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Oct 12
iceland in october

Iceland in October is considered to be the country’s transition month. Coming off the summer season which usually has longer days, you can expect for October to be the same. 


Reykjavik Iceland

What is the weather in Iceland in October?

The month of October is one of the wettest months of the year in the country, getting an average precipitation of 86mm. That being said, a lot of people still choose to visit the country at this time of the year.

iceland in october

This is not really surprising, to be honest. October brings in beautiful autumn hues of the environment, which makes it the best time to go to Iceland for photographers.

The weather in October starts getting colder and the average temperature plays around 40°F and the daytime is normally shorter with a typical sunlight of 83 hours the whole months, which means more change to enjoy the Northern Lights!

What to Pack to Iceland in October?

Again, October is normally the beginning of cold weather, so you need to know what to bring on your trip. Not only have you needed to protect yourself from cold weather, but also from possible rain. So, here are our recommendations for what to pack on your trip!

- Base layer - Layers are going to be your best friend when visiting Iceland in October. We would recommend you wearing thermal underwear or something thick. If you don’t have this, you can just buy when you get there. After all, this is a must-buy when you visit the country.

black jacket

- Warm hats, socks, and gloves - Pack at some of these and make sure they are thick enough to protect you from cold.

- Thick jacket - Wearing parka on cold days would be a good idea, but because there’s a big chance of rain during this month, you may want to have a raincoat with you.

- Swimsuit - Swimsuits are not only for summer. Iceland has its fair share of hot springs you may want to take advantage of.

What to do in Iceland in October?

Unsurprisingly, October is a lean season for Iceland’s tourism. The busyness brought by summer has finished and the celebrations of early winter are still yet to come.

iceland godafoss

So, what this means for October travelers? Well, it means you can save money and enjoy attractions without a lot of tourists.

Although the days are shorter, they are long enough for you to enjoy them with amazing actives. A lot of summer tours still operate as long as the roads are still not blocked by snow. In most parts of the country, that doesn’t happen until November or December. A lot of winter tours, meanwhile, just require a bit of darkness to run and, so, start the season as early as September. The month of October is just between winter and summer, which leaves a lot of options available. 

See the Northern Lights in Iceland in October

northern lights

Icelanders are lucky to enjoy Northern Lights. They’re visible for about 8 months a year, starting early September all the way through the month of April, it shows up in different parts of the country.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy this breathtaking phenomenon. However, the best way involves choosing the right place – the countryside. Try not to go do it in the cities where there are too much light pollution that works against the intensity of the sky’s natural lighting.

Joy Day Hikes and Ride Super Jeeps


While seeing the Northern Lights would be one of the best activities in Iceland, joining a hiking and jeep tours into the Highland area or mountaintops are also something you may consider doing. In the month of October, this is probably a must.

Most multi-day hike tours are not available from the end of September until the following summer, but there are a lot of day-long adventures you can join to see the country’s extraordinary interior.

Ice Climb in Iceland Workshop

ice climbing

When visiting Iceland in the month of October, an amazing trip you may not want to miss is the Ice Climbing Workshop. Of course, you might need some climbing experience to do this, though! There are certified expert guides that can take you on a trip of a lifetime to one of the famous glaciers of Iceland, Sólheimajökull.

Sólheimajökull is a glacier located in the south coast of the country, in the middle of the volcanoes Eyjafjallajökull and Katla, which is also part of the bigger Mýrdalsjökull glacier. As a protruding and popular tourist for its size and because it is easily accessible!

Experience Snowmobile and Soak in Secret Lagoon Bathing

secret lagoon

A beautiful natural hot spring, the Secret Lagoon is well-maintained and protected in order for guests to enjoy a wonder Icelandic experience.

Doing these activities isn’t just a beautiful adventure, but it could also benefit your skin, soul, and senses. Taking a dip in these pools after a Snowmobile Glacier adventure is going to be a day to be cherished for the rest of your life.

Have a Boat Trip in Jökulsárlón

Specifically made for summer tourists, a boat ride tour in Jökulsárlón is also available until the end of October till. This is the deepest, biggest, most celebrated, remarkable glacier lagoon in Iceland!


Jökulsárlón is full of huge icebergs of different shapes, breaking off from different glacier point. These ice formations slightly flow all over the lagoon, sliding, spinning, and offer a backdrop of promising beauty for your viewing experience.

If you want to see seals, then you should visit this lake as this is their natural habitat. You will find boat trips that you can rent in order for you submerge yourself in the ecstatic nature of the whole experience.

Experience Horse Riding

Horse riding in Iceland is a remarkable experience if you are into it while you are visiting the Nordic island. These horses are one of the pride of people of Iceland, having been separated from their companions in the mainland for a lot of years, which have developed their own traits consequently.

riding horse

Locals are going to tell you that the Icelandic horses walk more graciously compared to others, while others are going to tell you how approachable, curious, and smart this breed could be.

Horse riding is an extremely popular activity among Icelanders and travelers and there are a lot of significant ways to make the most of this experience in the month of October.

​Revel in a Halloween Party

While Halloween is not widely celebrated in Iceland, there are Halloween parties taking place all over the country. In fact, even the Queer Variety Cabaret Drag Sugur offers a big and exciting Halloween event during the third Friday of October!

Although it’s an America thing, Icelanders have embraced this now a worldwide tradition of celebrating Halloween day. You will see people in costumes partying around Reykjavik and other big cities. This is a good way to experience Icelandic nightlife

halloween costume

As you can see, there are many events, adventures, and activities to experience in Iceland in October, and the colder weather doesn’t stop this! Hopefully, this article has been helpful for you in deciding what to do in Iceland in October, along with other information you need to know for you to make the most of your time in this beautiful country.

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