Top Things to do in Las Vegas at Night


Nov 03
las vegas at night

To visit Las Vegas at night is to see the city at its best. Yes, there may be plenty of nice, family-friendly things to see and do in the daytime, but let’s be honest, that’s not why you want to visit Sin City, is it? You want a taste of the debauched and hedonistic Vegas that is so enticingly portrayed in decades of film and literature. You want to be reckless in the world-renowned casinos lining the notorious strip. You want to party in some of the most exclusive nightclubs and bars in the world.


Top Things to do in Las Vegas at Night

In Vegas, you can easily fit all of these desires into one evening and still have time to take in a world-class show and some fine dining before collapsing into bed in your plush 5 star suite. In the city that’s built for entertainment, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your wallet.) If your budget is a little tight, then I have some great advice in my other blogs for saving some cash while traveling. Why not check out my guide to buying cheap flights, for example.

Read on for a run-down of the best ways to spend your time in Las Vegas at night.



When it comes down to it, this is what the city is all about. It’s the cornerstone of the economy and the only reason that anybody would bother to construct a concrete jungle in the middle of a desert, miles from anything else of any real consequence. Gambling (or Gaming, as they call it in Nevada,) is strictly controlled in the US. In Nevada, however, the laws are far less restrictive than most other states, which led to an explosion in the popularity of Las Vegas in the 1950s and 60s. That popularity endures today, and the city remains the gambling hub of the US, if not the world.

The casinos can accommodate any budget, with stakes ranging from a few cents to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hand. One of the best high-end casinos is The Bellagio. This famous hotel/casino boasts classy decor and an all-round comfortable gaming experience. A big draw for tourists here is the fantastic fountain show, which runs regularly and should not be missed.

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The Venetian is another great stop on your casino tour. The replica Grand Canal and gondolas are a little ridiculous, but isn’t that kind of the point of Vegas? Embrace the kitsch and enjoy a taste of Italy in the Nevadan desert.

For something a little different, you could check out Fremont Street. This is a little bit of a detour from The Strip, but it’s where the locals gamble. The tables are cheaper and the odds more favorable, so if you’re not into the glitz and glamor of The Strip, this is the place for you.


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After gambling, partying is probably the most popular pastime in Las Vegas at night. The two pursuits often go hand-in-hand and while that may not be too good for the bank balance, it’s sure as hell fun!

For general drinking, the casinos themselves are actually a pretty good bet. Most offer free drinks (including cocktails) to active gamblers on the casino floors. The only necessary payment is a tip of $1 or so for the waiter/waitress. Service for these freebies can often be rather slow though, and the drinks may be disappointingly weak for anyone looking to get loaded. If you’re looking for some serious partying, you should hit some of the numerous nightclubs surrounding The Strip.

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For some top-of-the line partying that will make you feel like a member of the elite, try XS. This club is located in the Wynn resort. It is opulently decorated club, covered in gold and even has a pool area. Some of the world’s top DJs play here regularly.

If you want something different, head over to Mandalay Bay to Light club. The unique selling point of this place is the partnership with Cirque Du Soleil. Watch acrobats fly above the dance floor and enjoy circus acts on huge screens while you party.


Las Vegas is definitely more famous for casinos than it is for food, but with so many tourists coming through desperate to part with their cash, there is a big demand for good food. This means there is a huge selection of restaurants, including many of exceptionally high quality.

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One of the absolute best of the best is Andiamo, serving possibly the best Italian food in town. Located on Fremont Street, this place has a stellar reputation for food, atmosphere and service, so is unlikely to disappoint. It is on the more expensive side, although not nearly the most expensive on offer in the city, so offers relatively good value if you’re looking for a top-notch meal.

For a uniquely beautiful setting, centrally located on The Strip, give Mizumi a try. The Japanese cuisine here is very highly thought of, but the outdoor garden area complete with a waterfall and exotic vegetation is the most impressive thing about it.

If you need to save some money after losing big on the slots, you might want to try one of the cheaper alternatives. Among the countless steakhouses scattered throughout the city, Echo & Rig stands out as one of the best in terms of value for money. A steak here will set you back about half of what you’d pay for something of similar quality in most other restaurants.

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There are endless ways to spend your time and money in Las Vegas at night. Between the casinos, restaurants, shows and clubs, you’ll probably barely have time to stop and think, but don’t let that put you off. The city is truly unique. While it may not be to everybody’s taste on the surface, I urge you to give it a try for yourself. It’s not easy to resist the charm of Sin City, and an eventful experience is guaranteed.

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