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May 23
dominican republic weather in july

The Dominican Republic is another Caribbean island. It occupies more than half of the Caribbean Hispaniola Island. It's well-known for its pristine beaches and wonderful natural surroundings. The Dominican Republic offers visitors with historical sites and gorgeous island views.


Climate in the Dominican Republic

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Being a country in the Caribbean, you'd expect the climate here to be tropical. Because of its location, the island suffers from hurricanes several times a year which can lead to some flooding. The country is enclosed by rocky plains and verdant mountains which add to the magnificence of the place.

Dominican Republic's weather is essentially tropical with a great amount of sunshine for you to enjoy the sand and sea. It offers an average temperature of 25°C. The temperature plays around 31°C to 35°C during the summertime, and during the winter months, the temperature plays around 23°C to 32°C.

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Throughout the past years, Dominican Republic has experienced several hurricanes. Normally, hurricanes visit the months of June through the November. The months of August and September are extremely prone to hurricanes.

The Dominican Republic is a famous destination for tourists looking for mountains, sandy beaches, as well as casinos. It is suggested that the best time to visit the island are from the months of March to April.

But what is the weather in Dominican Republic in July?


Most parts of the country feature tropical climate all year round, complete with a great amount of sunshine and sweltering temperatures most time of the year just like its neighbors Bahamas and Cuba. The month of July falls within the rainy season in the Dominican Republic, so, it means that there's a great possibility for you to experience rainy days during your stay.

Don't let you this put you off, though, as there is still chance for you to experience rays of sunshine during your stay. The rainfall is divided between four rainy days, so it means there's only a little chance you will experience some rain during your stay.

The temperature in the Dominican Republic during the month of July stays persistent at 28°C. Day-to-day highs stay perpetual at 31°C, while daily lows also keep at 25°C as the month changes.

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Although the Dominican Republic is exposed to hurricanes you don't have to worry about this in July. There is a small possibility that this month experience tropical storm will from the east coast or south coast.

You can expect to experience some thunderstorm in many parts of the country during July. Rainfall normally occurs around first to the second week of the month.

During the month of July, many places in the country enjoy at least around ten hours of sunlight on a daily basis – that is one hour more every day compared to June. With long hours of sunlight for you to enjoy, you will have a lot of chance to absorb some rays of sunshine at the beach or by the pool during your trip to the Dominican Republic.


While the hurricane season officially starts in June, it normally gets serious at the beginning of July. Although the last big hurricane to hit the country took place in 1998, it is still important to be careful and be on the lookout for the weather.
Hurricanes are fairly predictable and you will normally be informed 3 to 4 days earlier if there's going to be one, providing you with plenty of warning to plan your day ahead and be prepared to deal with the weather.

The relative humidity for the country in the month of July varies between 66% up to 92% all through the month, very hardly falling under 59% or rising more than 98%. The air is normally at its driest around the second week of the month, when the comparative humidity levels fall under 70% 3 days out of 4.

lternatively, this is also the time when the air is most normally at its most humid when comparative levels of humidity rise more than 89% 3 days out of every 4.

What to do in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is a diverse nation and undoubtedly, the moment you visited it, you'll be fascinated with the country's charm.

Traveling in the Dominican Republic isn't exactly the same as traveling in other countries in the Caribbean. There are a lot of things to do in this country that you just cannot do other places. And of course, you can do these things even if you're traveling in the month of July.

  • Enjoy exploring lagoons and relaxing under coconut trees while enjoying sun, beautiful music, exotic animals, and smile of the locals. This country has a lot of gems to offer to its visitors.
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  • The country's capital, Santo Domingo, is the first city constructed on American land. This can obviously be perceived in the Zona Colonial with its church, cobblestoned streets, and the San Nicolas de Bari Hospital. Also, make sure to check out the very interesting Museo de las Casas Reales.
  • Make sure not to forget seeing two national parks in the Cordillera Central where are able to hike under the peaks that reach to more than 3,000 meters, or dare uncontrolled rivers when canyoneering.
  • If you are looking for some action, the spa resort of Cabarete is a famous spot for windsurfing, but of course, this is also a perfect place to relax.
  • Another attraction you don't want to miss is the breeding season of the humpback whales located in Bahia de Samana.

The natural beauty of Dominican Republic has become a famous tourist attraction for many travelers. Generally, the country boasts a tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round and two different seasons: the dry season and wet season.

Again, you have to know that July is considered the wet season, so prepare yourself for it. However, don't let this stop you from enjoying your time in the country as the sun will not hide all day long.

So, what do you think about Dominican Republic weather in July? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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