and restored, to be transformed it into a beautiful center to celebrate heritage and art. This cultural center holds many heritage and art exhibitions, as well as art showcases. The Tai Kwun Center is covered with bars, restaurants, and local boutique shops. It is a nice place to while away a few hours.

Visit the Supreme Court Building

The former Supreme Court building is located on the east side of Statue Square, west of Chater Garden. This 1912 neoclassical building was designed by Sir Aston Webb, the British architect responsible for the east façade of Buckingham Palace and the Cromwell Road façade of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Nearby, the main HSBC building in Hong Kong (or merely, the HSBC building) designed by world-famous architect Norman Foster is also interesting. It was the most expensive building in the world when it opened in 1985. It is supported by five huge steel modules that do not have a core structure. The building has a colossal atrium and enjoys excellent Feng Shui as it is designed to ensure the free flow of positive energy.

Take in Other Buildings and Landmarks

Next to the Bank of China tower and park are some impressive colonial buildings that deserve a view, as they give you an idea of what the city looked like in its early days.

This includes the neoclassical building of a former French mission with a granite façade and red Brick (now the Court of Appeal), St. John's Cathedral from the 1840s, arguably the oldest Anglican church in East Asia, and 1961 Helena May's main building near the Peak Tram, which was initially a colonial-style members club that provides a haven for unaccompanied women who come to town.

Visit Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park, across from the Bank of China Tower, is an oasis of green and tranquility between skyscrapers with lotus ponds, artificial waterfalls, a Tai Chi garden, and a wonderful hiking area. This is the largest park in Hong Kong, covering about 80000 square meters sprinkled with playgrounds and fountains. It provides a relaxing and cool environment for tourists in Hong Kong Central.

Around the Park, there is an elevated walkway that allows visitors to reverse and enjoy views of the tree canopy at different angles and heights. The Park also has a greenhouse that normally holds plant shows throughout the year.

Another notable landmark in Hong Kong Park is Flagstaff House: the city's oldest colonial building that once served as the military headquarters and residence of the British Commandant in Hong Kong. It now houses the museum for teaware, which displays impressive collections of tea artifacts.

Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the oldest zoos globally. While its range of animals is much smaller than that of similar zoos in other metropolitan areas of the planet, it's still a great place to visit - especially the botanical area, where you can admire the unique plants that grow in this part of the world.

Old Stairway at Duddell Street

On the other side of the zoo, below the government building, visit places like the old staircase on tiny Duddell Street, where you can still see Hong Kong's only existing gas lamps, or the Bishop's House and Fringe Club, which are adjacent to Lower Albert Road.

End your trip with one or two cups of coffee and pizza in the open-air Exchange Square complex, surrounded by modern sculptures and incredibly bright skyscrapers that will leave a vivid memory in your mind.


Hong Kong Central is a fantastic place to visit because it has so many things to offer people from all walks of life. Hong Kong Central has very stunning attractions to enjoy during your trip to Hong Kong.

You will be able to enjoy nature and to experience the lively cultural atmosphere of Hong Kong. So next time you think of touring a new place where you can enjoy with your family, think of heading to Hong Kong Central.

If you're thinking of renting a car and driving around Hong Kong Central to be able to take in more of its attractions at your own pace, the International Drivers Association has put together a useful guide with essential tips for driving in Hong Kong.

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