Is Grand Cayman Safe? Here Are the Important Things You Must Know


Feb 14

Famous for its cool beats and good vibes, the Caribbean draws visitors from different parts of the world every year. However, with its growing popularity comes what seems like becoming a common question regarding its safety. But really, is Grand Cayman safe? In this article, we will answer the question.


But first of all, let’s talk about why Grand Cayman is becoming more and more popular among tourists. The Grand Cayman is the biggest and most populated island in the Cayman Islands. Even though it’s small in size, it has a huge variety of accommodations to fit most types of travelers. No matter how much your budget is and what facility you need for your trip, you will be able to find it in Grand Cayman. With an advanced tourist industry and a great number of rooms, this place is extremely tourist friendly.

Sightseeing Attractions

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is generally labeled as one of Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. The beach is a fascinating place to go if you’re looking to experience something more than just a natural beauty since its aesthetics are seen all over the place. The main attractions of George Town consist of Fort George, the Cayman Islands National Museum, as well as the Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum. 

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On the north side, the National Trust's Mastic Trail and Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park are some of the attractions that should not be missed. In the west bay, you will find Cayman Turtle Farm in which is a home to more than 14,000 turtles. This is also where you will find the Hell, which is a unique shop that has rocks that are meant to represent what hell may look like.

Outdoor Attractions

Stingray City is definitely one of the most popular attractions in Grand Cayman. There, you can walk into the sandbar and dip in the waist-deep warm water that is home to a lot of stingrays. There are tour companies that offer guided treks through the forests of the island, and this is perfect if you are looking for something more adventurous. The rainforests in Grand Cayman are home to a lot of exotic wildlife. Kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, parasailing, and riding the Jet Ski are some of the common activities you can enjoy.


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Grand Cayman is famous for its shopping experience, so can expect to see plenty of shops all over the island, mainly in the George Town area. You can find the best dining and drinking experience if you go to West Bay Road which is not too far from Seven Mile Beach. Here, you can find restaurants that offer the best fresh seafood and bars where you can find live music.

Now, back to the important question: Is Grand Cayman Safe?

Even though Grand Cayman is extremely casual and Friendly Island, it still has a fair share of negative attributes and one of that is the growing crime rate.

While the crime rate of Grand Cayman used to be lower compared to many places in the Cayman Islands, it has seen a growth in criminal activities in the recent years. Luckily, Crime Stoppers is continuously doing their best to keep both tourists and locals safe at all time. 

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Of course, just like many places in the world, petty crimes are still something to watch out for. It is important to always stay vigilant and careful when doing with your important belongings as pickpockets; especially in crowded markets are quite common.

If you are worried about walking down the street as a solo traveler, don’t! it is generally found to walk by yourself, especially during the day, but of course, you have to be extra careful if you decide to do it at nighttime.

Cayman has an extremely low crime rate and serious, violent crime is rare. Regulations keep vendors off the beach and away from other tourist hangouts, so you won’t be bothered by hawkers. Crimes of opportunity do occur, so keep an eye on your valuables.

Other Things to Look Out For a Safe Grand Cayman Trip


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While enjoying the beaches or swimming around the reefs and rocks, you must be careful. Stonefish or Scorpionfish are unbelievably well-camouflaged and they might be hiding somewhere near you. The good thing is that they won’t attack you unless you disturb them. There are also stingrays and jellyfish you should be careful of. Again, swim away when you see one. It is also advisable to always wear mosquito repellent lotion as bugs are quite a problem in some areas.

Dress Code

Shorts and casual wear would be appropriate enough when going to restaurants. On the other hand, there are upscale restaurants that may require their guests to wear long pants for dinner. Scanty beachwear is frown upon beyond pool and beach area. Out of courtesy, tourists must wear proper clothing to respect the tradition of the country. It’s also worth noting that there is no nude beach in Grand Cayman so skinny dipping or going topless would be inappropriate.


Grand Cayman has modern infrastructure, so you will be happy to know that it delivers clean and safe water all over the island. Even tap water is generally safe to consume and cook with

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For Gay Travelers

For gay travelers visiting the Cayman Islands, it is best to keep it low-key, and if you’re planning to travel as a gay couple, being discreet might be necessary as this is not a gay-friendly location. As a primarily Christian nation, and not an excessively progressive one, homosexuality in the country is not tolerated, and in fact, consider to be illegal. So, you will not find any gay-friendly hotels, bars, or resorts.

Emergency Number

Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how careful one can be, some unexpected challenges may come up. In case you are in the country and need help, don’t hesitate to reach for emergency line.

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Like in the USA, Grand Cayman uses 911 as an emergency hotline.

So, to answer the question: YES, Grand Cayman is generally a safe place to travel. Whether you are a solo or traveling with someone, as long as you know the information mentioned above, you will likely not to stumble any problem during your trip. So, if you are one of the people asking “Is Grand Cayman safe?” hopefully, this article answered the question for you.

If you have other tips or question regarding the topic, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment box below!

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