Can You Bring Vitamins On A Plane? Here Are What You Need To Know!

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Dec 14

Having your carry-on luggage packed the wrong way may well cause a prolonged delay and a lot of frustration before the flight. However, if you are familiar with the guidelines provided by TSA or Transportation Security Administration, including those that are related to your luggage, you are likely to move through the security checkpoint without problems. But can you bring vitamins on a plane? That’s what we’re going to answer in this article…


In spite of the long list of guidelines for flying with an airline, the TSA is not very strict when it comes to travelers' medications. Travelers are allowed to carry just 3.4 ounces of liquid with them in their carry-on bag; however, the TSA doesn’t limit the amount of liquid medication you are allowed to carry onto a plane. Other medications such as vitamins and pills are also allowed in your carry-on luggage in unlimited amounts.

The TSA makes it not difficult for travelers to bring vitamins in their carry-on bag – particularly if that vitamins is in the form of a pill. Actually, it is a good idea to take medication on board with you, so if ever you lose your luggage, which is not a rare scenario, you are sure to have your vitamins with you.

TSA Rules on Vitamins


The only one that can answer the question if can you bring vitamins on a plane is TSA. It is recommended to discuss any essential health option with your specialist to define what vitamins are suitable for you to take and carry on your trip. If you’re going to travel out of the country, make sure to double check with your airline in order to ensure that there are no identified restrictions against taking your vitamins to your country of destination.

Again, TSA lets passengers travel with any amount of vitamins they want as long as it is in solid form on a flight. These vitamins can be in any type of bag, case, or bottle container. The only thing you need to know is that you remove the vitamins from your carry-on luggage once you get to the checkpoint of airport security, which is a way to declare that you are legally carrying vitamins onto the flight, instead of hiding illegal stuff inside your bags.

During the Inspection


When you get to the TSA checkpoint with vitamins in your carry-on bag, you have to place it on the conveyor belt in order for it to pass through the X-ray machine. If for some reason, you don’t want your stuff to get x-rayed, tell the TSA officer immediately about your concerns. The screener is going to remove the vitamins from your luggage and manually inspect it.

Non-Prescription Medicines

When it comes to vitamins or any non-prescription medications, TSA may say you’re taking an unreasonable amount of pills on the plane. The Food and Drug Administration lets travelers from abroad fly into the US with non-prescription pills as long as they are used for personal purposes.

Packing You Vitamins


While you are not required to label your prescription bottles to before you can bring vitamins on a plane, there are destinations that may require labels on the bottles where you put your vitamins. This makes it easier for security officers to identify the medication and check the validity of the medications you brought with you. If possible, just leave the original labels on the bottles of the vitamins, or if you have prescriptions, bring it with you to expedite the process

The TSA doesn’t require you to put your vitamins in their original containers or bottles. However, if a TSA officer wants to know something about the vitamins you are taking with you; it will be easier for the officer to let you pass. Make sure to check the rules about prescription medication in your destination to which you are going to travel; local laws may require prescriptions to be in the original packaging.


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    You do not need to pack all your vitamins in the similar or container in your carry-on bag to meet the guideline of TSA, but having each item together will accelerate the process of screening if ever an officer has to open your luggage to examine what’s inside. 
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    As much as possible, pack no more vitamins than you will need throughout the trip, mainly if you are traveling abroad. US Customs and Border Protection says that it will just let you carry pills without doctor’s prescriptions as long as it is in a reasonable amount.
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    Put all the gels or liquids that are both kept at room temperature and placed in containers that are 3.4 ounces or smaller into a one-quart plastic bag. Remove the items throughout security screening and let it through the x-ray machine.

Although there is a long list of items that are forbidden for when you fly, if you are asking if can you bring vitamins on a plane, this article has answered that question. You have to be allowed to take any prescribed or over-the-counter vitamins on your flight. It is never a nice idea to put your medications in your checked-in- luggage because there is no guarantee you will be reunited at the end of the trip. You and your medications might get through some extra screening, but when you pack them in your carry-on luggage, it should not be a problem with most of the airlines.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you when knowing the answer to one of the most common questions before booking their flight: Can you bring vitamins on a plane? If you have other questions or tips that you think we forgot to add in this article, let us know about that in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this article to your friends!

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