Should I Go To Cuba in June? Let’s Find Out If You Should!


May 03
should i go to cuba in june

Cuba is an ideal destination if you are seeking fun and the sun in the Caribbean. This island has a lot of things to offer to its visitors, which is why this place has become more and more popular among travelers from different parts of the world. And if you are one of those people asking the question, "Should I go to Cuba in June?" then, this article will answer that question for you.


Whether you are looking to experience some action-packed adventure or some relaxing getaway on a gorgeous white sand beach, Cuba will not disappoint! Although Cuba is not that big, it offers a diverse sub-tropical climate just like in Bahamas.

So, it means that you will be able to experience cool winds which will possibly offer a nice relief from the strong humidity and heat during summer season. Averagely, the year-round temperature in the island is approximately 27 °C with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. The warm temperature in Cuba, therefore, makes it an enjoyable travel destination any time of the year. But what if you're planning to travel in June?"


Should I go to Cuba in June?

The answer: It depends!

YES IF: You like or don't mind traveling in low season. It is also the best time to travel if you are a budget traveler who wants to save up on his trip. Many hotels and airlines offer special promos available for those who are traveling during this period. You will be able to take advantage of huge discounts during this month!

NO IF: You don't want to experience a little bit of rain. The main reason as to why the flow of tourists slows down during this period is that June marks the beginning of rainy season in the island, particularly in its capital, Havana. In many parts of Cuba, there is even a chance of hurricanes. But like I mentioned earlier, even in June, which is considered to be the start of rainy season, you can still experience some good rays of sunshine.

When I said, "start of rainy season" I meant, yeah, it does rain for a few hours but nothing too crazy that it will ruin your whole trip. Although it comes down fast and heavy, rain rarely stays for a long time in Cuba, and the clouds soon light up and break to let the sunshine through to dry all things out. But then again, weather can be extremely unpredictable!

cuba city

The eastern part of Cuba tends to be more humid and hotter during in the month of June, while the temperature in the region around Sancti Spíritus and Trinidad also creeps over the average temperature.

Compared to other islands in the Caribbean and several Central American countries, Cuba has so far held up comparatively well even in the sternest of hurricanes, although rural areas are more at risk.

"What to Do in Cuba in June?"


In spite of the rising temperatures and high humidity in Cuba in the month of June, there are still many events and festivals that occur during the whole month. People who are visiting any time of the year will see that Cubans love partying, and the month of June is not an exception for these revelries.

In the month of June, you are able to watch the International Hemingway Fishing Tournament. There are a lot of fishing events any time of the year, but this one is probably the biggest and grandest one.

There's also Boleros de Oro or International Golden Boleros Festival, which celebrates musical tradition of Cuba. You can witness a number of bolero dances and songs at Hotel Nacional de Cuba among other locations all over Havana.


Because Cubans love to celebrate through dance and music, you can learn to do them by joining a salsa class in any of the academies and dance schools all over the island, and they are probably only a few minutes away from your hotel.

On top of these fun celebrations you can experience in Cuba in June or any time of the year, actually, there are more things you can do. There are some exciting watersports you may want to try. No matter what time of the year it is, you can enjoy a great snorkeling or diving experience while on this island.


There are also boat tours going to the reef where you can do fishing and windsurfing. Horseback riding and trekking are also something you may want to enjoy. Actually, these activities are one of the most popular activities you can do while you are here.

This month is also not going to stop you from experiencing the magical beach scene of the country. The resort town of Varadero is approximately 2 hours of driving from Havana. In this town you will enjoy the nightlife, drinking culture, and of course the party scene. Although it may take some time to get there from the city (which doesn't really matter if you are used to traveling,) going to Varadero is definitely worth it.

cuba boat

A trip to Cuba is a unique and highly memorable experience for anyone who wants to visit the place in June. More than just a place for pristine beaches, Cuba gives anyone a chance to see the astonishing history of the island which in itself gives a distinctive balance of sunshine, sea, unique culture, and Cuban features that you just would not get easily on other parts of the world.

If you are in search of that something more than just a beach and cheap destination, then Cuba should definitely be on your bucket list.

Again, answering the question "Should I go to Cuba in June?" should be easy to answer. Depending on your preference and ability to adjust to the island's weather, you can decide whether or not you should visit the place on that particular time of the year.

So, would you go to Cuba in June? Why? For Travelista want to know your answer in the comment below!

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