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Aug 03

There’s no doubt that Lake Tahoe is one of the most spectacular places to go in North America. Situated in the middle of Nevada and California, this lake is nicknamed as the jewel in the sky and it can easily see why. If you visit Lake Tahoe, you’ll see that it’s located in the mountain range of Sierra Nevada, sitting at a height of 6,225 ft. and having a full depth of over 1,645 ft., the shorelines are amazing and very diverse. But before we tell you the best time to visit Lake Tahoe, let’s talk about some of the things to do here first.


Things to do in Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe

Looking to take your next holiday in style? You will be happy to know that Lake Tahoe offers amazing super vacation spots, exciting activities, great shopping opportunities, and a lot more. Here are some exciting activities you can enjoy in Lake Tahoe.

Visit ski resorts

ski resort

Lake Tahoe, as well as the surrounding areas, are famous for being some of the Southern US best ski resorts and that’s for a great reason. Because the area boasts many spectacular mountains that surround the lake, there are a lot of places for great slopes ideal for both beginners and professionals. And, there are a lot of great ski resorts around here that it might essentially be difficult for you to choose.

Some of the best ski destinations in Lake Tahoe area include Diamond Peak, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Northstar at Tahoe, as well as Kirkwood Mountain Resort. No matter which one you choose, these places are where you will find some of the best slopes in the country.

Play at Casinos

MontBleu Casino

Even though Nevada is well known for gambling in Las Vegas, you will find some spectacular casinos located in the area of Lake Tahoe. And, with different casinos operating 24 hours nonstop, you will surely find one that matches the one you’re looking for. MontBleu Casino, Harrahs', Crystal Bay Club and Hyatt Regency Casino are some popular casinos here. Each of these casinos offers gaming experience at its best and you’ll find poker, slots, and a lot of table games to play the evening away while enjoying your vacation.

Go on a Shopping Spree

A vacation wouldn’t be complete without a little splurge on material things, even the smallest souvenir will do! If you are into shopping, you’ll be happy to know that Lake Tahoe offers a great shopping opportunity for many.

Enjoy Lake Tahoe Itself

what to do in lake tahoe

Of course, you can’t visit Lake Tahoe without enjoying some exciting water sports. You will find beautiful beaches that surround Lake Tahoe that offer swimming and relaxing tourist areas, sea doo rentals, boat rentals, a lot of great restaurants where you can enjoy amazing meals, and also scuba diving. Because Lake Tahoe is one of the world’s deepest natural lakes, scuba diving here is possible. But because is located at high altitude, there is a big risk of decompression sickness.

Lake Tahoe has a lot of things to offer. It’s up to you which one you think is best for your interests. However, in order to make the most of your time in Lake Tahoe, knowing the best time to go would be very essential. 

Best time to visit Lake Tahoe

best time to visit lake tahoe spring

The busiest time to visit Lake Tahoe is summertime since a lot of schools have breaks and it’s just the time of the year when some attractions are available to the public. Another busy time of the year is winter as it brings snow for snowboarding and for skiing. The best time to visit Lake Tahoe is probably during spring. This is when the cold weather begins to warm up and beautiful plants and flowers start to spring up. If you want to visit when there are not a lot of people, then go during the fall where you can see beautiful foliage all over the lake.

Let’s look closer at the four seasons experienced by Lake Tahoe.

Again, summertime and wintertime are two of the highest season while fall and spring seasons are low. During the high season, you, of course, have to expect to pay more for accommodation and less for the low season.

Summer- June to Mid-September

Lake Tahoe summer

When you visit summer, expect that the beaches, golf courses, parks, and hiking trail in Lake Tahoe to be packed. Always practice going early to attractions and make we restaurant reservations. Summertime is also when you’ll see wedding celebrations on the lake.

The month of June is usually calm but the water temperature is still too cold for swimming, so you may still not encounter big crowds this time of the year. However, there are many other activities available and if you are renting accommodation with a pool, then that would be a great alternative to the cool lake water.

Make the most of this time by saying as long as you can. Beginning the 4th of July until Labor Day, Lake Tahoe is full of tourists – you will see people swimming, sunbathing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and tubing all day every day. After the Labor Day until Sep 15th, it would be an amazing time for you to enjoy the warm water and a serene Lake Tahoe.

Fall - Late September to Mid-December

lake tahoe autumn

If you want to fully enjoy the lake experience, then fall would be the best time to visit. At this time, the hot summer temperatures begin to go down, that’s why it is an amazing time to explore the place and be active, enjoy long trails, cycling all over the lake, play at golf course, or simply lounge by the lake reading a book, enjoy the serenity.

There are ski resorts that open by the end of November, so it’s better to spend a couple weeks in order to enjoy the close snow and pay less for lodging in comparison to wintertime.

Winter - Late December 16th to late March

lake tahoe winter

During wintertime, Lake Tahoe turns to be a majestic wonderland with gorgeously snowcapped hills and mountains. At this time, every ski resorts are open to the public, you are able to enjoy a day of snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, or simply spend your day in a village. You may expect the restaurants, stores, and resorts to be crowded from Christmas up to the end of March.

​Spring - April to late May

lake tahoe spring

Considered to be second low season up in Lake Tahoe, the spring season is when the snow melts and all things come to life. This is a great time for hiking, cycling, and of course, exploring. The lake offers perfect temperatures to be active.

Another great thing you will enjoy is that fact that prices on North Lake Tahoe are cheaper, so if you want to escape the chaos of a busy life a week by spending it with nature.
Lake Tahoe is stunning no matter what time of the year. Either you are looking to spend your trip in winter or summer, fall or spring, there is always going to be activities ideal for you all year long.

emerald bay lake tahoe

There is totally no denying that Lake Tahoe is a stunning travel destination regardless of when you decide to visit. In order to help you decide, you have to figure out the activities you want to experience. Possibly the busiest time at Lake Tahoe, the summertime is the best time to take a trip to Lake Tahoe if you’re looking to enjoy attractions.

During this time, you can also consider celebrating the 4th of July here, which is remarkably enjoyable. On the other hand, in order to see the autumn foliage at its best state, then you may want to visit during the fall. Of course, for snowboarding and skiing, winter is a fantastic time to visit. Lastly, spring would be the best time to go if you want to encounter a low volume of tourists.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of when is the best time to visit Lake Tahoe. If you have other questions you need an answer to, then this is the best time – leave them in the comment below! If you find this helpful, then feel free to share this with your family and friends. 

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