6 Exciting Things To Do In Malta

By Alice Ross | EUROPE

Mar 08
things to do in malta

With the archipelago of the Mediterranean being blessed with pleasing temperatures and generous sunshine most parts of the year, it is not surprising that there are endless things to do in Malta.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time next to the water. With a great range of attractions and activities that don’t have anything to do with the beach, it is so hard to understand why this country is so underrated.


Malta is a beautiful island filled with interesting traditions, each of which roots from its wonderful history. The tradition here is taken to include different aspects of music, food, and crafts – which are widely seen in the islands. Here are some of the things you would not want to miss on your trip to Malta.

Discover Culture – Be Amazed at Maltese Handmade Crafts

Started in the prehistoric age, pottery-making is one of the oldest craft traditions in the country. As you could see from some of the marvelous Tarxien Temple figurines, it is pretty obvious how pottery has always been an important type of self-expression. At present, finding pottery crafts is still pretty common, 'pasturi' being the most popular type, which are the figurines that stock up the Christmas Crib. 


The 'pasturi' imported from Italy were extremely expensive and many people cannot afford it. Because of that, locals decided to make their own version of 'pasturi' from plaster and rough clay. This has become very popular that they have become an important part of Christmas tradition. If you want to experience it to the next level, there are a lot of pottery workshops offered in Malta available for both adults and children.

Explore Attractions –5 Attractions You Should not Miss

Regardless of what time of the year you find yourself in this beautiful island, you will surely not run out of things to do in Malta. Here are five of the must-visit places when you find yourself exploring Malta.

Grand Harbour

You Malta trip wouldn’t be complete unless you get to see Grand Harbour. Probably the best way to see it is by riding one of many water taxis that are readily available at the waterfront complex of Valetta.

grand harbour


At daytime, Mdina is an amazing place to walk around and has a lot of attractions and museums for you to explore. If you want to experience something eerie, then choose to walk at night. You must really set aside some time to explore this place because it is really worth it.

The Popeye Village

After the success the cartoon Popeye and his girlfriend Olive Oil throughout the decades, it has its own movie adaptation starred by Robin Williams and Shelly Duval.


This 1980 film adaption was shot at Anchor Bay, and in addition to just being an attraction perfect for strolling, there are other exciting things you can do, like going to a fun park, eating at a restaurant, and spending some time at traditional cultural exhibits.

The Blue Lagoon

Missing this place in your itinerary will leave you with regret. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Comino will be one of the highlights of your trip. However, in order for you to get there, riding a boat would be necessary. 

Hagar Qim Temples

hagar qim

This UNESCO heritage site dates back between 3600 BC and 3200 BC. This is an ancient site which was buried underground until it was discovered in 1839. The facade, which is made up of a pair of vertical stones supporting a stone rafter, has an outstanding entrance. The ancient builders of Hagar Qim didn’t use a proportioned design of the three chambers. Instead, the apses and chambers attach with each other but not in an uneven way. Every chamber was built almost as a discrete place for worshiping.

Visit the Three Cities of Cottonera

Travel back to history by visiting the three beautiful cities of Cottonera; Senglea, Vittoriosa, and Cospicua. Hanging out in the waters of the Grand Harbour, the bays of these maritime towns have been used since Phoenician eras. Today, they are full of upscale yachts and surrounded by scenic households.
Taking the boat is the best way to explore these cities. However, you would also have an option to take the wheels by joining a tour. It makes it easy to explore at your convenience, you can stop at the place for as long as you want.

Experience Traditional Entertainment around Malta


Folk music is extremely strong in a lot of countries in Mediterranean and Malta isn’t an exception to this. The 'Ghanja', which means 'song', is Malta’s traditional music, which something in between of rhythmic Arabian weeping and a Sicilian traditional song.

The island has a busy nightlife – even though the lively calendar of events gets rarer throughout a certain period of the year, you will still be able to find clubs to go, exceptional wine bars, and first-class restaurants to try. Malta has a sparkling calendar of cultural events to experience, so make sure to always check that online before your trip.

Taste Maltese Cuisine

maltese cuisine

Just like Maltese music, country’s cuisine is heavily influenced by our North African and Sicilian neighbors. Maltese platters, that are perfectly paired with a glass of wine usually include capers, olives, tomatoes, cheese, Maltese sausage, different types of beans, and as 'Galletti' which is a traditional cracker of Malta. In each town, you can find the typical 'pastizzeriji' that serve traditional savory ricotta filled filo-pastries called 'pastizzi' along with other pastry foods, that can be easily purchased from the street right away.

In order to make the most of this experience, you can check out some big wineries that organize tastings and guided tours. Depending on what season it is, tours can cover the whole production, from fermentation throughout the aging process. You will also learn a lot about the culture and history.

Shop at Countless Outdoor Markets

Any trip would not be complete without having to go on a little shopping spree? You will be happy to know that Malta has a lot of outdoor markets where you can experience the colorful lifestyle through the eyes of the locals.


These outdoor markets are sprinkled throughout the islands and offer a great collection of products along with delicious local food. Well visited by many locals and tourists alike, these outdoor markets are not only great for shopping but also a great place to socialize. Markets are normally held at least once or twice a week in most towns, usually starts at the early morning to the afternoon. Even though the bigger and famous markets in Marsaxlokk and Valletta get pretty busy on weekends, the ones that are located in the center of the villages throughout the island offer a more tranquil environment where you are able to find many selections of shoes, clothes, household items, souvenirs, toys, groceries, traditional products, fresh produce, and a lot more.

So, there you have it! Some of the exciting things to do in Malta! While there are other things you can add to your itinerary, of course, these things mentioned will surely make your trip complete, so make sure to consider these things.
If you have other questions regarding this topic, we will try our best to help you, just make sure to leave a comment down below! 

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