Where to Stay In Hong Kong on a Budget? Read This Article To Know!

By Alice Ross | ASIA

Jun 25

Hong Kong is an interesting place that is heavily influenced Chinese and British culture. It is a famous place for travelers for its eclectic vibes, delicious foods, and rich culture. Fortunately, finding where to stay in Hong Kong is not a problem. However, one of the most common concerns of many travelers, especially those who are traveling on a shoestring is to find accommodation on a budget. In this article, we will help you find one that fits your needs and budget. 


Finding Where to Stay in Hong Kong

A mix of modern and traditional culture, Hong Kong is a city every traveler must see at least once in their lives. At first glance, you will see how this metropolis is filled with crowds, commerce, and bustling markets. When you walk down an alley, though, you’ll immediately find all types of kinks and a feel for the local life in the city.

a hongkong neighborhood

Finding where to stay in Hong Kong is not difficult. They come at different size, quality, and of course prices. You can find really affordable youth hostels and five-star luxury hotels that will make your trip extra special.

If you’re traveling on a shoestring, it’s also possible to find one that fits your needs. Although Hong Kong is known to be a not-so-cheap place to visit, it is possible to enjoy this place without breaking a bank.

One of the amazing things about accommodations in Hong Kong is that many of them offer discounts for an extended stay or if you are traveling in a group and in need of multiple rooms. These discounted accommodations in Hong Kong aren’t lagging behind in offer room facilities like high-speed wireless internet connections, hot shower, minibars, safes, flat screen TV, and other basic amenities that will make your stay comfortable. 

hong kong street

Another thing you will be happy about is that most of these accommodations are close to points of interests.
No matter how much your budget is, deciding where to stay in Hong Kong always depends on one’s preference. Every area comes with their pros and cons, but because this place has an amazing public transportation, it does not really matter where you are going to stay. Below are three of the best areas to stay in Hong Kong as well as some affordable accommodations you can find there.

New Territories

The New Territories is swarming with many cheap accommodations, so staying here is a great option. Offering a lot of spectacular landscapes, from precipitous hills imposing the panoramic sights of the islands to country parks conserving avowed monuments, those who love nature can enjoy the pristine countryside of the region. The ancient relics are also extraordinary in the area, such as the restored Ping Shan Heritage trail as well as the Tien Tan Buddha.

Tien Tan buddha

Canada Hotel
Address: a6, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 9747 9012
Website: www.canada-hoteltw.com

Lily Garden Guest House
Address: Mirador Mansion, 54-56B Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 9810 4087
Website: www.gardenguesthouses.com 

Reliance Inn
Address: c4, Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 9417 4443


Another place to find affordable places to stay in Hong Kong is in Kowloon. This area is located in downtown Hong Kong, but it is a bit grittier – this will give you a more authentic, Chinese feel. The structures in this area are definitely older and the streets are less glamorous, but everything from food, shopping, and accommodation are cheaper.


In Jordan and Mongkok you will find some of the best markets in the city as well as some of the places to eat. Tsim Sha Tsui is the center of Kowloon where you will find a lot of hotels, shopping malls, and the museums.

Rainbow Lodge HK
Address: Hai Phong Mansion House, 99-101 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 3707 5983
Website: www.rainbowlodgehk.com 

Address: 135 Lai Chi Kok Rd, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 6904 0918
Website: www.wontonmeen.com

Pearl Guest House
Address: Room 6A, 6/F, Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 5819 7714

Hong Kong Island

Okay, a little disclaimer. Hong Kong Island is filled with luxury hotels and those who don’t care about their bills go straight to this area from the airport to relax and enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong. However, contrary to popular belief, you can possibly find cheaper places when you choose to stay here. 

hong kong island skyline

This area is undoubtedly the best area to stay for a tourist as most accommodations here are a short distance away from the famous spots like Ocean Park and Victoria Harbor. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that this area is a close to some of the grandest shopping centers in Hong Kong. Below are some affordable places to stay within this region.

Kowloon New Hostel
Address: Mirador Mansion, 54-56B Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2311 2520

Caritas Oswald Cheung International House
Address: 20 Tin Wan St, Tin Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2903 0111

Hotel Skylark
Address: E4 16/F, Chung King Mansion 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong, Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2116 3088

If it is your first time in Hong Kong, as much as possible, try to find a place around Hong Kong Island. It is still the best spot if you are in the city for the main attractions – here you will find some of the best historic buildings, amusement parks, shopping malls, and markets. It is also more enjoyable to wander around here during the night, instead of having to ride the metro every time you need to go somewhere.

lights in hong kong

On the other hand, if you run out of cheaper options in Hong Kong Island, The New Territories, and Kowloon are definitely the place to go. The center of Kowloon is filled with a lot of budget-range to mid-range hotels and this is the best place to stay if you are looking for something that is more authentic than its ritzier counterpart, Hong Kong Island.

If you are fine with the idea of hopping in the MTR several times a day, then Kowloon and The New Territories are great options. 

Tips when Finding Accommodation in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong urban street

- Before your trip, make sure to book at least a week earlier than your flight, if possible! Although there is no shortage of where to stay in Hong Kong, finding one for those who are on a budget is not easy when done on short notice. It is very stressful as the cheaper options tend to be booked faster.

- As much as possible, try to avoid booking your flight here for the weekend as hotel rates can soar. You’ll definitely notice the difference when searching on many third-party websites such as Agoda – weekend dates are marked as red, meaning more expensive. 

An old town in Hong Kong

- Ask for a discount if you are extending your stay! As mentioned earlier, many hotel owners offer discounts to those who are staying more than two days. So, if possible, booked a night or two online, and then speak to the owner if they can give you discounts for the following days after that.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas where to stay in Hong Kong even if you have a limited budget. Do you know other places that offer affordable stay in Hong Kong? Maybe some more tips that will make traveling in this city better? If you do, let us know in the comment below!

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